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What is a Nodular Acne?

Acne, as we all know it, is a skin related ailment that produces or occurs in the form of pimples, nodules, blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. The occurrence of any one of these format depends on the individual, their lifestyle, working environment, and other factors such as the use of medicines for a particular treatment, addiction to alcohol, and others. Of the different forms of acne, the severe case that we can consider here, as a dangerous symptom, is the nodular acne.

What is a Nodular Acne?

What is a Nodular Acne?

Nodular acne is large with painful breakouts. They are more serious than the usual pimples, which depict the beginning stage of acne. Nodular acne have a history of penetrating deep into the skin layer, causing a severe breakout at different locations of the body. Unlike the normal pimples, which are easy to treat and stay for a few weeks, the nodular acne can remain relatively for a longer period, in some cases – months. The blemishes that appear in Nodular acne provide a feeling of a hard knot. They even produce whiteheads, which stubbornly stick to the deeper layers of the skin, causing itchy sensation and inflammation. Touching it would only make things worse.

You can expect the occurrence of nodular acne on the face, the neck, back, and the chest region, where there is sufficient amount hair population. As we have already spoken about the reasons for the cause of acne, the primary factor is the extreme production of sebum by the androgen hormones. The oil secreted by the gland helps in removal of dead skin cells from the hair follicle pores. However, due to increased production, there is a change to the natural activity, which causes the pore to close rather than flow smoothly. Such a scenario develops bacteria that cause acne.

Dermatologists are still clueless about the reason why a particular section of the population experience acne during their teenage while others do not. The possible chances, as mentioned above, also include hereditary, making it a reasonable answer for the coming generations to have nodular acne as well. Regardless of this, the occurrence of the acne is high in younger men. They face this during their puberty. While a few find relief from it, quite a few continue to experience it even after their maturity period. There are cases where women too suffered breakouts from nodular acne. The concentration is on the chin, neck, and jawline.

Is there a Cure for Nodular Acne?

Curing Nodular acne is possible. However, it is through prescribed medications by a dermatologist. The use of over-the-counter pills offers no help in this regard. Even though you use them for several weeks, you may not be able to see the results. The advantage of prescribed medications is that the doctor will get a chance to notice the changes and alter the drugs if needed. It will ensure that the nodular acne reduces without leaving behind a scar. The treatment includes the use of oral antibiotics and topical creams, in certain cases.

A nodular acne is a strong form of acne. Nonetheless, it is possible to cure Nodular acne with proper approach and timely treatment. As there is no quick solution to the ailment, you will have to proceed with the treatment plan as prescribed by a dermatologist. The time consumption might take a toll on your mental health, but acne is a common form of skin ailment, and you need to move with a positive mindset. With dedication, changes to the lifestyle, and consistent treatment, you can see the results appear on the skin after a month or so. Make your appointment today and bid goodbye to nodular acne.


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