Why Do I Get Hard Zits & How to Get Rid of It?

Acne is a very common problem experienced by almost every individual in some or the other phase of life. Acne is a skin condition that occurs in different forms. Hard pimples also known as hard zits are very severe that cause irritation and redness of skin. Hard zits are formed when dead skin, oil and bacteria come together. As such pimples does not cause any health hazard but if left untreated for long then it can become worse and can leave scars for long.

Why Do I Get Hard Zits?


Why Do I Get Hard Zits?

Individuals who are in their early teens, teens and adults are often prone to develop pimples. Hard zits are caused when there is partial or complete clogging of skin pores with: dead skin cells, excess amount of sebum secretion and bacterial infection. As discussed above hard zits develop when dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum react together under skin surface. Skin is one of the most favorable places facilitating multiplication of bacteria, which ultimately causes infection. At times hard zits comprise of sticky and foul smelling pus.

In addition to the above mentioned causes there are some other factors that can lead to development of hard zits, they are as follows:

  • Hormonal imbalance can cause hard zits
  • Excess stress
  • Genetics
  • Constant friction on skin either from backpack or any other heavy object
  • Low quality makeup

How to Get Rid of Hard Zits?


There is no single treatment type that can cure all types of acne. Treatment of hard zits depends on the acne type and the level of its severity. Pustules and papules are the two mild form of acne that can be treated with simple over the counter medicines. Regular such of over the counter products can help in getting rid from the problem in just few weeks. If in case patient does not find any improvement after using over the counter medicines then it is highly recommended that the patient should visit a dermatologist immediately.

Further, cyst and nodules are the types of pimples that call for expert’s advice and treatment. This is so because both these type of pimples are severe and need correct treatment. Doctors may suggest topical treatment, laser treatment or even oral treatment for treating hard zits.

Oral Treatments for Hard Zits

Dermatologist may also prescribe oral treatment for curing severe types of hard zits. The medication includes the following:

  • Antibiotics can be prescribed to patient but for a brief period of time. Intake of the antibiotics is suggested to stop when the symptoms of hard zits are gone.
  • As the problem of hard zits can occur because of hormonal imbalance, so doctors may also prescribe birth control tablets to women.
  • In extreme cases only, dermatologist prescribes steroids to get rid of hard zits. But this is for a very short period.

Other Treatments for Hard Zits


Considering the technological advancement in the field of medical treatment, much new advance treatment has come in the market for treating acne. Some of the advance treatment that helps in getting rid of hard zits include:

  • Laser therapy to clear hard zits and scars from the skin
  • Hard zits removable treatment helps in getting rid from the hard zits in just few sessions
  • Injecting steroids directly in the skin can treat hard zits.

How to Prevent Hard Zits?

There are simple and effects preventing measures that helps in preventing hard zits. Some of them are as follows:

  • One should maintain proper hygiene of skin by washing the face minimum twice a day, especially after exercise. This helps in preventing growth of bacterial infection which leads to hard zits.
  • Stop scrubbing and if required do that very gently to prevent hard zits.
  • Avoid pricking and poke the acne as it will make it worst and will also spread the infection around the infected area.

The above discussion gives a clear idea about hard zits and the associated aspects.