How To Lose Weight Without Exercising?

Exercising is a key to lose weight as it helps burn calories. But for those who do not want to exercise what can be a way to lose weight?

Exercise is no doubt a way to live a healthy life. It is a way to build muscles and maintain a healthy weight.

For those who do not like exercising here are few other ways, you can lose weight with.

How To Lose Weight Without Exercising?

A Sauna Session

Having a 25 minutes sauna session is equivalent to doing a short moderate workout (1). People experience an increase in blood pressure and heart rate similar to a workout without even lifting a finger.

Apart from weight loss, sauna also serves with various other health benefits such as flush toxins, relieve stress, fights illness, and cleanses the skin.

Dim Lights And Soft Music

A study conducted by Cornell researcher showed that the people who went to a restaurant with softer lighting and soothing music ate on an average 175 fewer calories than those who ate food in the same place with brighter lights and blaring music (2).

It is believed that when you happen to eat in dim light you eat slowly and the food cools off. Hot food is more appealing than cold food. This makes you consume less food which helps you in your effort to lose weight without exercising.

Reduce The Plate Size

Reducing the plate size is an easy way to cut down in calorie. Big plate size leads to larger serving and more food consumption.

Similarly using a smaller serving spoon makes you serve less at each meal which goes a long way in helping you lose weight without exercising.

Read The Labels Of Your Favorite Drink

Drinking a lot of sugary beverages can lead to weight gain. It is therefore very important to check the labels for the ingredients.

Cutting down on these sugary beverages can help you lose up to a pound in a week.

Checking out the labels can make you aware of the calorie content and make you consume the required amount.

Get Enough Sleep

You might have noticed that you eat more when you’re sleepy or tired. A tired brain is less able to control impulses. A well-rested person is more able to control his or her eating.

National sleep foundation found those who are sleep deprived consume on an average of 549 additional calories each day (3).

Eat Good Breakfast

Eating a heavy protein breakfast help control hunger for a long period of time. Make sure you eat a healthy snack in between meals, this controls binging on unhealthy foodstuff.

Eggs, yogurt, peanut butter can be considered for breakfast.

Replace Processed Snacks With A Healthy Variety

Eating processed food such as fast food, chips, and the candy, is a host of various health problems (4).

A healthy snacking option such as nuts, fruits, and homemade snacks are healthy and satisfy the craving.

Vanilla Patch

Vanilla is a key ingredient in the homemade cookies. Dabbing a vanilla-scented patch on the wrist reported fewer cravings especially for desserts and sweets (5).

Avoid Pollution

According to a study, people who live close to roadways with a high level of air pollution are more likely to gain weight (6).

You can make an effort to control hanging out in the polluted areas, like smoke-filled bars. You can also improve the air quality of the home by installing an air purifier.

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you are really trying to lose weight without exercising, make sure you drink plenty of water.

It helps you keep full and eat less food.

A study found drinking 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30 % (7). Along with controlling weight drinking water serves the body with various health benefits.

Take A Good Multivitamin

When on a weight-losing spree, multivitamins help gain the vitamins and minerals the body is short of.

A study found those taking a multivitamin daily lost significantly more body fat than those who took placebo pills (8). An undernourished body craves more food as a way to get the necessary nutrients.

Skip Antibiotic Unless Really Needed

More the antibiotics taken during lifetime or as a child, higher are the risk of obesity (9). The antibiotics are known to wash away the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria leading to a weight gain.

If taking antibiotics make sure you take care of the microbiome of the gut by eating plenty of fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut.


A stressed body craves more processed and junk food. Distress yourself with the help of meditation.

Meditation can help you tune into the body’s subtle signals including huger cues (10). One more study found that people who regularly meditate lost weight as the activity in the part of the brain which is linked with impulsiveness is reduced.