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8 Simple Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

All of us enjoy the holidays. That is the time when we can just relax and also feel like doing nothing.

Being in a relaxed state of mind, we wouldn’t even mind overeating and that too calorie-rich food. It is observed, adults in western societies gain an average of 1 pound between mid of November to mid-January.(1) Also, those who are already overweight and enter the holiday seasons, gain even more.(2)

This way holidays become a major contributor in increasing the numbers of annual weight gainers.

Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

There are a few ways in which gaining weight during the holiday season can be avoided.

Be Active

Most of the time while holidaying is spent lying on the couch watching television and doing nothing, along with it, we tend to munch on something and could even overdo it.

Just doing nothing could contribute to weight gain.

Take up some kind of physical activity which could prove to be beneficial. Even a simple walk with family would solve the purpose.

Join some fitness activity with a partner, as it would provide encouragement and support.(3)

Eat Wisely

During the holiday season, unhealthy snacks such as cookies, fried stuff, and other goodies become our comfort food.

These treats are easy to access which makes us binge more on them.

The problem can be solved by keeping such snacks out of sight. Sometimes we tend to eat such stuff if we see them even if we are not hungry.

Being mindful of your eating habits can help. If you find that you are just munching on the snack, because it is around, it is best to avoid.

When feeling hungry eat healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds. They can be filling and healthy as well and none of these can spike the count in weighing scale.

Portion control

Eating large portions helps in gaining weight, so you should try and control it.

You should control the portion size by using a small plate.(4)

You can read the food labels and recommended serving sizes in the listed recipes. Also, fill the plate with healthy food and a reasonable amount of food.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain.

It is seen that those who do not sleep well tend to be hungrier, consume more calories, and exercise less(5,6)

Not sleeping well can increase the hunger hormones and thereby the calorie intake. It can also lower the metabolism(7)

Keep Control Over The Stress Levels

Stress can increase cortisol, which may cause weight gain and is linked with greater food intake.(8)

Stress may also increase the craving for junk food.(9)

There are plenty of techniques such as exercise, diet, yoga, and deep breathing that can help control stress.

Cut Down On Taste-Testing

A lot of time during holidays is spent in cooking and baking. While making food we tend to taste-test them a lot.

This can be a factor that can lead to weight gain. Even small bites during holidays can add up the calories as there is not much activity as well.

Limit Liquid Calories

During holidays the calorie-rich beverages gain a lot of importance. These drinks contribute to the sugar and empty calorie intake that can cause weight gain.(10)

Consuming alcohol is also an additional factor that can cause weight gain.

If you want to avoid holiday weight gain, limit these calories.

Plan The Food To Be Served

Planning about food can help avoid the quick foods that might contain a lot of calories.

When you plan ahead, you are ready for what has to be cooked. Lack of planning can lead to confusion and make you end up in gorging on easily available high on calories, processed food.

Staying on the set weight goals can be difficult during holidays. A few tips and tricks can keep you on track.

Whatever you adopt make sure you eat healthily and exercise regularly. Being healthy can help you enjoy the holidays more.

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