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Top 9 Natural Appetite Suppressants

To avoid binge eating you need to introduce a few appetite suppressants to the diet.

The suppressants work, either by reducing appetite, blocking the absorption of certain nutrients, or increasing the number of calories you burn.

There are various natural herbs and plants that can be used as appetite suppressants.

Top 9 Natural Appetite Suppressants


Fenugreek is a legume that is widely used in Indian foods for adding flavor. It is also known well for its medicinal properties such as cholesterol reduction, appetite control, and blood sugar regulation.(1, 2)

As an appetite suppressant, it slows stomach emptying and delays carb and fat absorption. Also, fenugreek contains 45 % of fiber that helps in keeping you fuller for a longer time.

The seeds of fenugreek can be chewed twice in a day or you can also soak 1 teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning.

Green Tea Extract

The two important compounds present in green tea extract i.e. caffeine and catechins, making it an excellent fat burner and appetite suppressant.(3)

Epigallocatechin gallate is catechin that is known to boost metabolism and reduce fat.(4) The combination of caffeine and catechin makes green tea extract efficient in burning calories and leading to weight loss.


Nuts are considered an excellent snack to curb hunger. Just a handful of almonds can be a good source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium.

They help increase the feeling of fullness and help in weight management(5)

When hungry avoid the processed snack and take a handful of almonds and you would find them enough to curb the hunger and keep you full for long.


Ginger powder is known to reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness.(6) It is also known to stimulate the digestive system and suppress appetite.

Ginger is used to flavor tea and dishes, and consuming them can help benefit from its medicinal properties as well.


Coffee is known for its numerous health benefits.

It increases the calorie burn and fat breakdown and helps with weight loss(7, 8)

It also curbs appetite. It is seen that consuming caffeine 0.5-4 hours before the meal, influences stomach emptying, feeling of hunger, and appetite hormones.(9)

Caffeine boosts metabolism by 11% and increases fat burning by 29 % in lean people(10)

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a native plant of South America and is known for its energy-boosting properties.

Studies show consuming yerba mate for 4 weeks, significantly decreases food and water intake and aid weight loss (11).

Yerba mate in combination with other ingredients can help reduce hunger and appetite.(12)

Yerba mate is a safe herb and does not produce any side effects. It can be consumed in powdered form, supplements, or in the form of tea.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia is obtained from a fruit known as Garcinia gummi-gutta.

The peel of this fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, which has weight loss properties.(13)

Research has shown that Garcinia Cambogia supplements can suppress appetite.(14)It can also block fat production and decrease body weight. It can be consumed in the dosage of 500mg 30 minutes before meals.


Glucomannan is a best-known soluble fiber. It is most effective for weight loss by reducing appetite and decreasing food intake.(15, 16)

Glucomannan has bulking property and promotes a feeling of fullness and delay stomach emptying. This reduces food intake and aids weight loss.

It is considered safe and is well tolerated. It should be taken with one or two glasses of water as it might start expanding before reaching the stomach.


Apples of varieties and types are good appetite suppressants for a number of reasons.

They contain soluble fiber and pectin that helps you feel full. Apples also regulate glucose levels and boost energy.

Eating apple requires a lot of chewing time that helps slow down and give the body time to realize that you are no longer hungry

There are numerous plants and herbs that promote weight loss. They work by reducing appetite, increasing fullness level, slowing stomach emptying, blocking nutrient absorption, and influencing appetite hormones.

The results may vary by individuals but can be a good approach for those looking for a more natural approach for weight loss.

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