8 Obvious Signs that Your Period is Coming

Symptoms of period arrival are very common among women around the world. Most of them get the signs that their period is about to come. According to different researches and studies, about 90% of the women experience PMS i.e. Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms in the reproductive life.

It is a fact that the periods are painful and many women experience unpleasant and uncomfortable periods. One obvious reason behind this is the change in hormones and these hormonal changes become the reason of depression feelings or cramps.

Brain chemical also plays an essential role in this, but it is still not clear that up to how much extent these brain chemicals are involved. If you are facing acute pain due to period, then it is not necessary that you are having a higher level of hormone in comparison to other women. Researchers show that it happens when someone is very sensitive to the hormonal changes.

8 Obvious Signs that Your Period is Coming

8 Obvious Signs that Your Period is Coming

Regardless of which symptoms you experience, they appear 7 to 14 days before the periods and disappear when bleeding is started. Let us have a look at 8 Signs that your period is coming:

  1. Period Cramps: One of the common complaints among all women is abdominal cramps. Cramps, which can be painful, signify that menstrual bleeding is about to occur. It is not like other symptoms, it gets started prior to 1 to 2 weeks of the period and once bleeding starts, it ends.
  2. Acne Breakouts: Breakouts are common that can be faced by a woman. An adult man suffers less acne problem in comparison to an adult woman, and the reason behind this is hormones. The rise in hormone leads to sebum production which blocks the pores and this result in pimples before period.
  3. You Are Feeling Tired But Not Able To Sleep: Many women feel extreme tiredness prior to periods and again hormones are the reason for this. Changing hormones cause tiredness and also disturb the sleep pattern. Actually, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and PMS almost have similar symptoms.
  4. Depression and Anxiety: Depression and anxiety both are directly connected to PMS. A history of any of these conditions can make the premenstrual symptoms even worse.
  5. Headache: Headache before the period is caused by change in estrogen levels. If you are prone to migraine, then chances of suffering from headaches before the period are high.
  6. Bloating: Another major complaint is water retention which again is related to hormones, but it can be suppressed by taking less salt, exercising regularly and eating more vegetables and fruits.
  7. Changes in Breasts: Tenderness and swelling in the breasts is another physical sign during the period. It is caused due to high levels of prolactin which is a breastfeeding hormone.
  8. Mood Swings: Symptoms of PMS include mood swings which are also connected to change in hormonal levels. Like the physical signs, emotional signs are also real and mood swings are very common PMS symptom.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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