Although the term 'steroid' may sound a bit alarming but they are much different from those used for body building. It is said that nasal steroids have just a little impact on the vertical growth of the child but still, there are mixed results on this. Nasal steroid does impact the growth of the child and the effect is just small. Apart from this, there can be some risk of glaucoma and cataract for the ones using the nasal steroids. The majority of adverse effects of nasal steroids occur at the site of usage or within the nose.


Various Side Effects of Nasal Steroids like Nasacort, Flonase & Rhinocort


Various Side Effects of Nasal Steroids like Nasacort, Flonase & Rhinocort

Well, if we talk generally, the side effects of nasal steroids include nose bleeding, nasal irritation with the usual application. When an individual notice such symptoms, he/she must stop using it and employ the correct medication techniques. If there is a nasal irritation or bleeding, you should stop using the spray. If used continuously, the side effects can worsen and there may be a septal perforation.


Side Effects of Nasal Steroids like Nasacort

Again, the symptoms of side effects of nasal steroids like Nasacort do take place at the very site of application. They include nose bleeds and nasal irritation. Stop the usage of Nasacort if you notice any side effect, and start using the medication that employs the correct technique.

Side Effects of Nasal Steroids like Flonase

Flonase or Fluticasone nasal may various unwanted side effects. Major side effects include bloody or bleeding nose. However, the minor ones or common side effects include a headache, fever, cough and cold, sores, runny and stuffy nose and usual tiredness. If you encounter any of the side effects, do get in touch with your physician.

Side Effects of Nasal Steroids like Rhinocort

Budesonide nasal can show various side effects like bleeding nose, overall tiredness, body pain or ache, bleeding mucus, dizziness, eye pain, fainting, irregular heartbeat.

To avoid the symptoms, it is important to use the nasal steroids in apt quantity. Some minor side effects need no medical attention as they get cured with the passage of time.

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