Generic Medicine Vs Non-Generic Medicines: Why do People Prefer Generic Allergy Medicines?

Generic medicines are preferred by many patients as the cost of these medicines are lower than the non generic medicines. There are a number of generic allergy medicines available for all. Many allergy medicines are in generic form. As the healthcare cost continues to rise, people are looking for generic medicines to cure allergy. When any non-generic medicine loses its patent, companies market the product and sell it at a lower cost. For instance, the prescription antihistamine can be availed in non-generic form as Levocetirizine and is priced at $89.99 for the month’s supply. When it comes to generic allergy medicines in the form of nasal sprays, we have three categories, namely, flunisolide, fluticasone propionate and azelastine. The first two categories are nasal steroids while the last one is a nasal antihistamine spray.

Generic Medicine Vs Non-Generic Medicines

Generic Medicine Vs Non-Generic Medicines: Why do People Prefer Generic Allergy Medicines?

As per, the cost of the generic nasal spray for one month supply is just $59.99 while for the non-generic medicine brand name Flonase; it is $85.98 for one month. Thus, the difference in the cost is huge. So, you can save up to 35% by procuring generic allergy medicines. Azelastine is the generic nasal spray or antihistamine spray which still needs a prescription.

Generic Allergy Eye Drops

Although there are several OTC allergy drops for eyes but all of them are in their non-generic form or current brand name version only. The only generic eye drop medicine is Azelastine which needs a prescription. When you buy this eye drop for a month, the cost will be $95.99 while the cost of non-generic medicine or branded eye drops moves to $115.99. The very purchase of generic medicines saves up to 17%.

Treating Nasal Allergies with Generic Medicines

To treat the symptoms of hay fever or rhinitis, you need to administer nasal steroids. They may reduce nasal congestion, allergic inflammation within your nasal passage and address the symptoms of a runny nose, itchy and congested nose. Flonase is one of the powerful nasal steroids that may be availed in generic form under the name generic fluticasone propionate. Nasarel, Nasonex may also be availed in their generic forms.

Generic allergy medicines can thus bring about huge savings for the buyers in comparison to non-generic medicine or brand name.

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