Can Shoe Inserts Cause Knee Pain?

Knee is the one joint which takes the great pressure of your entire weight of the body while routine activities of the day as well as during the hard physical activities. Thus it requires a strong support so as to prevent it from knee pain or injury in the knee. Here plays the supportive role; a shoe insert also called as orthotics. Shoe inserts or orthotics are the medical devices which are prescribed under treatment for knee pain, ankle and foot pain which are to be inserted in to your shoes for better support to your arch and comfort your feet and knee in a greater way. However like, “The same sun hardens the clay and also melts the ice”, it is also noted that the same shoe inserts which are used to prevent or reduce knee pain also provokes the pain in knee in many people. Well! This is nothing a wonder fact that anything that if you are not on the right track, you must either try getting your track back or are bound to end up with a loss. Similarly, if you are suffering from any condition that requires the use of shoe insert, but are not using the proper shoe inserts then you are definitely going to meet with the knee pain. The current article will let you know about how shoe inserts can cause knee pain. We will also note in brief about these special medical devices called shoe inserts or orthotic shoe inserts conditions they treat and also talk about some safety precautions while choosing these shoe inserts.

Can Shoe Inserts Cause Knee Pain?

Shoe Inserts- A Brief Note On The Medical Devices For Treating Knee Pain!

“Every odd has its solution with an even!” Knee pain in humans have many of the treatment methods, medical devices to treat or reduce the pain; and shoe insert is one such prescribed medical devices for treating knee, ankle and foot pain. These are also called as Orthotics or orthotic shoe inserts which are inserted in to your shoes in a way that gets enough of comfort in the foot arch and thus helps in reducing pain in feet and knee pain. These shoe inserts actually work in a way that they provide cushion or supports the force between the foot and ankle and thus eases the knee pain. There are several conditions which can be treated on a short-term basis with the help of shoe insert. We will look upon the conditions in the following array of the article. But prior to that, we will look upon various types of shoe inserts that are available.

Types Of Shoe Inserts:

Now giving a look at the various types of shoe inserts available; we can come up with two main categories of orthotics or shoe inserts which includes the following.

Types Of Shoe Inserts

  1. The common mass-market type orthotics- These are the general types of shoe inserts which are available in general pharmacy stores or sports store. These are readily available and are inexpensive. They also fit to almost all types of shoes. However there are a number of disadvantages wearing such orthotics which are available in the mass market. The most common disadvantage is they do not fit all foot shape and it must be kept in mind that something that does not fits your feel right, may lead into more damage in the knee.
  2. Prescribed or the Custom-made orthotics: These are the shoe inserts which are prescribed by the doctors specialized in podiatric medicines. Such orthotics is specially designed by taking a mold of your foot. It must be noted that such shoe inserts are extremely expensive. However as a saying flows, “Nothing is precious than you taking forward steps!”

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Shoe Inserts:

Here below are some of the conditions which can be treated with shoe inserts or orthotics. However, it must be kept in mind that these treatments are only for short term benefits. It must also be noted that improper shoe inserts may create more dangerous knee pain.

How Can Improper Shoe Inserts Cause Knee Pain?

Now comes the real point of concern! Here is the section which would explain how the improper shoe inserts can cause knee pain or create more damage to your knee. So go through the following paragraphs and get to know the exact concept behind shoe inserts causing knee pain. In the later part of the article, we will also discuss on some of the special tips to follow while choosing shoe inserts.

How Can Improper Shoe Inserts Cause Knee Pain?

A Foot and Ankle Specialist named Rock Positano warn the mass saying, “Orthotics is like prescribed drugs!” He also adds that improperly prescribed orthotics can also lead to pain and serious injuries. The real point on improper shoe inserts and knee pain lies in the fact that a poorly supported foot arch leads to flattening of the foot with the progressive walking or running. Shoe inserts are usually worn for cushioning the arch of foot and help reducing the force between ankle and feet and thus reduce knee pain. However when these orthotics or shoe inserts are prescribed improperly or used without proper diagnosis of the condition, this may lead to a reduced level of support in the foot arch and in turn lead to flatten feet. Such conditions of flat feet may further lead to the ankle fall inward. This inward fall of ankle may again lead to an inward fall of the knee. And mind you! This is very much painful. So, here begins the knee pain due to improper shoe inserts. However, it must not be ignored that properly prescribed shoe inserts have proven records of reducing knee pain greatly.

Well! Now when we take a look at the particular conditions or special categories of people who have more risks of suffering from knee pain due to improper shoe inserts, we can come up with the list mentioned below.

  • Those who have existing knee pain, heel pain or back problems or Achilles tendon pain and wearing improper shoe inserts are at greater risk of severe knee pain and also serious injuries.
  • Those people with flat feet or with high arch foot type, are at higher risk
  • Men or women using high heels or less supportive shoes.

Safety Precautions While Choosing Shoe Inserts: Prevent Self From Encountering Knee Pain

“Just because you are strong enough to hold pain, does not mean you actually deserve it!” Why not look for some safety precautions while choosing shoe inserts and prevent you from getting encounters of severe knee pain or damaging your existing pain in knee? Here below are some of the preventive steps you must look at while going for a purchase of your shoe inserts.

  • Make sure you take professional prescriptions from podiatric medicine specialist for your condition before buying shoe inserts.
  • Do not just go for common shoe inserts available in the shoe or sports stores which might be lower priced but may affect your knee in a harsh way.
  • Look for well made shoe inserts that offer you genuine comfort to your foot arch and help you reduce ankle and knee pain.
  • It is more important to consult with the doctor about when to wear the shoe inserts and when to take them off for better benefits.

Conclusion: “Your job is to take step forward, but with an alert eye on your steps!” It must be accepted that shoe inserts are beneficial in comforting your feet and knee only when used properly and improper shoe inserts might lead to more damaging pain. It must also be known that shoe inserts or the orthotics are not considered as a permanent solution for knee or ankle problem. Rather they are used to reduce the pain, support and stabilize the joint, prevent from deformity and enhance the biochemical function of the foot. So, it is better to accept that your shoe insert is a short term treatment that must be carried out for better pain reduction but must be followed by the proper prescribed knee exercises and other prescribed treatments including the drugs or medications for reduction of the knee pain and betterment of the knee.

“Because your every step counts…!!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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