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Detox Your Life Without Involving Food

These days, many people opt for methods like fasting, juicing, and cleansing, to detoxify the body. But there are many other things in life that we need to get rid of for a healthy and happy life. This is mainly discussed in detox your life without involving food. Apart from the food cleanses, you can also follow other ways to detox without food.

Detox Your Life Without Involving Food

Detox Your Life Without Involving Food

The present-day humans are very busy, most of us are only doing regular tasks and responsibilities. But as the routine work has itself increased the number of times, people are constantly on the go for something. People need to relax and find ways to detox or get rid of worries from our minds just like we do for toxins in our body. Detox your life without involving food is hence, equally important.

Technology Detox

Technology has taken the world by storm. It is everywhere. Nowadays, there is an app for everything, and people are expected to be reachable at all times through their cell phones, laptops, I-pads, etc. Studies have shown that the problematic use of smartphones can affect your health. As a person is unable to regulate the use of mobile phones or other gadgets, several negative consequences occur in daily life.1

In the case of technology detox, you need to shut all your devices down. Switch off your phone, computer, and television. Instead of reading an e-book, try reading a real book. This is one of the best ways to detox your life without involving food. For it to be successful, ignore technology and sleep peacefully at night. Overstimulation of sounds, lights, and instant gratification has made people operate at high speed in life. To ease this rush and just relax, it is essential to give technology a break.

Try to get close to nature and establish a mind-body-spirit connection. By engaging in simple, good activities like spending an afternoon playing with your pet, or doing anything their great-grandma would do for fun, you can ease and rejuvenate yourself with a technology detox. Try the technology detox today which involves staying from technology and not food.

Junk Cleanse Detox

Everyone has a messy closet, a junk drawer, a disorganized cabinet, etc. When trying to detox your life without involving food, it is essential to clean out all the clutter at your home. This method, not only helps to clean your closet and home but also helps free your mind. Cleaning out the junk from the surroundings helps you become more organized and make your life more functional and better. This junk clearing includes clearing up email space, smartphone or laptop storage space too!

Detoxify by Taking A Break

It is not necessary to take a long break, but a small weekend off would be fine. One may love the city, but an occasional break from all of the hustle and bustle can do great. People who wish to detoxify their mind, body, and soul should visit someplace where the air is fresh, the people are good and courteous, and life is relaxed. One does not need to retreat to complete wilderness, but just take a break from your work for as long as possible. For instance, people who commute to the city every day for work,

if possible, should occasionally work from home. When sick, take a few days off for some self-care and to detoxify your life. On routine days, plan weekend outings for healthy activities or just for relaxation. This is a healthy way to detoxify your life without involving food.

Detoxify by Cutting Ties With Energy Vampires

If you are looking to detoxify your life, avoid people who are constantly taking from your friendship and are rarely replacing it. Such people are referred to as energy vampires. They often deplete your energy and leave you feeling drained rather than rejuvenated after a conversation or meeting. Friendship is never hard work and honesty and openness are the strongest pillars of true friendship. Energy vampires appear to be your friend only when they need a favor from you. Hence, ties with and such energy vampires should be severed to detoxify the mind, body, and soul. Stay away from toxic people to successfully detoxify your life. This is one of the effective ways to detox your life without involving food.

Detoxify by Doing The Twist

Practicing yoga helps you transform into a better person than you are. Yoga poses not only help to stretch, invigorate and humble the body, but also aid in detoxification of mind, body, and soul. Twisting yoga poses squeeze the internal organs like the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, to ensure proper flow of oxygenated blood in the body. Twisting also helps in eliminating waste and toxins from the body, and promoting proper digestion and hence detoxifying without involving the food. Breathing exercises or Pranayama in yoga focuses on detoxification by removing the toxic gases and rejuvenating with better oxygen intake. Practicing yoga regularly is a great way to detox your life without involving food.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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