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Can You Recover from a Brain Aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm indicates a weak area in the blood vessel wall of a human brain that balloons out or bulges. Once it comes to a specific size, it creates relatively higher chance to burst out. It may even cause leakage of blood and bleeding problems across the brain surface. Doctors may even call it subarachnoid hemorrhage because of the occurrence of bleeding from inner part of the brain.

Surgery to Treat Brain Aneurysm

Patients had to undergo with surgical procedure to prevent bleeding in case of aneurysm or to treat the problem after its bled. For this, doctors recommend for either of the two different surgical procedures-

Open craniotomy i.e. doctor creates a hole in the skull of patient’s brain and places a clip on the aneurysm base.

Endovascular repair involves surgery on specific areas of patients’ body by the help of his blood vessel.

Can You Recover from a Brain Aneurysm?

Can You Recover from a Brain Aneurysm?

Expectations and Recovery from the Surgical Treatments

If you suffered from bleeding problem in the past, at the time or after your surgery, you may likely face a few short-term and/or long-term issues and they may be of mild or of severe. However, positive thing is that such problems become better with time in most of the patients.

Common Side Effects with Surgical Methods

Whether you underwent with craniotomy or with endovascular repair, you may-

  • Feel angry, sad or become nervous often than before
  • Experience seizure in some cases and require taking medicines to prevent any other attack
  • Commonly deal with headaches for a while.

Post Craniotomy and Clip Placement Procedure Expectations

Patients underwent with craniotomy and clip placement surgical procedure require about 3 weeks to 6 weeks for complete recovery from the problem. If you experience bleeding in combination with brain aneurysm problem, your recovery period becomes relatively longer. Moreover, you may experience tired feelings for about 12 or more than 12 weeks.

If you experienced brain injury or stroke because of bleeding problems, you may likely face permanent problems in the form of difficulty in speech and thinking, numbness and muscular weakness.

Memory problems in patients are common, but they improve with time.

Patients may feel as confused and dizzy or their speech may become abnormal after clip replacement surgical procedure. However, if bleeding stops, these problems become better over the time.

Post Endovascular Repair Expectations

You may experience pain (mild to severe one) in the groin area.

You may deal with bruising nearby or beneath the incision.

Special Note: Irrespective of the type of surgery you undergone with, you may start with your daily activities, along with driving your car within 1 week or 2 weeks if you did not deal with bleeding problems. However, you should make sure to ask your doctor about different daily activities, which are safe in case of you.

Recovery and Self-Care Relations

Recovery of any brain aneurysm after his surgical procedure depends on the extent of his/her self-care. These include-

Making good plans while staying at home to achieve fast recovery

Make sure of following a good and a healthy lifestyle, which involves-

  • Keep the blood pressure within control by taking the necessary medicines, as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid tobacco/cigarette smoking
  • Consult with your doctor to know if you may drink alcohol or not
  • Discuss with your doctor when it would be OK to begin with sexual activities.

You should definitely take seizure medicine if your doctor prescribed for it to you.

You should take reference from an occupational therapist or a speech-related therapist from your doctor to recover from any kind of brain damage.

In case you underwent with endovascular surgery, you may opt to walk on flat surface and that too only a short distance.

You should avoid bathing or swimming for about 1-week period or before the change of your dressing.

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