10 Benefits of Chakra Healing

10 Benefits of Chakra Healing

Many theories tell us that the entire universe is made up of space which is full of energy. Luckily, we got to know about energy system located inside the body which helps us align with the energy of the universe. The energy systems of the human body, the chakras help us align with the outside world or the universe.

No one in this world has their chakras completely balanced except those who have attained the highest state i.e. Samadhi. For the rest of us who are struggling with our everyday chores is because of the imbalanced or blocked chakras. We can realign our chakras to function well through various methods, by self-meditation which again is difficult for most of us to concentrate or heal ourselves. We have all the reasons to invest in chakra healing to get over the issues faced in daily activities. Some of the benefits of Chakra Healing Therapy are mentioned below.

10 Benefits of Chakra Healing

  1. Benefits of Chakra Healing on Physical Health and Well-Being

    Chakras are the pillars of energy and vital centers which transmit the life force to various parts of the body through nadis. Just like we always want to maintain proper, functional and clear arteries so our blood can flows to all organs through them without any obstruction, we want our subtle body channels or the chakras to be clear and unblocked to allow our vital life force to flow through them without any imposition. There are several reasons of blockages in Chakras such as negative emotions, fears and bad lifestyle and other derogatory habits. Chakras have a direct impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of an individual. Chakra balancing is done through Chakra Therapy and the services are provided by many professionals and healing centers, the primary benefits being optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

  2. Chakra Healing is Beneficial for Spiritual Fitness

    Like the physical health, spiritual fitness is also very important for the human body to remain stable and calm in the modern world. Energy moves downward from the spiritual realms into the mental, emotional, and ultimately physical experience. So it is very important to deal and solve spiritual issues as it has powerful effects that are reflected in everything that you do in all aspects of life. Chakras are the interface between the spiritual realms and the physical body which need to be balanced to maintain the balance in human body. Every chakra has a spiritual aspect and as you go from bottom to top while mastering all the chakras, it gives a step ahead on the spiritual ladder and the unknown realms of spirituality will be unfolded in front of you. When someone master the crown chakra, after the attainment of Samadhi, the highest state as per Astanga Yoga, by the great Indian sage Maharishi Patanjali.

  3. Benefits of Chakra Healing in Removing Bad Energy Stored in the Body

    Chakra balancing and healing help you live a healthier lifestyle, not only in terms of a fit body, but in terms of your emotional and mental fitness by keeping your heart and mind fit as well. By keeping the chakras balanced will help you enhance your potential financially and will enable you to enjoy your relationships as well.

    Chakras when balanced are beneficial in clearing the toxins and everyday debris from the body debris. There are a number of effective ways to keep your Chakras in good running order. It is essential to do chakra clearing techniques regularly and you’ll feel relaxed and clear.

  4. Chakra Healing Instills Love and Joy in One’s Life

    Clearing the sacral chakra instills love and joy in your life. The keywords or the purpose of Sacral Chakra is mentioned in the literature as life energy and creativity. It relates to vitality and fulfillment.

    People with a healthy second or sacral chakra are usually energetic, eager for new experiences in life, they enjoy their changes in life without getting affected by them. People with active sacral chakra enjoy art, beauty, and sensory experience, and are able to experience joy and experience their emotions without normally being overwhelmed, worried and affected by them. People with active sacral chakra are usually spontaneous. So, if you do not feel any of this you might have your sacral chakra blocked and you need to act on it to be able to instill love and joy in your life no matter what the condition is.

  5. Chakra Healing Allows You to Know Your Inner Self

    When someone gets to know about chakras and be able to get them healed, balanced and coordinated, they get to feel their conscience. They get to know their inner self. When someone knows their inner self, you realize the truth of this mortal coil i.e. the human body. That it is a drop of the divine self. When the first and second chakras are healed and you get to know your inner self, realize your aim to come to this world.

    When you realize the true purpose of your life which is to meet the supreme consciousness, you will be able to get over the materialistic things in the world and as well as get over greed, anger, jealousy and all the other things which bring us down into this world.

    Chakra healing helps humans in realizing their true potential and taps into the spiritual realm and achieves their true objective of coming in this world.

  6. Chakra Healing is Beneficial in Transforming Your Weakness into Your Strength

    Whenever we humans have a negative experience we cause the associated chakra energy to close in order to block that energy out. This blocks the flow of energy to and fro. In a similar way, if we are clinging to a low-calibrating feeling like blame or prolonging and not letting go the emotion because of our inability to deal with or move on in life, we close off the chakra which then requires chakra healing.

    As we open and heal our chakras through self-healing techniques like meditation or with the help of professional healers, energy is able to flow freely once again and things return to normal. When the energy flows normally throughout the human body, you will be able to turn the negative in to positive and you will be able to turn the tables around by changing or converting your weaknesses into strengths.

  7. Chakra Healing Gives Access to Financial Wisdom

    When you are able to balance your chakras, as many of the professional healers explain from time to time that it is with constant affirmations that you can turn your life. When healing your chakras on your own you can do daily affirmations to keep them balanced which will promote your intelligence with all the worldly matters and beyond? When you affirm that you are getting money from different sources and create ways to get it as per your plan, you will actually be able to manifest it. As per Chakra healers, money blocks are beliefs that get in the way of free flowing energy. So to remove these money blocks we need to let the energy pass.

    First and second chakras are said to be responsible for our finances. When the root and sacral chakras are balanced we let the energy pass and unblock all the financial blocks. So, to focus on the financial matters and overcome money blocks, you need to keep your first two chakras up and working.

  8. Benefits of Chakra Healing in Inspiring You to Turn Dreams into Reality

    As our chakras get healed, we tap into the true potential we have in this universe. By cleansing our body and aura through meditation or with the help of professional healers, we are able to bring the mind and the body together in one space. This will facilitate our transformation and will help us in achieving what we want. We will be able to transform any weakness into balance.

  9. Chakra Healing Gives You Intuition

    Intuition is the voice of inner self. It is an inner technology which makes you realize the divine self and it can be summoned with your own will, instead of you to keep waiting for the intuition to come to you with a well-balanced heart and crown chakra. Energy Healing awakens your intuitive voice, tap into this vast perfect knowledge for yourself. The teachings that come from Chakra healing and group meditative sessions are mentioned below:

    • First of all, you need to feel a deep connection between your mind and body.
    • Become neutral, stop over reacting to people or situations.
    • Slow down your thoughts and keep yourself calm in all situations.
    • Practice meditation sometime or at least 30 minutes every day.
    • Keep thinking positive though which will help you establish your positive energy aura.
    • Release everything out that destroys your inner peace.
    • Feel a positive energy entering your body and negative energy leaving your body.
  10. Chakra Healing Allows You to Express and Release Emotions in a Healthy Manner

    When Chakra Healing happens, it allows energy to flow in the body, thereby releasing the unwanted energy and giving way to the positive energy in the body. Chakra Healing balances the human energetic system and heals negative emotions, remove blockages. This process can lead a person into a state of wholeness both physically and emotionally. But clearing the energy systems and releasing the trapped energy leads to the emotional stability in the body and thus relieves you of unnecessary worry which is the major cause of all the illnesses in the modern world.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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