10 Myths About Chakras Healing

10 Myths About Chakras Healing

There are many myths revolving in the modern world about the chakras, the energy centers that govern many aspects of your physiology, including your organ systems and your emotional, psychological and physiological tendencies, and this determine the well being of the individual or the human body.

We should be aware of the myths and truths about the chakras before actually going to the path of getting them opened or balanced!

10 Myths About Chakras Healing

Chakra Healing Myth # 1: There are No Chakras

There are many theories which say and believe that chakras do not exist. And many people refuse to acknowledge the existence of Chakras. However, different parts of the world have its own meaning and proof of existence of chakras. The seven chakras represent energy or nerve centers that exist in the human body. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or circle. Prana or Energy is said to flow in the human body through nadis, Nadis are three main channels like the electric cables which take the energy from the electricity pole of the chakras and supply the energy to rest of the body. Three main channels or nadis are Sushumna, Pingala and Ida.

Chakra Healing Myth # 2: There are Seven Chakras

Many theories suggest that there are seven chakras in the body. But according to the yogic text there are a lot of chakra systems in the body. Some people believe there are twelve chakras and some believe there are many chakra systems working in the human body. Initially, beginners are being told and taught about the seven chakras in the human body.

Chakra Healing Myth # 3: Opening the Chakras is Easy

There is a lot of literature available on how you can open your blocked chakras and heal yourself and get rid of all the troubles n your Life, be it physical ailments or emotional disturbances and several other problems. However, the truth is that awakening a chakra is not as easy as it is mentioned in the text books or any literature available.

Opening a chakra requires a big change and shift of the consciousness and this process requires years of meditation. You cannot just open your chakras by doing some physical yoga poses and neither is it a process of emotional opening.

Chakra Healing Myth # 4: The Real Meaning and Purpose of Chakras is Treating Illness

As per the ancient Vedic yogic literature, chakras which means “Wheels” are the seven vital centers of the body which if once awakened or activated can unfold the unforeseen realms for humans with the ultimate aim of being one with the universal consciousness.

However, in today’s age the opening and balancing of chakras is taken only to treat the physical illnesses or to heal the emotional pain and not the awareness and consciousness of the supreme self.

And this is exactly what has happened to Yoga in the modern age. Yoga is considered Gymnastics in today’s world where mastering a few asanas means you have become a yogi or yogini. However, the ultimate aim of yoga which is to meet the divine being, the supreme consciousness through the attainment of Samadhi via meditation has been completely forgotten and the real purpose and aim of Yoga and Chakras has been blinded.

Chakra Healing Myth # 5: Balancing the Chakras Will Improve the Health

This is a big misconception that balancing the chakras can improve your health. But the health of the chakras depend upon your physical, mental, emotional, physiological and psychological conditions and until you work on these issues and the underlying causes your chakras will not change and shift and improve the condition of your being.

Chakra Healing Myth # 6: You Have No Power Over Your Chakras

It is said that you do not have power over your chakras and you yourself will not be able to balance your chakras. However, the truth is if you have the will you can do anything. Third chakra or the Manipura chakra helps in strengthening the inner will, fire and desire. No matter what problems or dasha you are going through, you can harness the power of Manipura chakra and achieve any goal that you set to accomplish. And this is same with all the other chakras and the function they serve for your body. They provide energies for various tasks in the body.

Chakra Healing Myth #7: Chakras Should Always be Balanced and Perfect

If someone says that chakras always have to be balanced and perfect, they might be living in some another world. Because in our ideal world nothing is perfect and everything or something has imperfections. The world is unpredictable and constantly changing and that is exactly how the chakras behave. They keep changing. They are flexible and responsive, adjusting to psychological and physical factors, which affect us every day.

They keep changing as per your present and current physical and emotional state and needs to be balanced or normalized as per the current situation.

Chakra Healing Myth # 8: You Just Need to Work on the Top Chakras

Everyone wants to work on the top chakras – The Crown Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra and The throat chakra which subsequently are responsible for the spiritual and inner growth while people forget that they need to balance the lower and top chakras for the human body and chakras to work cordially with each other.

Heart chakra, which is the fourth chakra, is responsible for the balance between the top and bottom chakras. Before you proceed to work on higher chakras The Crown Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra, it is highly recommended to work on lower chakras.

The root chakra represents the physical life, Muladhara chakra represents the emotional life and the naval chakra represents the mental life and if you want to progress in life and work on balancing your chakras, you need to start bottom up i.e. starting from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrara chakra. If you have worked on your physical desires, and your emotional problems are all sorted out and disciplined your mind to focus on the prime purpose of life, only then you are ready to work on higher or top chakras.

Chakra Healing Myth # 9: Professional Healers Can Open or Balance Your Chakras in One Sitting

Many of us these days in the modern world turn to professional hears like Reiki Experts and Acupressure experts with the aim to get healed and get our chakras balanced in one sitting. This is a big myth which is being speeded around. It takes more than one sitting and more than the help of professional healer to get your chakras balanced or opened. It takes self motivation and the will to get healed.

You have to take charge of your body and your emotions to get healed along with the help of professional healers and experts available in the market today.

Chakra Healing Myth # 10: Healers Remove Your Karmic Baggage and Your Problems

Apparently, there is a law of cause and effect which is active in the universe since its being and is responsible for everything going on in the universe. If any of us think that the results of our actions may be in this lifetime or in the previous lifetimes, our Karmas, can be removed by somebody in a few healing sessions is a very big myth.

The intensity of the results of your Karmas can be reduced and your will power to bear the results can be increased by balancing the karmas, but the Karmic Baggage can never be removed by someone in healing therapies or sessions.

This we must consider these points before we actually go towards the path of getting our Chakras sorted.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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