16 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber or Kakdi (Kheera)

Cucumber, popularly known as Kakdi or kheera, is both a fruit and a vegetable. It is green in color which can vary from light to dark. It has plenty of moisture in its flesh with small seeds which can also be eaten. It is the most common ingredient of a salad and sandwich. Some people also drink juice made from cucumber. Due to it being high on moisture, it is extremely beneficial in the summer months to keep the body hydrated. There are a lot of health benefits of cucumber, which includes, benefits to eye health, skin and hair health, bone health, helps in digestion, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and many more include weight loss. Let us know about some of the health benefits of Cucumber or Kakdi (Kheera).

16 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber or Kakdi (Kheera)

16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber Or Kakdi (Kheera)

#1. Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases:

One of the best health benefits of cucumber is that is plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy heart. With the traces of elements like potassium and magnesium in cucumber or Kakdi(kheera), you can improve the neurological function of your body, along with keeping your blood pressure under control.

Cucumbers also contain an anti-inflammatory element, lignin, that helps in enhancing your immunity and reduces the occurrence of all the risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

#2. Benefits In Weight Management:

There is one more wonderful benefit of cucumber; and that is that it helps in reducing body weight. You can enjoy your meals by adding cucumber in your diet by means of salad or by eating it as a whole. This helps you in weight management.

#3. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure:

Cucumber or Kakdi(Kheera), also helps in maintaining blood pressure. They are rich in magnesium, potassium and fiber content, and that makes cucumbers useful in maintaining the appropriate blood pressure, which should not be too high or too low. Apart from this, cucumber also helps in lowering artery pressure and also hydrates them. This is why cucumbers or kakdi (Kheera) are recommended for people with hypertension.

#4. Digestive Health Benefits of Cucumber Or Kakdi (Kheera)

In order to keep your gut healthy, you have to take foods that are fibrous; and cucumbers are one of those fibrous foods. They contain an enzyme “Erepsin”, which improves the process of digestion and helps the body absorb protein adequately.

Protein in cucumber keeps the intestine healthy and allows smooth functioning of it. Cucumber is a natural stool softener and regulates bowel movements due to it being high on water. This helps in treating constipation, gastritis, ulcer and several other stomach related issues.

#5. Beneficial In The Treatment Cancer:

One more health benefits of cucumber or Kakdi (Kheera) is that it has ingredients which prevent cancer. This includes a powerful antioxidant which gets rid of free radicals and boosts overall immune system. The phytochemicals in cucumber acts as an additive to the cancer Preventing properties of cucumber.

Cucumber contains Fisetin, cucurbitacins, caffeic acid, lutein, which have the ability to reduce cancerous symptoms in the early stages. As cucumber contains flavonoids like, fisetin and caffeic acid, consuming it whole or taking its juice can reduce the occurrence of breast, prostate, ovarian, uterine and lung cancer.

#6. Benefits of Cucumber Or Kakdi (Kheera) In Maintaining Healthy Renal System:

Cucumbers or kakdi (Kheera) also help in treating problems arising in your urinary system. You can consume cucumber juice twice every day to see the benefits. Cucumber juice is an extremely powerful diuretic and promotes flushing of any potential toxins in the body. Additionally, any pressure exerted on the renal system and kidneys is taken care of cucumber which promotes smooth functioning of this vital organ of the body.

#7. Cures Hangover:

Cucumber can also be beneficial in curing a hangover and the headache associated with it. This is because they help to rehydrate the nutrients of the body and eliminate the toxins present due to the intake of alcohol. The sugar, vitamin B and electrolytes in the cucumber, reduce the intensity of the hangover and the headache. You can take a few slices of cucumber before going to bed.

#8. Reduces Inflammation:

One more health benefits of cucumber or Kakdi(Kheera) is that, the fresh extracts of cucumber help in reducing unwanted inflammation. It works by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin or the inflammatory compound. There is a compound known as beta-carotene, which acts as an anti-oxidant and it fight free radicals and control damage. Moreover, it also promotes healing cucumbers, are also known for rich flavonoids in them, which are great for reducing inflammation.

#9. It Alkalizes The Blood:

Cucumber keeps the pH level of your body, optimal, and this can help in eliminating free radical cells, which are acidic and cause symptoms associated with cancer. Drinking cucumber water regularly, can keep an increase in your body’s alkalinity.

#10. Benefits In Treating Diabetes:

There is another health benefit of cucumber or kakdi(Kheera). Studies have found that it is effective against diabetes. It is recommended by medical scientists that eating cucumber peels can help in maintaining an adequate blood sugar level. Moreover, eating its peels can also reduce the oxidative stress. A hormone present in cucumber, helps the pancreas to utilize insulin that converts the carbohydrates into energy.

#11. Bone Health Benefits:

Cucumber is also beneficial for our bones. It contains Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, both of which help in strengthening our body’s ligaments, cartilage, bones and tendons. The vegetable also contains silica in it, which is known to help in the formation of connective tissue, which helps in strengthening weakened bones. Moreover, as cucumber contains protein, magnesium, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, along with folic acid and silicon, it helps in enhancing bone health.

#12. Oral Health Benefits:

Another fact check about cucumber is that it eliminates bad breath by just placing a slice of it in the mouth. This eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath and also enhances oral health by eliminating germs which can result in various gum diseases.

#13. Eye Health Benefits:

Cucumber moisturizes all the skin around your eyes, as it contains 95% of water. The presence of Vitamin E is extremely vital for a healthy skin. it also enhances production of collagen which is a natural agent to decrease wrinkles. Apart from this, eating cucumbers on a daily basis also helps in enhancing your vision. Cucumber has plenty of antiinflammatory properties and is a powerful antioxidant which prevents conditions like cataracts. It also helps in preventing development of dark circles around the eyes which is caused due to hyperpigmentation and stress. It also gets rid of skin irritation.

Skin Health Benefits of Cucumber or Kakdi

#14. Skin Health Benefits:

Cucumbers are also beneficial for skin health. Here, we will take a look on some of the skin health benefits of cucumbers.

Revitalizes Skin

The best skin health benefits of cucumber is, that it helps in revitalizing your skin. You need to take some slices of cucumber, one tablespoon and one teaspoon of Greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and pour them all in a blender to get a paste that you need to apply on your face.

Apply one layer of the mask on damp skin and leave it for 5 minutes and then do the same 2-3 times, for about 20 minutes. Once dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Reverses Skin Tanning:

Cucumber or Kakdi(Kheera) is also beneficial in getting rid of skin tan. It is in fact a mild astringent. You need the juice of a grated cucumber and apply the juice on your face.

Helps Soothe Sunburn:

One more skin health benefits of cucumber is that it helps in healing sunburnt skin and brings instant relief. You need to carefully apply slices of cucumber on the affected area and allow it to sit for as long as you want.

Treats Open Pores:

Cucumber or Kakdi(Kheera) can also be used to treat open pores and heat bumps on legs. Cucumber juice cools the skin surface and acts as a heat absorbent making it extremely beneficial for treatment of heat bumps normally seen in the summer months.

You just have to take out the juice of the cucumber by blending it and apply on the bumps. Apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, or tomato pulps can also be mixed in the juice for added benefit.

Rejuvenates Skin:

One of the most common use of cucumber is to improve and rejuvenate the skin. As cucumber is both, a mild astringent and also contains a lot of water in it, applying its mask will improve the skin complexion and also adds a glow to your skin.

You simply need to mix cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon juice and apply this mixture as a facial mask, and allow it to sit for some time, and then using a wet towel, pat your skin dry.

Fights Cellulite:

Cucumber can also help in fighting cellulite from the thighs. This works because the juice of cucumber contains phytochemicals that help in collagen production, the fiber-like protein that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and removes cellulite.

You need cucumber juice, ground coffee and 1 tablespoon of raw honey to be mixed together for preparing a thick paste and apply this on the affected area and keep it for 30 minutes and then gently exfoliate with a muslin cloth.

#15. Reduces Dark Circles And Eye Wrinkles:

We already mentioned earlier that cucumber is also used for reducing the appearance of dark circles around your eyes. This is because of the abundance of antioxidants and silica present in cucumber. All you need is place, two slices of cucumbers on the eyes and leave them for about 15-20 minutes.

Apart from this, cucumber also helps in reducing eye wrinkles. Being a natural moisturizer, placing cold slices of cucumbers on your eyes can hydrate your eyes and the skin around which in turn, can help in reducing lines and wrinkles around eyes.

#16. Hair Health Benefits Of Cucumber Or Kakdi(Kheera):

Reduces Hair Fall:

Drinking Cucumber juice on a daily basis can control hair fall. This is because of the silicon, sulfur, sodium, calcium and phosphorus content present in the vegetable, that are some of the most crucial nutrients essential for hair growth.

All you need is, apply the juice of cucumber to your hair and scalp and leave it for one hour and then shampoo.

Gives Shiny Hair:

Cucumber juice can also be used as a hair rinse for getting silky and shiny hair. The juice conditions the hair, because of the presence of silica and makes it more beautiful.


So, above were some of the health benefits of cucumber or Kakdi( Kheera). So, how about making this vegetable one of your favorite food and adding it to your regular diet? Eat it as a whole raw or add it in salad, or drink cucumber juice to get its benefits.

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