Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds & Ways to Use it

The seeds of Moringa oleifera plant are among the most nutritious and most beneficial botanical products available. These Moringa Seeds have been known for their wonderful medicinal properties and are used as herbal remedies. Moringa seeds offer various health benefits and are also known to be used as nutritional supplements and for industrial as well as agricultural purposes. These seeds are edible, both in their fresh as well as their dried forms. In this current article of ours, we will know about some of the best health benefits of Moringa Seeds.

Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

There are a lot of health benefits of Moringa Seeds like; their benefits in treating gout, rheumatism, sexually transmitted diseases, boils, epilepsy, urinary infections etc. Let us take a deeper look on the health benefits of moringa seeds below.

  1. Overall Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

    Moringa Seeds also offer an overall health benefits because of the great anti-oxidant properties it has. Moringa Seeds contain a lot of vitamin A, C, B-complex and several other free radical busters that aids in protecting our body from severe oxidative damages.

    Not only the vitamins, but Moringa Seeds also contain a lot of vital minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper etc. Each of these plays a unique role in ensuring complete fitness of our body. Calcium keeps teeth and bones stronger and healthier, iron reduces the risk of anemia, zinc facilitates the process of spermatogenesis or sperm production

  2. Heart Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

    Moringa Seeds are known to reduce the amount of oxidized lipids in the body and take essential care of the heart health, by safeguarding the heart tissues from constructional damages.

  3. Moringa Seeds is Beneficial in Reducing Cancer Growth:

    Moringa Seeds have anticarcinogenic effects and aids in preventing the growth and development of cancer cells by accelerating their death count. It is found from research that taking moringa seed powder for 3 consecutive weeks can restrain colon cancer successfully.

  4. Benefits of Moringa Seeds for Diabetic Patients:

    Moringa Seeds are highly essential for diabetic patients. It contains a lot of zinc which is helpful in regulating the secretion of insulin hormone. As insulin production gets normal, the levels of sugar also become normal in the bloodstream.

  5. Benefits of Moringa Seeds in Reducing Symptoms of Arthritis:

    Anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa Seeds can reduce inflammation, reduce soreness and perk up the function of the physical joints in case of serious bone disorders like arthritis.

  6. Eye Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

    Moringa Seeds, being an excellent source of Vitamin A aids in strengthening immune system, repair our mucus membrane and take excellent care of eyes by keeping the vision intact.

  7. Moringa Seeds for Proper Body Functioning:

    Protein content in Moringa Seeds is very high. Protein is known to be one of the most essential nutrients for proper functioning of the body. Thus taking Moringa Seeds can help us in proper functioning of our body.

  8. Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds in Getting Cholesterol Level Down:

    Moringa Seeds contain oleic acid or a monosaturated fatty acid that is highly essential for our health. Moringa Seeds work as “good cholesterol” and help to keep our cholesterol levels down. Apart from this, it also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

  9. Moringa Seeds are Beneficial in Improving Immunity:

    Moringa Seeds are loaded with Vitamin C which make them amazing immunity booster. Moringa Seeds can eliminate harmful free radicals and also develop protection against infectious agents.

  10. Skin Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

    Moringa Seeds are known for its wonderful benefits to our skin. Vitamin A present in Moringa Seeds are extremely helpful in maintaining the integrity of the skin. It saves the cells of our skin from harmful effects of free radicals and keeps them healthy. Vitamin A actually promotes the formation of collagen and enhances the firmness of our skin; thus fight against premature aging. The oil extracted from the Moringa Seeds are used as a natural moisturizer. Apart from this, Moringa Seeds are widely used for making skin care products.

  11. Hair Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds:

    The antioxidant properties of Moringa seeds benefit our hair health too. The antioxidant vitamin C found in Moringa Seeds, can improve the blood circulation throughout the scalp, which stimulates the hair follicles and aids them absorb more nutrients; which in turn helps our hair to become fairly nourished and get stronger. Apart from this, vitamin A and Zinc present in the Moringa Seeds are known to promote hair growth significantly. Zinc aids in enhancing the immune system and in keeping the sebaceous glands on the scalp unclogged, while vitamin A helps in taking care of our scalp and hair tissue by nourishing, repairing and maintaining them in a good way.

Ways to Use Moringa Seeds:

Let us here take a look on some ways to use Moringa Seeds:

  1. The seeds of Moringa plant can be simply eaten just like nuts. So, you can add these Moringa Seeds to granola or a trail mix prepared with other nuts and dried fruits. You can mix them with hemp seeds for an enhanced energy and health.
  2. You can also boil the fresh Moringa Seeds and use them as a side dish to your meal.
  3. Moringa oil, also known as ben oil, derived from the Moringa Seeds, can be used in cosmetics and also is edible.
  4. Apart from the Moringa Seeds, you can also use the moringa leaves which can be cooked like spinach or kale.

Dosage for Moringa Seeds:

Though dosages of Moringa Seeds have yet not been established, a rough guideline is present. Below are the dosages for Moringa Seeds intake. However, it is essential for you to consult with a health food store or visit a naturopathic doctor so as to get the best information on this.

  • Dosage for a 150 pound individual- 1600 to 2200 mg
  • Dosage for a 200-pound individual- 2100 to 2900 mg
  • Dosage for a 250 pound individual- 2700 to 3600 mg.

Make sure that you start at the lowest amount and only when you determine how your body reacts to it, gradually increase the dose. It must also be noted, that as more research on this is still required, so there may be some side effects of the Moringa Seeds. So, use caution, and in case you find anything odd happening with your health after taking Moringa Seeds, do visit a doctor on an immediate basis. You might experience side effects like severe rash, heart palpitation, hives, dizziness etc.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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