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Foods To Eat & Avoid When You Feel Weak and Tired

Feeling weak and tired could be a part of everyone’s life. However, if you feel tired and weak even after taking enough rest and sleeping properly, then chances are that you might not be eating the energy-giving foods properly or not eating your meals at a proper time. The best way to get energy is through what we eat and drink. So, when you feel weak and tired, pay attention to what you eat. Read on to know about what to eat when you feel weak and tired and also know about the foods that should be avoided in such a condition when you feel weak.

Foods To Eat When You Feel Weak and Tired

  1. Fresh Seasonal Fruits

    One of the best foods to eat when you feel weak and tired could be fresh seasonal fruits. These foods will provide a bulk of nutrients and also help you when you are tired or feeling weak. Many nutrients like magnesium, co-enzyme Q10, potassium, and iron present in many seasonal fruits help your body to produce and also conserve energy.

  2. Leafy Green Vegetables

    You should include a lot of leafy green vegetables in your diet when you feel weak and tired. Broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce are some of the green vegetables that can help you get energy because they are rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants. You can use these vegetables in a salad or form of soup.

  3. Eggs

    Eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich foods and can be eaten to get energy when you are feeling weak and tired.

    The United States Department of Agriculture or USDA states that a typical egg provides 7 grams of protein and offers 6% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A and 4% of recommended daily intake of calcium.(1)

    Eggs are also a great source of fats. It has been mentioned b the National Institute on Aging that fat offers energy and aids the body to absorb vitamins, thus making one feel strong and fresh.(2)

  4. Nuts

    If you are fatigued or feeling weak, the best snack for you could be nuts like almond, walnuts, pistachios, etc. Most nuts are packed with nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids that are great antioxidants and help in fighting against fatigue and help you get rid of weakness.

  5. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are known to provide a great source of energy. They are packed with proteins and fiber and have nutrients like vitamin B and folate. They combat fatigue and provide you with the required energy to get rid of weakness.

  6. Whole Grains and Complex Carbohydrates

    Choosing whole grains like whole-wheat pancakes, quinoa, or multigrain sandwiches and including a high amount of good quality carbohydrates in our diet could be beneficial for our muscles and that can help us fight fatigue and help to get energy during weakness.

  7. Beans

    Beans are loaded with carbohydrates, protein, and fiber and that is the reason they are great foods to eat when you feel weak and tired. You can choose kidney beans, regular French beans, cluster beans, or garbanzo beans. Eat them as snacks or use them in your curry.

  8. Bananas

    Bananas are also a great food for you if you feel weak and tired. They are packed with potassium, carbohydrates, and fiber. This can provide you with a long-lasting source of energy.

    As per a small study it was found that trained cyclists who ate bananas, performed equally to those who took sports drinks during a 47-mile time trail.(3) It was concluded that bananas are a great source of energy.

    You can have bananas in a smoothie, add them to a milkshake, or can eat them whole to get the best benefits.

  9. Sweet Potatoes

    Being packed with fiber and potassium, sweet potatoes could be one of the best foods to eat when you feel weak and tired. Sweet potatoes are healthier options for carbohydrates when compared with potatoes.

  10. Watermelons

    You can also add watermelons to your diet if you feel weak and tired. Watermelon is a good source of hydration. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, it has been found that watermelons contain 92% water and vitamins A, C, and various other essential nutrients.(4)

    One of the reasons why you might be feeling weak, tired, and fatigued, could be because of dehydration. However, a review taken from the year 2010 has suggested that proper hydration increases mental alertness and overall well-being.(5)

  11. Unprocessed Foods

    Choose unprocessed foods like brown bread, whole grains, and sandwiches, which are a great option for you if you feel weak and tired. These foods can prevent fatigue.

  12. Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are great for you when you are feeling weak and tired. These seeds are a great source of energy because of the quality carbohydrates, fibers, and healthy fat contents present in them.

    Two tablespoons of these seeds offers you around 24 grams of carbohydrates and 4.8 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for the heart and anti-inflammatory.

    According to a small study that included six endurance athletes, it was found that eating chia seeds provided just as much energy as carbohydrate-rich sports drinks.(6)

    You can sprinkle a few tablespoon of chia seeds over your smoothie or can add them to your yogurt to get the most energy and stay free from weakness.

  13. Green Tea Or Black Tea

    Tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee does. Moreover, it is also rich in the amino acid named theanine, which enhances your concentration and makes you alert.

    Research has suggested that green tea can improve your brainpower and this works great when you are down in your mood or feeling weak enough to work.(7)

  14. Whole Wheat Bread

    Whole wheat bread is an excellent food that gives you a long-lasting energy. It contains enough complex carbohydrates that are required for energy. You can use whole wheat bread toast and an egg topped over it to get the best level of energy.

  15. Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate is one of the most energizing snacks, especially dark chocolate. Antioxidants found in dark chocolates help your body release nitric oxide, which helps in dilating blood vessels for a better flow of blood. When blood flows freely, your energetic juices might also do the same.

  16. Water

    Drinking plenty of water is highly essential for you when you feel weak and tired. Though water does not provide your energy in the form of calories, it aids facilitates the body’s energetic processes, which ultimately boosts your energy.

Foods and Drinks To Avoid When You Feel Weak and Tired

Certain foods and drinks can make you feel fatigued and weak. Sugary foods, white bread, high-caffeine drinks, baked foods, and highly processed foods like chips should be avoided when you feel weak and tired. Let us take a better look at these foods below.

  1. Energy Drinks

    Do not go for energy drinks when you are feeling tired, weak, or fatigued. Research has shown that taking energy drinks can affect your mood negatively and cause sleep disturbances.

  2. Alcohol

    Avoid alcohol when you feel tired or weak. A drink or two can make you feel lethargic and also lead to disturbances in your sleep, thus setting you up for a vicious cycle of fatigue.

  3. Ultra-Processed Foods

    The easy-to-grab ultra-processed foods are one of the major culprits for degrading your energy levels. Research shows that diets that are packed with processed foods tend to increase your weight and wreak havoc on your energy levels.(8)

    So, when you feel weak and tired, avoid eating ultra-processed foods.

  4. White Bread

    You should avoid white bread when you are down with energy and feeling weak or tired. Simple carbohydrates found in white bread can take your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride and that could be harmful to your health.

General Diet Tips For Energy

  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Stick to recommended daily calorie intakes.
  • Eat a handful of almonds in the morning and evening to get the best dose of energy.
  • Stay hydrated with water and other nutritious fluids.

Final Words

Once you take care of your diet and understand what to eat and what to avoid when you are feeling weak and tired, you can boost up your energy and live your life quite energetically. If you still feel weak, tired, or fatigued even after taking the right diet and avoiding the unwanted foods, then you should seek medical attention and also start working out under proper supervision.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Sheetal DeCaria, M.D. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:November 8, 2022

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