How Healthy is Red Rice?|5 Health Benefits of Red Rice

There are multiple popular variations of rice as this food grain is cultivated in many regions of the world on different variations of agricultural land with varying soil types. As such; rice comes in varying colors and can be short grained or long grained. Rice can be milky white, creamy white, bordering on yellow, brown, black and even red. The emphasis of this article is on Red Rice and the nutritional facts revolving around this popular variation of rice. This article will answer the common query “Is Red Rice Healthy?” Read further to know more.

Introduction to Red Rice

Red rice may not be as popular as long grained white rice or the wholesome brown rice which is why it is important to introduce this variation of rice to many readers. Red rice is cultivated in many regions of the world and is an important feature in many traditional dishes in countries like Japan, India, and Sri Lanka and even in the United States. The fact that red rice is often recommended as an equally wholesome alternative to brown rice effectively dispels any doubts about the health benefits of this variation of rice; however, let’s look into some nutritional facts revolving around red rice. Read further to know more.

How Healthy is Red Rice?|5 Health Benefits of Red Rice

How Healthy is Red Rice: Nutritional Facts About Red Rice

A 45 grams serving of cooked red rice contains a total of 92% carbs including dietary fibers, 150 calories, 95 mg potassium, 2 grams of fiber, 20 mg of calcium and 3 grams of protein. The 2 grams fiber content of a cup of red rice; makes up for 8% of your recommended daily dietary fiber needs. A quarter cup of red rice supplements the body with 8% of the recommended iron intake and the same serving is undoubtedly fat-free. From these nutritional facts; it is easy to see that red rice is indeed healthy. However, let’s explore further to discover some actual health benefits of red rice.

5 Health Benefits of Red Rice

  1. Fiber Rich Red Rice

    As mentioned before; the fiber content in 45 g serving of cooked red rice benefits the body with 8% of the dietary fibers a human requires on daily basis. It is common knowledge that dietary fibers promote better digestion, bowels movements and prevent constipation however these fibers are also closely linked to lower cholesterol levels, a decrease in bad cholesterol and as such; a reduced risk of heart disease, strokes and clogged arteries. So you can easily see that red rice benefits your health.

  2. Red Rice for Weight Loss

    The fiber in red rice can serve to make this variation of rice an effective aspect of a weight loss diet. One of the goals of a weight loss diet is eating in moderation and eating smaller servings of food. This is not always easy when a diet leaves you feeling hungry even after eating. In such circumstances fiber rich red rice, brown rice or even black rice can easily replace processed white rice. The fibers in red rice leaves you feeling fuller with smaller portions as compared to white rice or other processed foods and helps you lose weight.

  3. Red Rice Reduces Sudden Spikes in Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

    All forms of rice contain carbs which breaks down into sugar in the body. Simple carbs in white rice are easily processed by the body and leads to sudden spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels which can be harmful for diabetics. In fact carbohydrate metabolism has an important role to play in the development of diabetes Type-2. Red rice on the other hand contains complex carbs with low Glycemic Index value, which results in a slower and lower rise of insulin and blood sugar levels when compared to white rice and other processed foods. This is beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or have a predisposition for developing this condition.

  4. Red Rice is Fat Free

    If you are on a weight loss diet; there is yet another reason to add Red Rice to your meal plan. Red rice is undoubtedly fat free and is sure to help if you are looking to lose weight with the right diet or you happen to be on a diet which emphasizes on obesity prevention. Red rice can definitely fit into your healthy eating lifestyle and can be quite effective when you eat with an eye on keeping fit. So if you want to lose weight then red rice not only benefits your health, but also helps you to lose weight.

  5. Anthocyanins in Red Rice

    Red rice and many other grains, fruits and vegetables get their reddish or purple color from Anthocyanin pigments which are known to have various health benefits. Anthocyanins present in the red rice help in keeping the balance of inter-cellular vitamin C levels, are potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, they are anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic and help to foster nerves and eye health.

    In conclusion; Red rice is a healthy dietary option with multiple health benefits and it helps that it is easy to prepare and quite tasty.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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