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15 Protein Rich Veg Foods

Are you a vegetarian? Are you looking to add more protein rich foods to your diet? If yes, then this is the right place. This article discusses about 15 protein rich veg foods that can greatly help to improve overall health.

15 Protein Rich Veg Foods

Multiple types of food items are available in local markets which all are highly protein rich. Vegetable foods contain an equal amount of protein just like the non-vegetarian food items.[1] Protein is a nutrient which is essential for human body. Protein helps in growth, proper movement and repairing the damaged body cells. Apart from these three main functions protein nutrient also works for the heart, lungs, and other organs.[2] If you are looking for the veg foods for weight loss too then add more protein-packed food items in your daily diet.

Let us look at the 15 protein rich veg foods to improve your health and immunity.

Sprout and Lentils Best for Cell Growth

Sprout and lentils are one of the best 15 protein rich veg foods as they contain huge amount of protein nutrient. These food items are not only best for the adults, but also for proper growth of kids. Sprout and lentils are best to repair the damaged cells of your body. So, add more these food items in your diet.[3]

Peas Reduce Heart Diseases

A full cup of pea contains almost 9 grams of protein, hence it must be included in the list of 15 protein rich veg foods. Pea helps in reducing the chances of cardiac problems. Various types of amino acids are present in peas which are really beneficial.[4] Add peas in your daily diet routine.

Mushroom Boost Up The Immune System

Mushrooms contain almost 3.6 grams of proteins in every 100 grams. A full cup of mushroom contains 3.9 grams of proteins.[5,6] To enhance your immunity eat mushroom as it is one of the best 15 protein rich veg foods.

Corn Prevents Diabetes

Corn is a very good source of protein as it contains 9 grams of protein in every 100 grams. When it comes to the protein rich veg foods for building muscle corn is absolutely best to eat. Apart from muscle building corn also protects from anemia. A glass full sweet corn contains 3 grams of proteins which help in digestion too.

Nuts For Building Muscles

Walnut, almond, cashew nuts and peanuts are highly protein-packed food items. A bowl full of all these types of nuts contains 20 grams of protein in every 100 grams.[7] These protein rich veg foods are helpful for all and particularly, pregnant women can have these nuts, which also boost up your mood along with building the muscles of your baby.

Dates Help In Digestion

Do you have any constipation problem? Then add dates in your protein rich veg breakfast. Dates are delicious and highly protein-packed fruit. Every date contains almost 0.2220 grams amount of protein. 100 grams of dates contain 2.50 grams amount of protein.[8]

Broccoli and Brussels Sprout For General Muscle Function

Broccoli and Brussels sprout are equally healthy as both contain the same amount of protein. A full cup of boiled Brussels sprout or broccoli contains approx. 4 grams of protein.[9] So, add these green protein rich veg foods in your diet chart.

Apricot For Bone And Heart Health

Eat apricot during summer to get refreshed and stay fit and active. Both the fresh raw or dried apricot contains a huge amount of protein. Apricot contains a vast amount of fiber too. Apart from fiber, it contains beta-carotene. A piece of raw apricot contains 2.30 grams of protein. A fresh apricot is having almost 0.49 grams of proteins.

Apricot helps to improve your cardiac function and makes bone strong and is no wonder included in the list of 15 protein rich veg foods. It also maintains the fluid level of your body along with proper metabolism.[10]

Coconut Prevents Obesity

The popularity of coconut in warm countries is increasing. Coconut water, as well as raw coconut, is equally protein-packed and deserves a special mention in the 15 protein rich veg foods. Tender coconut water is relaxing during summer. The protein rich coconut pulp is also very delicious which you can add to your salad preparation. Coconut improves digestion, prevents the chances of obesity and boost up your energy level.[11]

Apple is Good For Heart Diseases

Apple is a great source of protein which helps prevent heart-related diseases and hypertension as well. Two medium-sized apples contain almost 0.60 grams of protein thus making it one of the important protein rich veg foods.[12]

Spinach for Proper Muscle Growth

Spinach is generally known for iron nutrient but when it comes to considering protein rich veg foods spinach is surely one of them. One cup of boiled spinach contains almost 5 grams of protein nutrient. Spinach helps in muscle growth by providing proper muscle strength.[13]

Blueberries Improve immunity

Blueberries are highly proteinaceous fruit, hence included in the 15 protein rich veg foods. This fruit is available in canned, raw, sweetened, syrup and unsweetened form. 0.50 grams of proteins are present in blueberries. A full cup of blueberries contains 1.10 grams of protein which boosts up immunity level.[14]

Soya for Prevention of Birth Defects

Soya beans are known as the healthiest protein rich veg foods. Soya beans help in improving the brain function of kids as well as adults. It is a very good protein rich veg foods for pregnancy too as it help to prevent the birth defects. Soya milk and soya beans both contain vast amount of protein nutrient. Eight ounces of soya milk is having almost seven grams of protein.[14]

Pumpkin Seeds for Muscle Buildings

When it comes to protein rich veg foods for building muscle you can easily go for the pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds reduce the muscle mass and provide proper muscle building components need for proper growth. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain 5.2 grams of protein in every ounce.[15] So add pumpkin seed in your diet to get active muscle function.


Banana is mainly known as an iron-rich fruit. Most of the people do not know that banana is a great source of protein too. In every 100 grams, a banana contains 4 grams of protein. When it comes to the protein rich veg breakfast, banana should be there in your diet chart.[16]

These are the best 15 protein rich veg foods that you can easily have in your daily diet. All the protein-packed vegetables fulfill the needs of physical requirements. These foods can help you to stay fit and active and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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