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Top 14 Reasons Why You Must Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

One of the most important substances to nurture life on the Earth is Water. Our body comprises of 70% of water in it. Earlier our ancestors used to store water in copper vessels, and you must have heard about it. They believed that this helps in safeguarding their drinking water and this old or traditional practice that is referred in Ayurvedic writings is also supported by many scientific studies. In this article we will take a look on some of the top reasons drinking in a copper vessel in beneficial.

The Ayurvedic Concept And Science Behind Drinking In A Copper Vessel Is Beneficial:

Storing water in copper vessels or silver pots is mentioned in ancient writings of Ayurveda for water purification.(1) As per Ayurveda, water stored in any copper vessel or silver pot has the ability to balance all the three doshas, i.e. Vata, Kapha, and Pitta, in our body; and it does so by charging the water positively. We must mention that storing water in a copper vessel acts as a purification process and it kills all microbes like fungi, mold, algae, and bacteria, that are found in the water and that could cause harm to our body. It even assists in maintaining the pH balance of our body and there are several health benefits of drinking in a copper vessel.

Though this concept of storing water in a copper pot or vessel or bottle has arose centuries ago and it has its origin in Ayurvedic principles, this practice has been gaining its increasing attention from the Scientific community too.(2)

The shape, material, and the design of a copper vessel play a crucial role in its health benefits. When we store water in a copper bottle, pot, or vessel overnight, the copper ions dissolves in the water in small amounts. This special process is known as Oligodynamic Effect, since this water now has the ability to kill harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and fungi.

Top 14 Reasons Why You Must Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

Top Reasons Drinking In A Copper Vessel Is Beneficial:

It Helps In Weight Loss:

One of the top reasons drinking in a copper vessel is beneficial is that it helps in weight loss. Someone looking to quickly lose weight should drink water in copper vessels or bottle. Copper also aids your body to break down fat and eliminate it as efficiently as possible.

Slows Down Ageing:

Copper is also beneficial in slowing down the ageing process. It is a natural remedy for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Copper is known for its potent anti-oxidant and cell forming properties and this help in fighting off free radicals, which are one of the primary reasons for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also beneficial for the production of healthy and new skin cells.

Heals Wound Faster:

Copper has got anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and it can treat and heal wounds faster. Copper is also known to strengthen the immune system and helps in the production of new cells.

It Is Good For Digestion:

Copper has properties to kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation in the stomach, thus making it a great remedy for acidity, gas, indigestion, ulcers, and infections.

Copper even helps to detox and cleanse stomach and to regulate the working of the kidneys and liver.

Protects You From Infection:

Approximately one billion of people lack access to safe drinking-water.(3) Water and food which are contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and protozoa results in infectious diarrhea. Copper is Oligodynamic in nature or it has sterilizing effect on bacteria, and can effectively destroy bacteria. This is particularly effective against E.coli and S.aureus bacteria, or the two common bacteria that are found in the environment and known to result in severe illnesses in our body.

In a recent study that was published in the Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition, scientists have studied the effect of storing water in a copper pot on microbially-contaminated drinking water, which include harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli.(4) Particularly, scientists stored water contaminated with these bacteria in copper pots for 16 hours at room temperature. Surprisingly, scientists were unable to recover any bacteria from this water after 16-hours of the storage period.

This clearly indicates that drinking water in a copper vessel in beneficial in protecting you from infection.

Good For The Heart Health And Prevents Hypertension:

Heart disease is a common health ailment and copper helps in minimizing your risk of developing the disease. As per the American Cancer Society, it has been found that copper helps in regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and also lower the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels of a person.

So, one of the top reasons drinking water in a copper vessel in beneficial is that it is good for the heart health and prevents hypertension.

Beats Anemia:

One of the top reasons drinking in a copper vessel is beneficial is that it beats anemia. The interesting fact about copper is that it is essential in most processes occurring in the human body from cell formation to helping in the iron absorption. Copper is an important mineral that helps in functioning of the body.

Regulates The Working Of Thyriod Glands:

Health experts suggest that one common thing among patients with thyroid diseases is that they have usually low levels of copper in their body. Though this is most commonly seen in patients with hyperthydroidism, individuals with hypothyroidism might also suffer from such a deficiency.

It Stimulates Our Brain:

Our brain functions by transmitting impulses or orders from one neuron to another via an area known as the synapses. A sheath called as the Myelin sheath covers these neurons and it acts like a sort of conductive agent and help the flow off impulses. Now, you might be wondering how does copper help here in stimulating the brain.

Copper is the mineral that helps in the synthesis of phospholipids required for the formation of these myelin sheaths. Thus, making our brain work faster and more efficiently.

Apart from this, copper is also known to have brain stimulant and have convulsive properties that helps in preventing seizures, and this does good for the brain.

Mitigates The Risk Of Cancer:

A disease that is quickly turning to be common is cancer. Copper helps in fighting cancer as it has strong antioxidant properties and that helps to fight off free radicals and negate their ill effects, which is one of the primary reasons for cancer development.

Builds Strong Immune System:

Copper is well-known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Copper is particularly effective against S.aureus and E.coli the two most common bacteria found in the environment and known to cause severe illnesses in our body.

Recent studies have also shown that storing water in a copper bottle decreases the risk of bacterial contamination dramatically. This also helps in improving strong immune system that helps in preventing various water-borne diseases.

Beats Arthritis And The Inflamed Joints:

Drinking in a copper vessel is also beneficial to prevent arthritis and inflamed joints. Copper has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This helps in getting you relief from pains and aches that are caused because of inflamed joints, like in the case of rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. Moreover, copper has also properties of strengthening bone and immune system, thus making it one of the best remedies for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Copper Detoxs Your Stomach:

Copper helps to detox your stomach. As per Ayurveda, if you are willing to detox your stomach, simply drink one large glass of water stored in a copper vessel, in the morning on an empty stomach.

Boosts The Skin Health And Melanin Production:

Copper plays a crucial role in synthesis as well as stabilization of skin proteins, and has also potent biocidal properties.(5) Copper is the primary component in the production of the melanin pigment that mitigates the color of the skin, eyes, and hair in our bodies. Moreover, copper helps in production of new cells that help replenish the top-most skin layers, leaving you with smooth and supple skin.

Tips On Drinking Water From A Copper Vessel:

  • Always make sure that the vessel or the bottle that you are using is made of pure copper. There are some tips that you should follow while drinking water from a copper vessel.
  • Always rinse the copper vessel well using a natural acidic solution like lemon and water, before using it.
  • To get the most benefit from the copper vessel, fill the water in the night before using it.

How To Cleanse The Copper Vessel?

To cleanse the copper vessel using traditional methods you can do it by rubbing the vessel with a mixture of salt and tamarind paste. However, nowadays one can use fresh lemon juice, salt or baking soda, and vinegar for cleaning copper vessels. Let it stand in the bottle or vessel overnight or at least for 8 hours to get the best results and rinse it off properly in the morning.


We are now aware of some of the top reasons drinking in a copper vessel is beneficial. It is thus essential for you to drink water at least 2-3 times in a day from a copper vessel, bottle, or pot, that would offer you numerous health benefits.


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