What Causes Belching & Chest Pressure|Ways To Manage Gas Related Belching & Chest Pressure

What Causes Belching & Chest Pressure?

Belching with chest pressure are two entities that are quite interrelated with each other especially in cases of excessive gas within the body, normally in the digestive tract. Additionally, gas can also cause pain in the abdominal area which may be pretty uncomfortable for the affected individual. Belching is one way of relieving gas present in the digestive tract but doing this in public places or in office premises may be embarrassing for the individual.

There may be various causes for development of gas which causes belching as well as chest pressure. However, changing dietary habits and avoiding certain foods may help with this condition.

However, if there is severe belching with chest pressure then it is advised that the individual goes to a medical professional for a timely diagnosis and treatment of belching and chest pressure.

What Causes Belching & Chest Pressure?

How Does Gas Form In The Digestive Tract?

As stated above, gas is the primary cause of belching with chest pressure but the question is how does gas form in the digestive tract. Gas may form in the digestive tract from swallowing excessive air or from undigested food.

Certain foods like potatoes and other vegetables are prone to form gas within the digestive tract. This gas tends to get trapped anywhere between the throat to the stomach which includes the esophagus which is quite close to the chest area. This leads to belching with chest pressure.

Some of the other symptoms that occur with formation of gas within the digestive tract are abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, and frequent burps. If the burping becomes a chronic issue then it indicates a gastrointestinal cause like peptic ulcer disease or GERD.

How To Care For Gas Related Belching And Chest Pressure?

Certain lifestyle modifications and changing food habits can do wonders when it comes to preventing gas related chest pressure and belching. It is advisable to restrict foods that are prone to produce gas within the body like potatoes.

Eating slowly is yet another way to prevent swallowing of excess air which is yet another cause for gas formation. Nicotine also promotes gas formation and hence cigarettes are something that needs to be avoided. Also, an individual needs to avoid excessive consumption of chewing gum as it also promotes excessive swallowing of air which leads to gas formation in the digestive tract causing belching and chest pressure.

Drinking peppermint tea has shown to be quite effective when it comes to reducing gas formation in the digestive tract and preventing belching and chest pressure.

There are also host of over the counter medications which help in dealing with gas and thus treating chest pressure with belching. In case of acidity or GERD as a cause for belching and chest pressure, then over the counter antacids are quite useful in treating the symptoms of this condition.

It is recommended to visit a healthcare provider in case if belching and chest pressure becomes a chronic issue such that it starts interfering with daily activities of an individual or in case where an individual starts having severe abdominal pain along with nausea, vomiting, belching with chest pressure.

In case if an individual has symptoms of GERD for more than a week which is unresponsive to over the counter medications then consultation with a physician is recommended to treat the condition and provide relief from chronic chest pressure with belching.

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