Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Skin

Dry, dehydrated skin hints at weakening internal system. Especially during summers, skin tends to lose moisture and appear dull and dry. However, hydrating face masks for dehydrated skin can help your skin rejuvenate and glow like always.

Dehydrated skin can be seen in dry as well as oily skin types. Oily skin appears greasy but if it lacks water, it can appear dehydrated. Few confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin but dry skin signifies absence of essential lipid and dehydrated skin lacks moisture. Though drinking water and fruit juices help to some extent, skin may still have some dehydrated patches. Rich foods, cocktails, sleepless night and stress often leave your skin dehydrated. So to breathe life, you need to apply some hydrating face masks, you can prepare your own hydrating face masks at home or buy some from the market. Know about some of the best hydrating face masks for dehydrated skin.

Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Skin

Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Skin

There are few hydrating face masks for dehydrated skin, which can easily be prepared at home using regular food items.

Preparing Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Skin Using Avocado, Honey, and Yogurt

  • To prepare the hydrating face mask you need 1/2 avocado, 1 tablespoon organic honey and 1 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt. All the ingredients used in this hydrating face mask, offer great hydration and hence are perfect for making masks for dehydrated skin.
  • Honey is good for overall health and skin it is one natural humectants much needed to bring back the dewy glow.
  • Yogurt is best for removing tan and dry patches and soothing the dehydrated skin. It also works as light exfoliator.
  • Avocado is best in moisturizing the skin having rich anti-inflammatory components. Moreover it is loaded with sufficient skin-brightening vitamin C.

Preparing Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Skin Using Oatmeal, Egg White, and Lemon Juice

  • When you put too much of makeup everyday your skin tends to lose hydration as make up agents are known to take away moisture from the skin and leave only open pores.
  • To make the mask, you need 1 tablespoon rolled oats, 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon fresh-squeezed lemon juice. When you use this hydrating face mask for dehydrated skin you will be able to treat your pores.
  • Oats is best for exfoliation while the lemon juice is best for cleaning the pores.
  • Eggs white helps in tightening the skin. These ingredients are widely available and making this hydrating face mask is easier.

Making Exfoliating Face Mask for Dehydrated Skin Using Egg, Pumpkin and Papaya

  • To make this hydrating face mask you need 2/3 cup papaya, 1 egg and 1 can pumpkin. This is one of the important masks for dehydrated skin, as it helps in rejuvenation of the skin.
  • The enzymes here help in exfoliating the dead skin cells traceable in the surface layer of the skin. Thus your skin will look radiating and bright. All you have to collect the ingredients and blend them well to have your mask ready.

Making Brightening Face Mask for Dehydrated Skin with Kiwi, Yogurt, Yogurt, Orange Juice and Olive Oil

  • To make this hydrating face mask for dehydrated skin all you need is 2 Kiwis, 1 Tablespoon almond or olive oil, 3 Tablespoons plain Greek yogurt and 1 Tablespoon fresh-squeezed orange juice. This combination too works best when preparing masks for dehydrated skin.
  • Kiwi is tangy tasty, when it comes to the benefits of eating kiwi, you will have plenty of benefits as Kiwi is loaded with vitamin c. Making mask using kiwi is good as it is having higher concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids, which brightens skin wonderfully even more than lemon.
  • You can also add some orange juice which works as anti oxidant, olive oil is highly skin smoothening and lastly yogurt it helps in brightening the skin; overall you will love your rejuvenated skin.

Preparing Homemade Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Combination Skin

  • Combination skin is mostly oily so even after having dehydrating patches, the overall skin may appear dull and oily. Around the T zone the skin remains oily, forehead and chin are another areas where oil accumulates mostly.
  • Just like you have masks for dehydrated skin, these masks should be made using clay and milk; to deal with combination of dehydrated patches and oily skin. This mask helps in hydrating skin and rejuvenating skin bringing back the dewy feel.
  • Milk comes loaded with moisturizing properties like lactic acid, this helps in absorbing excess oil. Clay is also appropriate for the skin and available in all health food store.
  • To prepare the mask you need to mix 1/4 cup whole milk with 1 tablespoon clay. Briskly mix the ingredients to prepare smooth paste.
  • Next you need to spread the mix all across your face and skin. Avoid the eye area, your mask will be taking maximum 15 minutes to dry down. But it’s better not to have the mixture totally dry down on your skin.
  • Your mask is meant to hydrate the skin so it is better to have the mask off with lukewarm water or rose water and apply moisturizer next.

Preparing Hydrating Face Masks for Dehydrated Dry Skin

  • When your skin is naturally dry, it’s better to use Greek yogurt. This is an ideal ingredient for your skin, hence must be a part of your masks for dehydrated skin in case of dry skin.
  • It has proteins, vitamins and minerals in suitable proportion that instantly nourishes the skin.
  • To make this hydrating face mask you need a bowl, where you will mix 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt together with 1 teaspoon honey, next you need to squeeze some lemon only to make the skin bright.
  • Don’t keep the mask more than 10 minutes and while washing use lukewarm water.
  • Right after washing, make use of moisturizer, if you have a sensitive skin, it’s better to avoid lemon.
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