Home Remedies to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly

Bruises are red, purplish or black-blue spots on the skin surface that are caused because of an injury. There may also be pain and swelling on the affected portion. Bruises are termed medically as Contusion. Whenever there is a hurt to any of the body organ, the small blood vessels beneath the skin in that area get damaged. Sudden leak of blood from the blood vessels to the surrounding tissues usually cause the black-blue or red marks. Though bruises may heal on their own in about 12-15 days, if you like to get rid of the bruises quickly then you can try out some of the below mentioned home remedies. Hope they work out for you!

Home Remedies to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly

Home Remedies to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly:

Here are some of the most effective home remedies to help bruises go away quickly.

  1. Ice Pack as a Home Remedy for Bruises:

    • Applying ice pack is the best first aid for getting rid of bruises quickly. Ice packs actually cool down the damaged blood vessels and control the leakage of blood. You need to keep ice cube on the bruise for 10 minutes for an instant relief. Do not apply the cold pack for more than 20 minutes.
    • You can also alternatively soak a cotton cloth in ice cold water and place it on the affected area. You need to repeat this several times a day for about 10 minutes.
    • Even frozen vegetables can aid you get rid of bruises overnight. You can wrap them in a soft cotton towel and place in on the affected area or the bruise.
    • One more option is that you can take two stainless steel spoons and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then place them on your bruise. This aids in reducing blood clot.
  2. Elastic Bandage to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly:

    • You can make use of an elastic bandage so as to stop bruise from spreading. Whenever you find a bruise on your body, you need to wrap a plastic bandage immediately so as to control the leakage of blood in the tissues. This not only prevents bruise from spreading, but also makes the process of healing quicker.
    • You can also make use of a cloth so as to tie around the affected area.
  3. Hot Water Bottle for Bruises:

    • One more home remedy to help bruises go away quickly is to take a bottle and fill it with hot water and keep it on the injured area. Hot water will surely reduce the blood clot and slow down the blood flow to the affected tissues. In case of swelling, first apply cold compress and only then hot compress. Moist heat works better on bruised tissues as compared to dry heat therapy; as it goes deeper and spreads quickly.
    • Apart from hot water home remedy, you can also make use of hot water soaked towel, hot bath etc. however, make sure that water should be warm and not too hot.
  4. Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Bruises:

    Vinegar is one more home remedy for bruises. It has the efficiency to drive away the blood that has pooled in the affected area. When bruises appear, mix vinegar with warm water and apply it on the affected area so as to treat blood clot instantly.

  5. Getting Rid of Bruises Quickly With Witch Hazel:

    • Witch hazel is one more effective home remedy to help bruises go away quickly. The active ingredients present in witch hazel have astringent properties which prove useful for curing bruises. For using this remedy, you need to apply a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on the bruise for speeding up the healing process and soothe the inflammation.
    • You can also apply witch hazel astringent bark tea on bruises to cure pain and inflammation
  6. Parsley to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly:

    • Vitamin K deficiency may cause bruises. In order to overcome vitamin K deficiency, you can add parsley to your diet.
    • You can also use parsley leaves as a home remedy for bruise, by keeping some crushed fresh leaves on the affected area; and cover your bruise with an elastic bandage.
    • This not only checks bruises, but also controls blood clot, reduces pain, inflammation caused due to bruises.
  7. Cabbage for Bruises:

    Cabbage is one more remedy to help healing the bruise and also aid in reducing swelling. You need to apply macerated leaves of cabbage for accelerating the healing process of bruise.

  8. Comfrey Leaves to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly:

    Comfrey leaves can also work as a useful home remedy to help bruises go away quickly. Just take fresh comfrey leaves and prepare a fine paste. Apply the paste on the bruise and leave it till it dries. Then, apply the second layer on it. Let this dry and after that, simply wash it off with lukewarm water.

  9. Tea Bags for Bruises:

    Tea bags are also essential home remedies to help bruises go away quickly. Simply take sage tea bags or chamomile tea bags and soak them in warm water. Then place them on the bruises. This would soothe the pain.

  10. Chocolates for Bruises:

    Chocolates contain cocoa bio active compounds that have anti-inflammatory property that are beneficial for skin health. To make use of this remedy for bruises you need to melt some chocolates and keep that warm melted chocolate on the bruises. Then, cover it with a bandage so as to let the chocolate dry over the affected area. This hot chocolate pack compresses the damaged blood vessels which controls the blood flow. This also reduces the bruises immediately.

    Make sure that while applying hot chocolate pack, you are not applying too hot chocolate on the affected area, else it may hurt you more.

  11. Turmeric and Tamarind Paste for Bruises:

    One more home remedy that would help bruises go away quickly is turmeric and tamarind paste. Turmeric is known for its tremendous therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is also a string anti-bacterial agent. Curcumin found in turmeric has several health benefits such as reducing soreness and promoting healing. Tamarind is also known for its common healing properties and curing inflammation because of its anti-oxidants and antimicrobial activity.

    To make use of this home remedy for bruises, just make thick paste of turmeric and tamarind and heat this pack. Then, apply the hot pack on the bruise very gently. Cover the bruise with a soft cotton cloth so as to let it disappear quickly

  12. Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline:

    Another useful home remedy for bruises could be cayenne pepper and Vaseline together. Just take 1 part of cayenne pepper and 5 parts of melted Vaseline and mix it well to apply it on the bruise. Make sure that Vaseline mixture should be cold while applying.

  13. Castor Oil:

    Rubbing castor oil on the affected area or the bruises not only reduces it, but also prevents the skin from peeling off, once the bruise disappears.

  14. Ginger:

    • Ginger is an agent containing anti-oxidant properties and is very beneficial for skin health. You can also make use of ginger as a home remedy to treat bruises. Slice some ginger and soak them in hot water for some time. Then after, strain the water and drink it.
    • Alternatively you can also rub some crushed ginger directly on your bruises.
  15. Sugar or Honey as Home Remedy for Bruises:

    When bacteria enter your wound or cut, it grows faster. Sugar and honey both have anti-bacterial properties and they also promote healing of wounds which make them an important home remedy for healing bruises quickly. Applying sugar syrup or honey can prevent bacterial growth along with treating the bruise.

    Apply hot sugar syrup on the bruise and tie it with a bandage. Let the sugar dry to tighten the skin so that your bruises stop spreading all over.

  16. Lavender Oil:

    Lavender oil is also known as an effective home remedy for bruises. Take cold water and put some drops of lavender oil in it. Soak a cloth in this water and apply the same on the bruise. Lavender oil aids in reducing the swelling and cold water provides relief from pain.

  17. Pineapple:

    Pineapple is also helpful in getting rid of bruises quickly. It has an enzyme known as bromelain which, when consumed can reach the damaged blood vessels so as to digest the protein that causes bruise and inflammation in the skin. Taking at least 500 mg of bromelain every day can heal bruise quickly.

  18. Bilberry Extracts for Bruises:

    This is yet another home remedy for bruises. Bilberry contains strong antioxidants called anthocyanosides that reinforce the blood vessels and helps in balancing the collagen; thus reduces the bruises. You can consume bilberry extract or can take it in pills form to help bruises go away quickly

  19. Arnica, Chamomile, Yarrow:

    Arnica is widely used to get rid of bruises. Chamomile also poses anti-inflammatory properties that aids in getting rid of wounds. It can be used internally as well as externally for treating several health conditions. Tea made from mixing 3 teaspoon of chamomile in water can be used as a compress for getting relief from pain and inflammation. Yarrow is another herb that is also used to cure wounds.

    You can take arnica, chamomile and yarrow and mix them together to form an herbal infusion. Apply this regularly on your bruise to get rid of it quickly.

  20. Butter for Bruises:

    Applying butter on the wounds can be an effective home remedy for bruise. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it has also been proved via several studies that butter has medicinal properties which can cure skin diseases. For treating minor bruises and burns, you can make use of butter. Apply fresh butter on your bruise and massage your skin gently.

  21. Raw Potato:

    You can also make use of raw potato to heel bruises naturally. You can apply shredded raw potato on your bruises for treating them

  22. Egg Rolling:

    Another way to get rid of bruises is to boil an egg and peel off the skin of the boiled egg and place it on the bruises and gently roll the warm egg on them. This will aid you help in reducing the swelling.

  23. Grape Seeds:

    Grape seeds help in speedy recovery of wound. You can use this as a home remedy to quickly heel bruises. Crush few grape seeds for extracting the juice out of it and apply this juice to heal the bruise. The grape seed is rich in flavonoid which helps in healing.

    You can also alternatively drink the grape seed juice two times in a day for effective results.

  24. Aloe Vera:

    You can use aloe vera for treating bruises quickly. Take aloe vera leaf and apply the gel of it on the bruises. This provides you enough relief from pain and swelling.

  25. Papaya:

    Papaya is one more remedy for bruises. This fruit contains Papain, en enzyme used to treat several skin problems. Thus, you can add papaya to your diet for getting rid of bruises quickly

  26. Garlic:

    You can also eat fresh and raw garlic for treating bruises quickly. Just consume at least 2 cloves of garlic which will aid you heal up the bruise really fast. This is because it contains antibiotic properties.

  27. Onions:

    Onion is also packed with anti-inflammatory properties and can work well on the damaged skin cells making it an effective home remedy to help bruises go away quickly. When bruises are caused because of injury to blood vessels, you can extract onion juice and apply the juice on your bruises. Let the skin absorb juice so that it works deep within the blocked blood vessels for treating the blood clot.

  28. Vanilla:

    Another home remedy to help bruises go away quickly is vanilla. Take out vanilla extract and apply it on the swollen bruise for getting some fine relief.

  29. Citrus Fruits:

    Vitamin C is known to be beneficial in rejuvenating skin elasticity and fortification of veins, arteries and capillaries. Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and thus it can be really beneficial when you eat oranges, apples so as to quickly cure the bruises.

  30. Mullien Flowers as a home remedy for Bruises:

    You can also take some mullein flower and steep them in olive oil and allow this oil to reach the room temperature and then apply it on the bruise. This will aid you let the bruise fade away and also decrease swelling.

  31. Black Coffee for Bruises:

    Black coffee is helpful in treating wounds. When you have a wound, grind some black coffee and keep it on the wound. Now, tie a bandage around it and this remedy works great in healing bruises quickly.

  32. Lemon:

    Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is highly beneficial in treating skin problems. This could be a bit painful while treating bruises with lemon, but this remedy is very effective.

    You need to apply lemon juice on your bruise and rub gently for at least 5 minutes. This would help you heal the bruises.

  33. Vitamins C and K to Help Bruises Go Away Quickly:

    Vitamin C and Vitamin K are pretty effective home remedies to help bruises go away quickly. Taking vitamin C rich foods such as broccoli, mangoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, oranges etc helps in reducing skin inflammation and bruises quickly. Vitamin K is an effective remedy to treat blood clotting and damage of tissue in the body. For treating bruises quickly, you need to eat food like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy and green vegetables etc which are rich in vitamin K.


Sometime bruises may occur without fall, trip or any other injury. This is to be noted that it is a serious condition and you need to consult your doctor on an immediate basis. Bruises may also occur due to conditions like anemia, leukemia, hemophilia etc that are deadly and requires immediate consultation and treatments for medical experts.

However, for bruises occurring because of injury you can try out the above mentioned home remedies to help bruises go away quickly.

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