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Home Remedies For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Personality disorders are described in DSM 5 classification of the psychiatric disorders as clusters A, B, and C. Narcissistic personality disorder is included in cluster B of the personality disorders classification.

Narcissistic personality disorder comprises of people who are obsessed with self-love, grandiosity and are lacking the sense of empathy. They want constant admiration from other people and have a highly boastful nature. Sometimes they may have jealous nature because they think that other people are jealous of their grandiosity. It is important to differentiate this disorder with a histrionic personality disorder because of the same symptom of being the center of attraction. But remember this is a disorder and the people who suffer from it are not doing it knowingly.

A narcissistic personality disorder is treated by psychotherapies and counseling which are needed to be done by a psychiatrist. Psychodynamic psychotherapy and short time focused counseling are the few treatment options. (1)

Home Remedies For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Home Remedies For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

One can implement the techniques that are taught at therapy as home remedies for Narcissistic personality disorder.

Although Narcissistic personality disorder is treated by a psychiatrist there are many things which you can do for them to improve the suffering from the disorder. Various therapies are included under it which could be done at home like

  1. Couple therapy
  2. Family therapy
  3. Group therapy

Couple Therapy For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It is important to know about Narcissistic personality disorder for the partner of the patient. The partner has to be very patient and understanding about the disorder as this could last even life long and patience is the key for the partner and other family members.

He/ She should carefully listen to the patients’ thoughts and should not straightaway deny or dismiss them as this would create more complexity in the disorder. They should slowly start with correcting a few simple things and get recognition of the patient in his good books. This will help the patient to inculcate the thoughts provided by you in his thinking. The process has to be very gradual as it may take time and may appear as it is not working. When the patient will start thinking about you as a good friend and will be hopeful for constructive feedback about him or his thoughts then it would be easier for the partner to correct him when he is going for self-admiration and even can explain about his disorder fully.

Family Therapy For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Family plays a huge role in the treatment of Narcissistic personality disorder. As this disorder is started because of a lack of interest in the patient and his thoughts during his childhood and early adolescence, it has to be corrected now by the family itself. They should provide constant love and affection to the patient and give attention to him which he deserves. They can start by doing simple things like making food in the home according to the patient. Further, they include him in the family matters and decisions and listen to his advice. The patient should feel like an important part of the family and should not be left out. But family should be careful about the fact that’ll they should not overdo it because it will increase the self-admiration of the patient.

Group Therapy For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It comprises a group of people who may or may not be related to each other. This will help the patient to connect with the world outside him and would help to recognize the significance of the thoughts of other people. It also may include some elderly people who have lived experience of so many years, this would help the patient to get over the fact that he is the most knowledgeable and experienced. (2)


There are many people suffering out there with Narcissistic personality disorder. They need your compassion, love, affection, and understanding towards them. Do not greet them with rude behavior and dismissive attitude.

You can help them within your family just with a few simple steps and can provide the treatment of what they deserve. They need to be loved because they are part of you and your family.


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