Home Remedies to Manage Hypoparathyroidism Naturally

Hypoparathyroidism is a medical condition where the parathyroid glands in the body are unable to produce sufficient parathyroid hormone. Parathyroid hormone is required for regulating the amount of phosphorus and calcium in blood. The symptoms include hair loss, muscle spasms, numbness, yeast infections, tingling, seizures that usually develop due to low level of calcium in blood. The medical treatments aim to alleviate these symptoms and normalize the phosphorus and calcium levels of in blood.

The sooner an underactive parathyroid is diagnosed, the easier is the management with lifestyle changes, supplements, medications and effective home remedies. Besides medical treatment, there are effective home remedies available that can help patients to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally. Although these home remedies can help to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally, it is advisable to consult your doctor prior to starting with it.

Home Remedies to Manage Hypoparathyroidism Naturally

Home Remedies to Manage Hypoparathyroidism Naturally

There are many natural remedies available that can help control the condition and enable you to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally. Some of the home remedies that can help manage hypoparathyroidism naturally include:

Increase Calcium Intake

The primary treatment for hypoparathyroidism includes increasing your intake of calcium to increase your calcium level in. Patients are prescribed with calcium supplement and calcium rich diet. One of the best home remedy to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally is to include foods rich in calcium. These include milk and milk products, dark leafy greens, fortified juices, sardines, oats, beans, dairy and almonds.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another helpful home remedy that can help you manage hypoparathyroidism naturally. It is helpful in dealing with parathyroid disorders. It supports in detoxification and restores the balance of acid alkaline in body and even promotes healthy weight loss. It can help you regulate the hormones and enhance your metabolism. People with diabetes can enjoy many benefits by including apple cider vinegar into their diet.

Reducing Phosphorus Intake

People with hypoparathyroidism usually have high level of phosphorus in their blood. The hormone produced by parathyroid gland regulates the phosphorus level in blood. So, patients are required to reduce the intake of phosphorous rich foods. Some of the other sources of phosphorus are eggs, red meat, refined foods, alcohol, tobacco, soda, etc. hence best avoided. This is another effective home remedy to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally.


Kelp is basically brown seaweed that has high content of iodine and other crucial minerals. People suffering from hypoparathyroidism due to deficiency of iodine and calcium in body may start eating kelp. However, this is not recommended for people suffering from hypoparathyroidism due to autoimmune thyroid issues because it may worsen the condition. Although this is a good way to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally, it is better to consult your doctor before including kelp into your diet to avoid complications.

Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D leads to many autoimmune diseases including hypoparathyroidism. Exposure to sunlight early in the morning can help your body generate the required amount of vitamin D in body. This is one of the best home remedy. So, try to expose your body or go for an outdoor walk in the morning sunlight for at least 15 days. This will help you to maintain your immune system and improve calcium metabolism. This is one of the most effective ways to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally.


It is basically a gum resin that is derived from an Indian tree called Commiphora Mukul. According to experts, the active compound found in this tree called guggul sterones can help patients manage hypoparathyroidism naturally and treat the condition by boosting the functioning of parathyroid glands. This substance is also has anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering and anti obesity properties. This is a herbal medicine and is best taken after consulting your doctor.


Ginger is the rich source of potassium, magnesium and zinc and it is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. This is a wonder home remedy that can help manage hypoparathyroidism naturally, as it improves the natural functioning of parathyroid glands. You can take ginger in your daily diet in various forms, in teas, soups, salads and almost any preparations.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is considered to be very effective home remedy in managing hypoparathyroidism naturally. Since it is rich in gamma linoleic acids, it can offer you with anti-inflammatory benefits and increase the level of parathyroid hormone in body. Besides increasing parathyroid functioning, this natural substance can also alleviate other symptoms of hypoparathyroidism like heavy muscle spasms and hair loss. It is best to consult an expert for the exact dosage and method of treatment.

Vitamin B

Adequate intake of essential vitamins is the best home remedy to manage hypoparathyroidism naturally. It is necessary to take sufficient amount of vitamin B including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. It helps to relieve the symptoms of hypoparathyroidism and promote healthy functioning of the parathyroid glands. According to medical professionals, people suffering from hypoparathyroidism may also have vitamin B12 deficiency. So, including vitamin B12 rich diet can help manage this deficiency. Include fortified cereals and whole grains into your daily diet and prefer consuming fresh veggies and fruits.

These were few home remedies and natural ingredients that can help you manage hypoparathyroidism naturally. Besides this, you must ensure to reduce the intake of dairy products and caffeine to manage hypoparathyroidism effectively.