Home Remedies to Tackle Eye Allergies

About Eye Allergies

Basically pollution is the main cause of many eye problems; problems which get triggered during the allergy season or some weather change. Eye allergies generally are accompanied with symptoms such as itchiness and redness which gets very troublesome with time. There are some effective ways in which you can get your eye health boosted.

This guide talks comprehensively about the different ways in which these eye allergies can be treated. So have a look at the multiple ways and different tips through which your eye allergies can be tackled. When you are rubbing your eyes very frequently, the problems of eyes, including eye allergies worsen and may even damage your cornea as well. Therefore, you need to look at different ways in which you can easily get the eye problems cured.

Home Remedies to Tackle Eye Allergies

Home Remedies to Tackle Eye Allergies

Check out the following home remedies which can help ward off eye allergies:

Rose Water

Rose water can be an effective home remedy to get rid of eye allergies. Using rose water in a coolant form really helps a lot for relieving and soothing eye allergy and rose water is easy to use as well. Simply put around 4 drops of rose water in the affected eyes to reduce puffiness and itching. Rose water works as an antiseptic which helps a lot in curing eye irritation from pollution and irritants. Rose water can be used in other forms also by dipping the cotton ball into the rose water and using them as eye pads helps a lot in soothing tired eyes and irritation in the. So using rose water is an effective tip for relieving eye irritation.

Splashing Water on Your Eye

This is a wonderful home remedy which flushes out dirt and grime from your eye. If your eyes are irritated and red, splashing your affected eyes with cold water helps a lot in relieving eye irritation. Make sure you are using cold water which soothes your eyes and cools them as well. Water splash is considered to be the best therapy for red eye, but don’t overdo it as it can further aggravate the eye irritation. The moment your eyes are calmed, stop this technique. So splashing your irritated eyes with water can help you tackle your eye allergies.

Spend Less Time on Gadgets

Spending more time on gadgets leads to dry eyes. This may also accompany redness as well and best tip for this type of eye irritation is avoiding gadgets when you are hitting bed time. Even if you have to use gadgets excessively, then make sure there is a screen shield which protects your eye from the harmful rays of the screen. Even in between your work, moving away your eyes from the screen helps in resting you eyes and in preventing eye irritation.

Using Raw Potatoes

As we said, your kitchen is a wonderful repository of everything that can heal you including eye allergies. Potato slices can be an effective home remedy in relieving eye allergies. Simply cut the slices of potato and place them on your eyes for a few minutes. This simple home remedy helps in reducing swollen eyes, and does wonders in soothing your eye allergies. It’s even better if you are refrigerating the potato slices which enhance the properties of potato to a great extent. This is a great tip for alleviating eye problems including eye allergies.

Use Chilled Spoons

Making use of a chilled spoon can also be a useful home remedy to get relief from eye allergy. This chilled spoon tip is more helpful in reducing swollen eyes along with soothing eye allergies. The method for chilling the spoon involves putting the spoons in a glass of chilled water and placing the glass in the fridge. When the spoons have chilled considerably, you can place the chilled spoons on your eyes. This tip freshens your eyes and gives you better eye health in the long run.

Eye Exercises

If you want your eyes to be healthy and want to avoid eye allergies then stretching your eye helps a lot. While watching out for good eye care regime, there are certain set of exercises to be followed. Rolling your eye in anti-clockwise and clockwise direction helps in achieving good eye health and doing this exercise several times a day even when working does wonders for your eye health.

Watch your Eye Make-Up

Always use good quality cosmetics for your eyes as your kajal and eyeliner can enter your eyes resulting in eye problems including eye allergies. To avoid such type of eye allergies, you should always buy eye makeup products which are authentic and offer reliability. Any compromise on price and brand may jeopardize your eye health to a great extent. There are also a few tips in the way of using method such as ensuring that you never put eye makeup on the water line of your eyes. Another tip to avoid eye allergies is keeping the eye makeup brush slightly away from the eye lashes which helps a lot in avoiding and tackling eye allergies.

Take Frequent Breaks

Eye allergies can also occur from constant staring at the screen and when it comes to acquiring better eye health, it is important to take frequent breaks from watching or staring at the screen. Therefore, to avoid eye allergies, you will have to take care of your eyes in a very pragmatic manner. The break should be for 1 minute for every 15 minutes spent on screen. This tip helps a lot in easing out the tension which affects your eyes and leads to swelling of the eyes.

Wear Good Quality Glasses

For good eye health and to tackle eye allergies, always purchase good quality eye glasses from good brands, as these glasses have anti-glare property which keeps your eyes fit and fine. Buy those glasses which can cover up your eyes considerably and invest only after a trial of them. For securing your eyesight, you need to work on the screen with glasses on, even if you have the glasses for your eye sight, make sure they have antiglare properties. If you are worried about the burden of the glasses on your eyes, then go for the rimless ones which are light to wear and also keep your eyes protected.

Massage Your Eyes

This is an effective home remedy for relieving tired eyes and eye allergies. Take some amount of almond oil (or any other oil) and massage it gently around your eyes. Simply apply the oil and massage for a few minutes. This tip improves blood circulation around the eyes and keeps your eye scintillating and free from any vagaries of pollution. You may pick the oil of your choice or mix few more oils and here you are, coming out with fresh eyes which remain protected from problems caused by pollution including eye allergies. You can also apply eye packs such as tomatoes or some juices which also help a lot in soothing your eyes and keeps eye allergies at bay.


Honey is used as a home remedy for many ailments and it can be very effective in relieving your eye allergies as well. As honey has antibacterial properties, it helps in clearing eye infections. Mixing equal parts of honey with distilled water and wiping the eye using a cotton ball helps in clearing eye infection.

So to sum up, this guide involves the use of certain tips to tackle eye problems including eye allergies such as keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day and gorging on food high on nutrients. Take fruits and vegetables especially which are green and orange in color, as these boost your eye health to a great extent. And yes, keep the eye health intact by washing your eyes regularly and avoiding touching your eyes with dirty hands.

To have good eye health, never rub your eyes. Avoid alcohol as well which can weaken your immune system and makes you more prone to falling ill. Too much intake of alcohol and smoking is indeed injurious not only to your health, but also to your eyes as well. Therefore, avoid any harmful food which troubles you a lot in the long run.

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