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12 Useful At-Home Treatments For Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, also called periodontitis is a bacterial infection affecting the gums and causes inflammation of the gums. It presents with bleeding gums, soreness, pain, loosening of teeth, and bad breath. There are treatments available but some prefer home remedies for pyorrhea, which too can be very effective.

Periodontal diseases, which also include pyorrhea are common in developed and developing nations and affect around 20 to 50 % of people across the globe.1 Studies have revealed an association between periodontal diseases and systemic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.1

Useful At-Home Treatments For Pyorrhea

12 Useful At-Home Treatments For Pyorrhea

One of the main causes of pyorrhea is poor oral hygiene, smoking, hormonal changes in women during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes mellitus, stress, and certain medications. Other untreated tooth and gum disorders can affect overall oral hygiene and increase the risk of pyorrhea. However, home remedies for pyorrhea can help in relieving symptoms and improving oral condition to reduce the severity of the disease. Here we will look at the most effective at-home treatments for pyorrhea.

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine in India, which has offered several herbal formulations and home remedies for pyorrhea. With advancement, these have become more popular and several studies have supported their use for oral diseases like plaques, infections, and deformities of the oral cavity.2

Some of the best home remedies for pyorrhea include:

  1. Use Mouthwash – Mouthwash can be very effective in reducing the symptoms of pyorrhea and periodontal diseases. As a home remedy for pyorrhea, you can use herbal mouthwash to rinse your mouth and get rid of bleeding gums, inflammation, bad breath, and pain. Some of the popularly used herbal formulations include peppermint, lemongrass oil, Salvadora (miswak), Aloe vera, and turmeric.  A 2016 study showed the use of herbal mouthwash had better healing on the gastrointestinal system as compared to chlorhexidine mouthwash.3 This herbal mouthwash was made of Salvadora persica ethanol extract and Aloe vera gel, both of which are popular home remedies for tooth problems. A 2017 study concluded that 0.25% Lemongrass oil mouthwash was effective and a great alternative in the treatment of pyorrhea and chronic periodontitis.4 It also helped to reduce the level of serum markers of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Miswak – Miswak sticks are traditionally used in many countries as a herbal toothbrush, which is one of the most effective home remedies for pyorrhea. Several studies have proved that miswak is very effective or even more superior than present-day oral hygiene aid like toothbrush.5 it helps control plaque formation and helps to heal the gums, thus reducing the symptoms of pyorrhea.  Owing to its beneficial effect, availability, and affordability Miswak is also recommended by World Health Organization for oral hygiene.6
  3. Curcumin – Curcumin, which contains Curcuma longa has anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, antioxidant, and analgesic properties.7 Thus it plays an important role in oral hygiene by being effective against pyorrhea. It can be used as a mouthwash, can be made into a paste and rubbed gently on the gums, or can be added to warm water gargles.
  4. Lemon juice – Take some lemon juice on your fingertips and gently rub it on your gums for a few minutes. Continue this for some days. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and helps reduce pain, inflammation, and soreness in the gums. It is one of the most effective home remedies for pyorrhea.
  5. Fruit Peels – You can use lemon peels, orange, or banana peels to gently massage your gums. These are rich in vitamin C, can help control bleeding gums and promote healing of the tissue.
  6. Onion – You can chew on a piece of onion or keep a small piece of onion seed between your teeth and chew on it. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling of the gums.
  7. Amla – It is a great rebuilder of oral health and is rich in vitamin C, thus offering protection against infections and gum diseases.2
  8. Mustard Oil – As an age-old remedy you can take a few drops of mustard oil and rub them against your gums, using your finger or a clean cotton bud.
  9. Oil Pulling – It includes swishing oil in the mouth for oral benefits and is also considered one of the best home remedies for pyorrhea. It is an Indian folk remedy useful to prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums, and dryness and to strengthen teeth, gums, and the jaw.2 Sesame oil and virgin coconut oil can be used for this purpose.
  10. Oral Hygiene – Maintain oral hygiene to prevent and manage pyorrhea. While the home remedies for pyorrhea are effective the most basic one of brushing your teeth twice a day and rinsing your mouth after every meal. Herbal sticks are made from medicinal shrubs and trees that can be used as a toothbrush. Oral hygiene aid made from the bark of neem, orange, and lime is a great home remedy for pyorrhea.  
  11. Stay Hydrated – Inadequate intake of water results in dryness of mouth and less secretion of saliva. This in turn increases the risk of oral infections. Drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated, and keeping the oral cavity moist are also one of the best home remedies for pyorrhea.
  12. Healthy Diet – Eating high-calorie food or food that has excess sugar content can increase bacterial growth and the risk of oral infections. Similarly, if your diet is deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, you are at greater risk of oral diseases like pyorrhea.

Hence, home remedies for pyorrhea also include the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Carrot and spinach soup is popular as a home remedy for pyorrhea, so you can relish that if you like.

Having crunchy veggies also helps to keep the oral cavity clean and must be preferred over having sugar-laden juices and savories. You can have unripe guava with some salt added to it can help in controlling symptoms of pyorrhea.

These are some of the common home remedies for pyorrhea.


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