What Are The Home Remedies For Liver Hemangioma?

Hemangioma is a group of extra blood vessels occurring on the body, the ones we call a birthmark. Liver hemangioma, as the name suggests, occurs on the liver.

What Are The Home Remedies For Liver Hemangioma?

As we have discussed above that one cannot prevent liver hemangiomas from developing, as there is no known cause for its occurrence, similarly, we cannot stop them with any natural methods either. But, certain natural or home remedies can be marvelous when it comes to hepatoprotective functions. They will generally improve the well being of the liver, thereby giving it a fair chance for fighting any disorders that it might face. Though these medicines are not a sure way of preventing liver hemangiomas, they are worth giving a try as they will not cause any harmful effects otherwise. One such wonderful home remedy is turmeric.

What Are The Home Remedies For Liver Hemangioma?

Turmeric contains curcuminoids as a bioactive ingredient. Curcumin is one of its curcuminoids and is very effective as an anti-cancer medicine. Curcumin stops the growth of the cancer cells and hence can be successfully used to treat benign liver tumors. And hemangioma is also a benign vascular tumor. Hence, turmeric can be effectively used to stop its growth.

Green Tea- green tea is another home remedy, which is rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are helpful in tackling free radicals. Free radicals are in abundance in any cancer or tumor. Hence, green tea can be effectively used in liver hemangiomas.

Giloy- This is another home remedy rich in anti-oxidants and helps in stopping the growth of cancerous cells and stops new cancer cells from forming.

Ashwagandha- It is another anti-cancer drug, with an ability to control cancerous cells and stopping new cells from forming. Ashwagandha can also support chemotherapy by preventing normal cells from suffering any damage. It also stops any formation of treatment resistant cells and hence chemotherapy becomes a success.

These home remedies, while not a guaranteed way to cure or prevent liver hemangiomas, they can be still included as supportive for any hemangioma treatment. Liver hemangiomas can also benefit from them.

Liver hemangioma is not something which you can prevent from happening. Hence, there is no specific diet as such which is to be followed to prevent it. But, a healthy diet should be maintained in order to keep the liver in its prime health. Liver is the largest organ of our body. It has to work hard, it changes food to energy. It helps clear toxic substances from the body and supports in digestion. To keep the liver working normally, it is good to provide it with a healthy and balanced diet. Ensuring that one is eating enough fruits and vegetables every day, helps in keeping the needed supply of vitamins and minerals to the liver for its normal functioning. Because of the hemangioma, especially if it is a larger one, the liver may not be able to store enough of these nutrients. Hence, fortifying the diet with these could be a good option.

The diet should be limited in protein and sodium. Protein may be heavier for the compromised liver to digest, and too much sodium can cause water retention in the abdomen, resulting in bloating and thereby causing discomfort or sometimes, pain. The diet should also be low on fat, as fat can also be heavy for the liver to process. However, it is good to take a carbohydrate rich diet, as carbs will not burden the liver and will be a good source of energy. Alcohol consumption should be limited, as alcohol is difficult for the liver to process and therefore it has to work very hard to eliminate it from the blood. This can cause a considerable damage to the liver if it is already affected by a large hemangioma. It is good to eat several detoxifying foods to eliminate the toxins out of the blood.

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