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Can You Die Because Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

Compulsive sexual behavior refers to hypersexuality disorder or sex addiction. Besides, it is an excessive form of preoccupation with sexual behaviors, sexual urges, and sexual fantasies, which are difficult to control. The behavior also causes you distress and affects your job, health, relations and other important aspects of your life negatively.

In most of the cases, compulsive sexual behavior involves various commonly enjoyable sexual behaviors. These are cybersex, masturbation, pornography usage, multiple sexual partners and paying to enjoy sex.

However, when the mentioned sexual behaviors become a focus in life and you often face difficulty to control them or become disruptive to other people, it is categorized as compulsive sexual disorder. Irrespective of the exact nature of your behavior, if you leave your problem of sex addiction untreated, it damages your career, relationships, self-esteem, health and other individuals.(1)

Can You Die Because Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

Can You Die Because Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

Whether a person dies because of compulsive sexual behavior disorder i.e. sex addiction or not can be explained based on the outlook of the disease. Accordingly-

Sex addiction for some individuals may become highly dangerous and lead to considerable difficulties in their relationships. Similar to alcohol or drug dependence, compulsive sexual behavior disorder has the potential to influence the mental and physical health conditions of a person in a negative way. Besides, the problem affects the safety, quality of life and personal relationships of a patient suffers from sex addiction. A few of the studies have said that the problem is somewhat common, while others argue that the diagnose of this problem is difficult.

An individual suffering from sex addiction looks for multiple sex partners even though this activity in itself is not a symptom of the disorder. A few of the reports have revealed that the problem may manifest as a compulsive requirement to view pornography, masturbate or involve in any of the sexually stimulating situations.

An individual with compulsive sexual behavior disorder may alter his life as well as his activities significantly to perform multiple sexual acts in a day. These people often fail to control their behaviors even though they experience many negative consequences.

In essence, we should say that an individual with compulsive sexual behavior disorder deals with many big and unique challenges. They often engage in behaviors, which endanger their safety, relationships and good health. However, there is no evidence about whether a person dies because of the disorder or not.(3)(4)

Symptoms Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder

A few of the indications, which show your struggle with the problem of compulsive sexual behavior are-

  • You have intense and recurrent sexual fantasies, behaviors and urges, which consume a huge amount of time and give you feeling that you are out of your control.
  • You often feel as driven to involve in specific sexual behaviors, experience the need to release tension afterward but at the same time feel remorse or guilt.
  • You have tried but fails to control or reduce your sexual urges, sexual behavior or urges to involve in sexual activities.
  • You choose for compulsive sexual behavior to overcome or rather escape from other life problems. These include stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.
  • You continue to involve in various sexual behaviors or activities, which involve many serious consequences. Especially you experience the consequence or potential to give or get someone else sexually transmitted infection. Besides, you experience trouble at your work, loss of your prime relationships, legal problems, and financial strains.
  • You face difficulties to establish and maintain stable and healthy relationships.(2)


Based on the aforementioned facts, we cannot say that a person may die or not because of compulsive sexual behavior disorder. However, he may face large numbers of problems in life in terms of health, finance, work, career, and close relationships.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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