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Who Is At Risk For Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder & Is There A Blood Test For It?

Compulsive sexual behavior is a condition in which you are unable to control or manage your sexual desires and thoughts. This severely impacts your personal and work life, as well as the lives of those around you.(1,2)

Who Is At Risk For Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder?

Compulsive sexual behavior disorder can affect people of all genders equally. Sometimes, it is seen more commonly in men. Some risk factors may include-(2)

Easy accessibility to sexual content– This is very common due to progress in technology and the worsening emergence of social media. As a result, sexual information and visuals are very easily accessible and available to any and everyone.

Secrecy- Privacy and secrecy of such activities may allow worsening these problems over time

Some people who may be more at risk of developing this disorder are-(2)

  • Those dealing with alcohol or substance abuse
  • Other mental disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Those having an addiction to gambling
  • Those having an unstable family or someone in the family having something addiction
  • A history of sexual or physical abuse(2)

Is There A Blood Test For Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder?

There is no blood test required to diagnose compulsive sexual behavior disorder. Your psychological evaluation or analysis based on some questions can help your doctor to diagnose your problem. Your doctor may want to know about the following, concerning you-

  • Your emotional well-being, your mental health as well as your physical health
  • Your sexual thoughts and compulsions
  • Use of substance, like drugs and alcohol
  • Your family situation, social and other relationships
  • Problems you might be facing due to your sexual behavior(3)
  • Your doctor may also want to talk to your family, friends, and relatives about you, with your due permission

Diagnosing compulsive sexual behavior is quite challenging because it is difficult to know when sexual behavior may become problematic. That said, a mental health advisor or consultant is the best person to diagnose and treat problems related to sexual behavior.(3)

Coping with compulsive sexual behavior disorder may seem extremely difficult at the beginning. Following tips may help in coping-

  1. It is essential to follow the scheduled treatment plan and take the medications as prescribed by your therapist. It is to be known that treatment may take time and there may be relapses in the beginning. Persistence will help you go a long way
  2. School yourself. Readout about this condition and make yourself informed about its causes and treatment modalities. The information may help in coping with the treatment plan.
  3. Try to identify the cause for your impulsions. Identifying the triggers will help you in staying away from them and managing your behavior
  4. Staying away from areas that may prompt you to indulge in sexual activities like bars and clubs, sitting away from the computer or planning to block porn material on the computer may help in breaking the vicious cycle.
  5. Treat other mental health problems like depression and anxiety, as they may prompt you to indulge in sexual activities.
  6. Take measures to stay away from substance abuse, as sexual activity and substance abuse feed each other, resulting in a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to break
  7. Resort to relaxation methods like yoga, meditation, light exercises to divert yourself from sexual activity.

Do remember that recovery from this condition can take some time. You need to stay focused on your ultimate goal-respite from this condition(3)


Compulsive sexual behavior disorder can occur equally in men and women. There is no blood test to diagnose compulsive sexual behavior disorder. The doctor will establish the diagnosis based on the evaluation of a few questions asked to you. A therapist is the best person to guide you along with this matter.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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