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Can Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder Go Away On Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Compulsive sexual behavior is a disorder in which you cannot keep a tag on your sexual desires and thoughts. Relentless sexual thoughts keep distracting you, thus affecting your physical and mental health, work, work relationships, and personal life as well.(1,2)

Can Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder Go Away On Its Own?

Compulsive sexual behavior disorder is extremely difficult to control and cannot go away on its own. Though the people suffering from this disorder are aware that their blind desire for sex is wrecking their lives, they still miserably fail to control the desire, unless they start on a treatment regimen. Compulsive sexual behavior disorder cannot go away on its own. It may require aggressive treatment in the beginning, and long-term treatment for over a few years following that, to avoid any relapses.(3)

Natural Remedies For Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder

Compulsive sexual behavior disorder may require extensive and aggressive treatment in the beginning. Some natural remedies may help supplement conventional treatment methods. These may include-

Finding ways to relax and stress management through yoga and meditation. If you perceive sex as an option to relieve you of your stress and emotions, try focusing on other options like yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques for the same, instead.

Also, recovery from this disorder can be time-taking. It is essential to keep yourself focused on your ultimate goal- a respite from compulsive sexual behavior disorder.

Use exercise and other recreational or fun activities to keep you stress-free and cope with your emotions.(3)

Compulsive sexual behavior may take time to go. The treatment plan consists of psychotherapy, medication and self-help. The main goal of the treatment is to reduce your symptoms or desires and extreme sexual behaviors and also preserving healthy sexual activities along with.

Treatment may also be required for other mental problems along with. Those suffering from this condition usually also suffer from alcohol or substance abuse, anxiety or depression. Treating these conditions simultaneously may help in quick recovery from compulsive sexual behavior disorder. Treatment may be needed over the next few years as well, for the prevention of relapse.

Psychotherapy- Psychotherapy is required to treat this condition. There are various types of psychotherapy used to treat this condition. These may include-

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Or CBT- This therapy helps you in recognizing unhealthy behaviors and replace them with beneficial and healthy behaviors.

Acceptance And Commitment Therapy- This is also another form of CBT. It stresses on accepting your feelings and desires and committing to policies that emphasize on good values

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy- This therapy aims at elevating your consciousness of thoughts and behaviors and resolving differences(3)

Medicines- Some medications may be additionally required to treat this condition, along with psychotherapy. These may include antidepressants, naltrexone, mood stabilizers, anti-androgens etc. these medicines act on the brain chemicals which are associated with the obsessive thoughts and activities. These medicines may also help in reducing sexual desires. The type of medication that would be suitable for you can be best decided by your therapist.

Self-Help- Self-help groups can help in dealing with various problems caused by this condition. Through the help of these groups, you can know more your condition, understand your condition better and find support for the same, find various treatment options and coping methods and find help in the prevention of relapse of your condition


Compulsive sexual behavior disorder cannot go away on its own. Treatment is required to resolve this condition and the treatment can be quite extreme at the beginning. Sometimes, you may need to continue the treatment for a few more years, to prevent relapse. Some natural remedies may supplement conventional treatment methods to help treat this condition better.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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