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How To Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth?

Coffee stains clothes and also your teeth. So those in a habit of starting their day with a cup of coffee need to worry about their teeth. Regular coffee drinkers, over a period of time, would find their teeth turning yellow. Once the teeth get stained, it is difficult to bring them back to their normal color.

Coffee contains an ingredient called tannin, a polyphenol that breaks down in the water. It is responsible for staining the teeth. (1) Tannins are also found in tea and wine.

Other Foods and Drinks That Can Stain The Teeth Are:

How To Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth?

If giving up coffee is not an option, there are a few ways you can prevent stains in teeth:

How To Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth?

1. Add Milk To Coffee

The color of coffee determines how deeply it would stain the teeth. To lighten up the color you can add milk to your coffee. Milk provides protection to the teeth from getting stained. Being high in protein it binds with the polyphenols in coffee and instead of staining the teeth, it moves into the stomach, where it is broken down easily.

Also, it should be noted that only animal milk has the ability to prevent stains. Soy milk may just enhance the taste of coffee but it does not contain protein that would protect the teeth.

Higher the fat content of milk, the more effective it is in preventing stains on teeth.

2. Change The Way You Drink

Drinking coffee from a cup or thermos washes it over your teeth making them stain.

Changing the way you drink your coffee can help prevent these stains. Drinking coffee with a straw might seem a bit strange but can help in preventing the coffee from touching the teeth.

If the polyphenols present in the coffee that would not touch the teeth, there will be no stain.

Drinking cold coffee with straw is pretty common with everyone, but some might find drinking hot coffee with straw weird. But if you want to prevent teeth stains, it should definitely be given a try.

3. Drink Coffee That Is Less In Caffeine

Being in a habit of drinking coffee every morning has caffeine in it to be blamed. Caffeine also determines how much coffee would stain the teeth. Drinking decaf or the less caffeinated coffee is less likely to leave coffee stains on the teeth.

4. Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Coffee

The best way to prevent teeth from staining due to coffee is to brush teeth after drinking it. Brushing helps in removing any remaining residue that might permanently stain the teeth. You can wait for one hour after drinking coffee to brush teeth as in some cases drinking coffee softens the enamel (As it is acidic) and brushing would lead to brushing away of the enamel. If you are at a place where you cannot brush teeth after drinking coffee, you can just swish some water or milk in your mouth.

5. Get Teeth Whitening Done Professionally

Teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist can help you keep a sparkling white smile. It is effective than those done by at-home whitening kits or whitening toothpaste. Professional whitening procedures give the most protection against teeth stains.

6. Natural Methods to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth

  • There are certain foods that can be a remedy for stains.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables such as strawberries and lemons that contain natural fibers and can keep the teeth clean by breaking down the bacteria.
  • Brushing teeth with baking soda twice a month can whiten them.

So for the coffee lovers;

You can continue drinking your favorite drink without fearing stained teeth. Just follow the above tips and do not skip the regular brushing routine. Visit a dentist at least twice in a year to get your pearls i.e. your teeth checked.

Keep your teeth healthy and flaunt a wide smile with confidence.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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