Is Mood Disorder A Disability?

People suffering from mood disorder often have negative thoughts about people and their surroundings. They feel everybody is unruly and the environment is not friendly for them. These thoughts will be predominating throughout day and night which reinforce mood disorders. There will be hallucinations and exaggeration of circumstances. The diagnosis of mood disorders is a difficult task. The patients visit doctor presenting symptoms, but usually go unnoticed of mood disorder.

Is Mood Disorder A Disability?

People who are diagnosed with mood disorder can be eligible for disability benefits. The claimants should have symptomatic manic episodes, depressive syndromes, or fluctuations of mood between mania and depression. It is also recommended to consult a disability lawyer if you think that you are unable to function in a society because of your mood disorder.

Mood disorders are on the top 10 list of disorders of disability in the world. The mood disorders can be classified as Bipolar disorder, Cyclothymic disorder, Dysthymic disorder and Major depressive disorder. Unipolar major depression tops the list of disability in the mood disorder.

Mental instability makes it difficult for the individuals to have a proper flow at work. The excited or depressed phase makes it difficult to establish consistency. People who are diagnosed with mood disorders should seek medical attention and should take leave from school or office to recuperate. Stress from either personal or professional front increases the distress and disability. The exact cause of mood disorders is not known. It can also be due to side effects of certain medications. Gradual withdrawal of such medications under medical supervision or dosage modification can help in alleviating mood fluctuations. The symptom of mood disorders starts as drowsiness, headaches, nervousness, confusion and weight gain.

People often find it embarrassing to discuss their fears and feelings once diagnosed with mental illnesses or mood disorders. They will be anxious to hide their feelings and emotions. Anxiousness is one of the main symptoms of mood disorders. Patients suffering from mood disorder avoid discussing or expressing their mood disability for fear of discrimination. Once downgraded by fellow students or colleagues, it will be difficult for depressed person to go to the same place again.

In a given year on an average 8% of the United States population suffers from mood disorder. Among the sufferers only 20% of the populations seek medical attention. Women often fall prey of mood disorders when compared to men. Women are highly emotional living beings and are known to suffer largely from major depression.

Statistics indicate that people suffering from mental disorders have had exposed to alcohol and/or drug abuse disorder during their lifetime. People of drug abuse and alcohol are at increased risk of developing mood disorders due to withdrawal symptoms. Treatment for such people includes rehabilitation and proper medication which boots their confidence and provides better aspects of life.

The symptoms of mood disorder starts to appear from the age of 15 to 25 years. This is the age where children define their career aspects and develop professional skills. Mood disorders decrease their concentration towards studies and decreases their skill sharpening abilities. There will be failure and the results will be below their expectations. Students will be embarrassed with their performance and are scared of social appearances. This adds to individuals’ mood disorder, increasing their disability.


A disability not necessarily means a person is physically handicapped, mental or who lack sensory organs or reflexes. Certain disorders such as chronic illness, terminal diseases or mood disorders can cause disability resulting in lack of concentration in studies or at work. It is difficult to judge whether a person is suffering from mood disorder. It is the expression of symptoms which goes extreme in certain situations. Over a period of time people can analyze if he or she is suffering from mood disorder. Employees suffering from mood disorders will be irregular to work and often will not be able to achieve their targets.

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