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How to Spot Acne Vulgaris in Initial Stages & Ways to Prevent it?

Acne vulgaris is a common skin ailment found across in the teenage group. The reason is the transformation period or puberty during which the body generates/introduces certain hormones into the body. An important hormone released into the body during this period is androgen. Androgen is the reason for secretion of oil or enlargement of oil glands that lie beneath the skin surface. It is this oil that helps in removal of dead skin cells from the pores in the form of growing hair follicle. However, when there is an increase in the oil secretion by the oil gland, the individual sustains acne vulgaris.

How to Spot Acne Vulgaris in Initial Stages?

Acne vulgaris is a persistent skin disease caused due to the blockage of skin pores. As said earlier, the reason behind it is due to excessive secretion of oil by androgen hormone. They are red and occur as bumps causing both inflammation or non-inflammation lesions. There are also cases where the acne vulgaris attacks as inflammatory and noninflammatory lesions. Such a condition falls under the severe category, making it difficult for the individual to sustain the pain and embarrassment. Preventing acne vulgaris is better than curing it.

How to Spot Acne Vulgaris in Initial Stages?

As spoken earlier, it is possible to locate the occurrence of acne vulgaris in its infancy in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, and cysts. The severity level varies from one individual to other because of several factors acting into the contribution. For instance, a person working in a humid condition or greasy environment has a higher chance of occurrence of severe acne vulgaris. The reason is that of the blockade caused by the greasy substances in the environment, making it impossible for the oil to remove the dead skin cells. It, therefore, leads to the development of bacteria that are capable of penetrating into further layers of the skin.

Ways to Prevent Acne Vulgaris

Preventing acne vulgaris is possible if an individual spots its occurrence in the initial stage. If acne vulgaris is in the initial stage, you can begin taking care of the skin using home remedies. To start with, take care of the skin by washing it every day. Do not scrub too hard or wash too often. If you possess oily skin, you can wash with cold water at frequent intervals without the use of a cleaning agent. It is likewise important to wash your hair often and try keeping it away from the skin.

Avoiding hair care products such as creams, gels, and pomades also prevent acne vulgaris. The reason is due to the excess oil containing in these commodities. They not only destroy the scalp but also increases the oiliness of the hair, which eventually touches your skin.

If you are a sports player, it is preferable to wear cotton clothing under sports equipment to prevent the rubbing action, which worsens the acne vulgaris condition. Equally, you have to keep away from using chemicals and the exposure to several types of oils.

Does Acne Occur Only in Teenagers?

Although acne vulgaris begins during the teenage period, several instances saw even adults possessing acne vulgaris in severity condition. The dependency on medication is not a feasible idea because it develops resistance to the bacteria against antibiotics. Therefore, making changes to the lifestyle, eating habits, and following a proper schedule will help in clearing the skin from acne vulgaris. Additionally, the individual will also gain confidence without feeling embarrassed due to the presence of the symptoms that occur on face, neck, shoulders, and chest.

As you have a clear picture about acne vulgaris, it is time for you to spot it in its initial stage and follow the preventive measures before it turns into a severe condition.


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