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Do’s and Don’ts for Pimples

Understanding Pimples

Acne, pimples and eruptions are highly detested by women as well as men. Pimple is nothing but a small pustule or papule, which gets inflamed. Pimples are also considered as skin lesions. Pimples commonly start to develop during the time of puberty due to the action of hormones or imbalance of the hormones. Pimples can appear in cluster or alone or can be scattered. Pimples steal away your beauty, make the skin uneven, blemished, sensitive and unsightly. Pimples leave marks, and itch. So, it is only natural that one seeks different methods to get rid of pimples. But it’s not easy to get rid of pimples. There are various medicines available to erase pimples, but not all are effective. Besides, using too much medicine is not good. Pimples may break out anywhere on face, chest and back. Pimples are identified as blackhead, cysts, whiteheads and other names. The cause of pimples is over activity of sebaceous glands, which produce excessive oil that clog and infect the skin pores resulting in a pimple.

Do's and Don'ts for Pimples

Do’s and Don’ts for Pimples

Do’s – What One Should Be Doing While Having Pimples

While having pimples one needs to be highly careful of not rubbing off the surface skin. When the skin is rubbed off, more pimples are likely to erupt. Pimples should be left alone. Any rubbing or touching of the pimples affects the neighboring skin. You should also avoid exfoliating your skin as it causes damage to the already pimple prone area.

  • Do use mild cleansers for cleaning your pimple affected skin.
  • Do use antibacterial soap instead of cosmetic soaps. Using antibacterial soap helps in killing the bacterial agents that cause pimples.
  • Do visit a dermatologist if your pimples are increasing. There are some pimples, which do not go away and need prescription topical and oral medicines for treatment.
  • Do consume plenty of fruits and veggies to keep your bowel system working better and to keep pimples under control.
  • Do drink lots of water, as water keeps the body hydrated and eliminates toxic elements through urine. So water is preferable instead of other beverages such as soda, tea, coffee or fruit juices.
  • Do keep your pimple prone area clean by washing it with cool water as this keeps the affected area cool and less agitated. So washing the pimples with cool water is one of the best ways to treat pimples. Keeping the pimple prone area clean should be your sole motto.
  • While using cleansers, one should be using cleansers with alpha-hydroxy acids or salicyclic acid or the combination of two can also be used.

Don’ts – What One Should not Be Doing when Having Pimples

  • DO NOT squeeze, tease or scratch the affected area and pimples, as this will damage the pimple-affected area and lead to development of more pimples. You need to be gentle while cleaning the area an avoid scrubbing at the pimples.
  • Do not use harsh agents for cleaning your face.
  • Do not exfoliate your face.
  • Do not use excessive medication in the hopes of getting better results in shortest possible time. This only worsens the condition and delays the healing process.
  • Do not apply warm compress to the pimples. This will cause the pimples to become redder and angrier. Instead, one should be applying cold water or damp cloth to reduce swelling and itching. If you want to reduce the redness around the zit, you can apply Visine on a cotton swab. This will constrict the blood vessels and help in healing of the pimple.
  • Do not pop your pimple. If you think popping your pimple will make it go away, then you are making a big mistake. Let the pimple be.
  • Do not squeeze your white heads such that blood oozes out, as this creates a scab and results in a pitted scar on your face. Such scars are tough to treat. Even if the pimples are not big in size, but if you will scratch them till they bleed, then you will be inviting more pimples, blemishes and scars.
  • Do not apply makeup on pimples; avoid using any type of cosmetics on the pimples.
  • Do not go for face masks frequently, as this may clog the pores and encourage more pimples to erupt. So try to keep face free from makeup as much as possible.
  • Stay away from stress and tension, as tension tends to disturb the hormonal balance and in that way encourages more pimples to develop. So try meditation and yoga to manage stress. Good night’s sleep, healthy lifestyle go a lot way in reducing the propensity of pimple eruptions.
  • Food plays a vital role in pimple eruptions. So do not consume junk foods, oily foods, processed carbohydrates, as all this takes lot of time to digest and disturb blood circulation and generate toxic element in blood, thus encouraging pimples to come out. It is better to customize diet and go for less oily food items, which do not disturb any natural process.
  • Do not get stressed and avoid thinking about various solutions about your pimples. Avoid trying different solutions like herbal and cosmetics, as the skin may not be able to take it and in the end will affect pimples in a bad way.
  • It may be possible that you tend to sweat a lot, and dirt and pollution start clogging your pores. So, you need to clean your face by applying cold water from time to time. Clean cold water will hydrate your skin, also decrease sweat production, leaving you will fresh and clean.
  • Do not use heavy and creamy moisturizers. Use water based, non-greasy moisturizers to hydrate your skin and improve your skin quality.


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