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What Causes You to Break Out & How to Overcome It?

Periods, puberty, and menstruation are not the only things that cause break out. Of course, break out is natural but keeping it in check is necessary to prevent it from turning into a nightmare. You are not single in suffering from the situation that you think is embarrassing. There are millions of people across the globe bearing from break out placed in different categories.

What Causes You to Break Out?

What Causes You to Break Out?

Learning about the production or the reason behind the occurrence of break out will be of immense help in dealing with the situation. Break out is caused due to excessive production of serum or oil by the androgen hormones in the body. The secretion of the oil is natural and is helpful in removing the dead skin cells from the pores. Due to excessive production, the oil prevents the hair follicle from coming out with the grim, resulting in a clogged pore.

The clogged pore slowly leads to the development of bacteria called as P. bacteria, which is the cause behind the growth of the break out. Apart from this, genetics too play a pivotal role in the occurrence of the break out. Your body tends to show signs that are repeating, which causes a breakout, adding further frustration to the existing issue. The following are a few points that could lead to break out:

  • Excessive intake of spicy foods, as they are rich in acidic lycopene that change the pH levels of the skin and causes you to break out.
  • Another cause of break out is by using pore-clogging ingredients such as moisturizing agents, lotions, and makeup that clog the pores
  • Overuse of the topical medications that contain benzoyl peroxide or Sulphur, as they turn the skin dry by secreting excessive oil
  • Hair products and conditioners with silicone agents clog the pore on the chest, making it difficult for the body to remove the dead skin cells naturally
  • Smoking causes cancer and also break out, as it decreases the oxygen level that reaches the face, which further breaks out collagen and elastin to cause wrinkles
  • Scrubbing the skin too hard also results in blemishes and break out
  • Picking a pimple that results in scar causes break out
  • Unable to release the stress in the appropriate manner.

How to Overcome Break Out?

The following factors will be helpful in overcoming a break out with ease:

  • You can opt for an exfoliating face mask over facial scrub and clarisonic, as they irritate the skin and help in the spread of the bacteria. Exfoliating the face will purge the pores with ease.
  • Vitamin A is helpful in protecting the tissue of the skin and prevents the occurrence of break out. Ensure that you do make it a point to consume a carrot daily.
  • If you are using prescription-based medications, then take a step back and use them every other alternate day to avoid excessive dryness of the skin.
  • Dairy products are rich in fat contents. Limiting their usage or eliminating them from the daily diet is helpful in preventing the spread of break out.
  • Even if a pimple is causing irritation or feeling itchy, do not touch it or scratch it with hands. It will only turn the things in the wrong direction. A better way is to wash it with cold water and pat dry (not scrub).
  • The addition of turmeric powder in the preparation of dishes is a good way to keep break out in check. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial elements work like a charm.

Break out is not an illness, and there is no need to feel ashamed about its presence. All you need to do is understand it, cut down things that aggravate it, and lead towards building a healthy skin.


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