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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell With The Appearance Of Acne?

Acne pop-up not only due to the bad eating habits or sleeping with the makeup on but there are various reasons behind their occurrence or it might be the body’s way of telling that something is wrong. What Is Your Body Trying To Tell With The Appearance Of Acne? Breakouts can be a very good indication of the underlying health conditions.

Acne on Forehead

Stress and poor digestive issues are the leading causes of breakouts on the forehead. Stress makes you binge on junk food which mostly consists of greasy, fried and processed foods. Limiting the junk intake, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well, and starting healthy whole foods can help get rid of these pop-ups on the forehead. Wearing hats and hair falling on the forehead are also two factors contributing to the occurrence of acne on the forehead due to friction and hair products like conditioner clogging the pores. Try and keep the hat and hair off the forehead to prevent the acne from occurring.


Acne on upper cheeks is related to the respiratory system. Also, living in congested cities with a lot of pollution, allergies and even stuffy room with low circulation are the culprits. Make sure your home is clean and has fresh air circulation. You can get an air purifier or the air-purifying plants to have a clean and pure air to breathe. Lower cheek acne indicates poor dental health. Surfacing bacteria are also culprits. Make sure you sanitize the items which come in contact with the face such as cell phones, makeup brushes, and pillowcase.


Acne on the chin indicates a hormonal imbalance. During the monthly cycle, the hormones are all over the place and manifest themselves as acne breakout. Consult a dermatologist or a gynecologist for advice. Drinking spearmint tea and taking omega-3 supplements can help in aligning the hormones. Make sure you do not rest the chin on your hands or touch it more than necessary.


Acne on the nose might indicate a cardiovascular issue. Those who drink a large amount of alcohol, consume spicy food, or have trouble regulating the blood pressure would find frequent acne breakout on the nose. Whether or not there is any blood pressure issue, maintaining a healthy diet, limiting caffeine and alcohol, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables help keep the heart healthy and acne of the nose at bay.

Back, Arms And Thigh

Acne on arm back and thigh occur due to hormonal fluctuation and genetics. Also, damp clothing due to sweating can irritate the skin and generate breakouts. Wearing clean and loose clothing can be helpful. Use the body lotions, shower gels, and sunscreen after evaluating the pore-clogging ingredients like natural oils. Inspect the clothes for any seam or labels which can irritate the acne. If acne persists in spite of taking all precautions consider switching fabrics. There are few natural remedies to get rid of or reduce the occurrence of acne Drink plenty of water as it helps in getting rid of toxins in the body which play a major role in the skin breakout. Also, water keeps the cells plump which helps in transporting water-soluble vitamins to the skin. Probiotics are an easy way to keep the digestive system functioning healthily. It helps in building up healthy gut bacteria to prevent leaky gut. Eat one tablespoon of flaxseeds every day. It helps balance hormones and detoxifies excess estrogen. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and green leafy veggies to keep up with the nutrient count and the fiber level. Fiber absorbs the toxins from the intestinal tract and pushes them out through the stool. Squeeze one lemon in a glass of water and drink it early morning. This can help combat the sugar related breakouts. Follow a skin care regimen, eat well, exercise and stay happy to say goodbye to breakouts.


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