Which Female Hormone Causes Acne?

Which Female Hormone Causes Acne?

The reason behind the female hormone that causes acne is androgen. The body produces androgen hormones during puberty in both males and females. While men continue to possess the same hormone, the hormone turns into estrogen in women. The hormone helps in releasing oil, called as sebum, to take away dirt and dead skin cells from the pores of the skin. When the oil production is at an optimum level, one will have a flawless skin with the needed moisturize and protection against harmful environmental factors.

According to several studies and published journals by dermatologists, the early appearance of acne results in severe skin conditions. Therefore, considering acne as a teenage problem alone is erroneous. Teenagers, especially, females, have more botheration about the occurrence of acne than men. Several teens find it relieving only when they see positive results of treatment. The priority here for them is to remove the appearance of a pimple, blackhead, whitehead, nodule, or the cyst from the skin. With improper treatment, the chances for reoccurrence of acne are high and certainly at different parts of the face, neck, chest, and shoulders.

Which Female Hormone Causes Acne?

Will the Change of the Androgen Hormones Level be Helpful?

For mild acne, using oral medication is a simple solution. However, for mild to severe acne, understanding or obtaining hormonal results is the best way. It will help give the direct value of androgen in the body, which is the reason behind for the cause of acne. Even if the levels are normal, they still do trigger acne. However, not all women have a hormonal disorder for acne. Irregular periods, increased hair, weight loss or gain could also be the factors that trigger severe acne.

Treating Hormonal Cause of Acne

When standard treatments failed to clear the skin, then you are looking at the only option available – hormonal treatment. The treatment helps in stimulating the androgen hormones and reduces the oil production. As the treatment stops the occurrence of acne, it gives the best results. However, only a few are experts in this field and requires a blood test before planning the treatment. A properly planned treatment is suitable even for a woman who is experiencing a severe case of acne that existed for several years.

With complete information about acne and the hormone that triggers the same, it is time that you get a thorough checkup before the hormone triggers acne. As there are several treatments available for the cure, choosing the best depends on the dermatologist. In some cases, medicines and topical creams are helpful in reducing acne. However, if there is no sign of relief, making an appointment with a dermatologist is the preferred action. Treating acne is not a tedious task when you understand the root cause. When the dermatologist has all the information in hand, he/she can provide the best-planned treatment that prevents occurrence of acne due to the androgen hormone.