How Long Does It Take To Burn Off 500 Calories?

If you are looking for burning 500 calories, then read below to know how long does it take to burn off 500 calories.

How Long Does It Take To Burn Off 500 Calories?

How Long Does It Take To Burn Off 500 Calories?

It depends on how much time you can actually devote for the workout and what workout you are performing to burn off those calories. Here, let us take a look at some of the best workouts or physical activities that you can perform to burn off calories and know how long it takes to burn off 500 calories.


Running burns calories really very fast. You can see the results within a few days of regular fast running sessions. You can either use the treadmill or run outdoors.

You need to run at a steady but fast pace, i.e. 8mph for 30 minutes, taking rest only for 30 seconds to catch your breath. By this time, you could burn off about 500 calories. Sweating that occurs with the intense cardio workout, also contributes to your good health.


If you choose walking to burn off your calories, you must know that the amount of time it takes you to expend 500 calories by walking is based on the walking speed and also the weight of your body. The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn. Weighing 155 pounds means, it will take you less time to burn off 500 calories walking, than a person who weighs 125 pounds; assuming you are walking at the same pace. Those who weigh 155 pounds, burn 500 calories by walking 4 miles per hour for about 90 minutes, or walking at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour, for at least 100 minutes.


Jogging can also be another workout that could be used to burn off calories. If a person weighs 155 pounds jogs for 45 minutes at a pace of 5.2 miles per hour, the person burns off about 500 calories.


Swimming torches calories very effectively and builds your endurance levels. This workout could be a great option for those who cannot lift weights due to bad knees and back. Vigorous swimming for 30 minutes will burn 500 calories, provided you do not rest much.

Strength Training:

Training with weights is one form of intense exercise that burns great number of calories, when performed with reduced number of breaks. You need to work on various muscle groups with strength training, for 30 minutes. You can rest 30 seconds in between the sets. This would help you burn off 500 calories.

Body Weight Workouts:

Body weight workouts include exercises like Push-ups, lunges, squats, and planks that make use of your own body weight to provide you resistance against gravity. They are excellent exercises to burn calories. You need to dedicate 30 minutes in this workout that would improve your body’s metabolism as well as burn off 500 calories.

However, make sure that you are absolutely ready for such a strain, as these body weight workouts are serious business.


Let us also know that more than the time that you count for burning off those calories, it is important that you focus on the intensity of your workout. Someone has rightly said, “Go harder rather than longer.” Talk to you fitness trainer about the best options for you to burn off calories and also about the diet that you need to take while on your workout programs.

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