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How to Burn Calories Without Exercising?

It may sound absurd but it is true that you can actually burn calories without exercising. There are multiple adverts shown on television about various gadgets and supplements that allow you to shed calories and weight without exercising. While taking supplements might not be advised, the some of the gadgets really do work. In fact, calories are burnt even without doing anything. Studies suggest that the process of breathing also requires certain amount of calories. Activities like reading or writing also burn calories [2].

This is scientifically known as basic metabolic rate. It can be defined as the amount of energy consumed by the body to maintain all the bodily functions in a resting state. As a matter of fact, around 40% of total calories burnt by an individual are through the basic metabolic rate. Studies also suggest that around 60 calories are burnt just while sleeping and watching your favorite movie on television consumes around 70-80 calories [1].

The basic metabolic rates however are quite variable and differ from individual to individual depending on their height and overall weight. Age also plays a factor in slowing down the metabolic rate of an individual [1].

How to Burn Calories Without Exercising?

Usually the metabolic rate of an individual quickens when he or she is sick of they are obese. It tends to slow down with age or when losing weight. This drop in the metabolic rate when losing weight is the prime reason for people to regain their lost weight. [1]

Thus there is a close connection between burning calories and the basic metabolic rate of the body. This article highlights some simple ways to burn calories without exercising [1].

How to Burn Calories Without Exercising?

Mentioned below are some very easy steps which can be done every day without any fuss to burn some extra calories without actually having to exercise.

Standing. It may sound odd but standing does help burn calories. This is because standing utilizes most of the muscles of the lower body. This includes the muscles of the legs, to the core muscles of the body, and the other supporting muscles [2].

Studies suggest that the more the muscles of the body are involved in an activity the more there is increase in the metabolic rate. If the metabolic rate is high then more calories are burnt. Thus it is recommended to try and do as much activities around the house standing like answering the phone, dusting, or cleaning. If you reduce the amount of time you sit then automatically the number of calories you burn will increase [2].

Sit Straight. it is well known that doing all the work standing is just not possible. You may have to attend meetings or conferences where you may have to sit for extended periods of time. This slows down the metabolic rate. To counter it, you can sit erect, straight, and tall [2].

By doing this, you involve the core muscles of the body. Now the same principle applies and the basic metabolic rate increases resulting in more calories burnt. Thus sitting straight and not slouched is the way to go to burn calories without exercising [2].

Sun Exposure. Various studies conducted over the years have shown a close link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency. The startling revelation in these studies is that most of the people who are vitamin D deficient are from the urban areas. While many dairy products contain vitamin D, the best way to get it is through the sun [2].

Thus walking early morning during sunrise provides significant amount of vitamin D. With adequate amount of vitamin D levels the metabolic rate of the body increases and you tend to burn calories without much of an exercise [2].

Play with Kids. If you have a toddler or a child at home, then playing with the kid in a park is an excellent way to burn calories. You just need to run around with them or play with them. In fact by doing so you will be burning almost the same amount of calories that you would when you hit the gym and do some weights. The way the kids’ play which is running and then stopping abruptly work a lot in burning calories than running on a treadmill at the same speed for a long period of time [2].

Sleeping. This is perhaps the best way to burn calories without exercising. Sleep is the time when the body heals itself for a hard day’s work. Sleeping provides the physical and mental freshness that the body needs. This process of healing during sleeping of the body increases the metabolic rate. This in turn helps in burning calories. Not sleeping enough slows the metabolic rate and makes you crave for more food. Thus getting enough sleep at night is a must to burn calories without exercising [2].

In conclusion, many people would feel that if they exercise there is nothing else that they should do to burn calories. However, the fact of the matter is that in a day an average person eats around 2500 calories. By hitting the gym and lifting weights or playing vigorous games like tennis or basketball the maximum that you lose in terms of calories is around 500 calories per hour [2].

Thus to really burn the extra calories the steps mentioned above should be followed. These are all activities that we all do every day without having the knowledge of what it can do to the body in terms of the basic metabolic rate and burning of calories [2].


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