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How Can I Make My Breasts Smaller?

Size of breast is classified as small, average and large breast. Ideal size and shape of breast depends on height and weight of female. Women with small breast hope to have a voluptuous and curvy breasts. Small breasts can be huge cosmetic problem for many women who desire to have big breast. Female with smaller breast often want to consider breast implant surgery.1

Woman with average breast may not complain of health or cosmetic issue. Large breast is frequently observed in obese patient. Large breasts can cause back, chest and shoulder pain. The ligament and muscles of thoracic spine (vertebral column) are pulled forward all the time in standing and sitting position that causes thoracic abnormality of spine known as kyphosis.2 The weight of large breast drags the spine forward. Though big breasts are visually appealing for many, for some females it is a problem.

How Can I Make My Breasts Smaller?

In few instances diagnosis of breast tumor mass is difficult in women with large breast. Research data suggest female with large breast often develops extensive lymphatic spread of breast tumor.3 Breast tumor mass in female with large breast is difficult to diagnose by clinical examination and mammogram.4 Though it might seem that you are stuck with your breasts forever, the truth is, there are some ways in which you can make your breasts smaller.

How Can I Make My Breasts Smaller?

The question asked by most female suffering with heavy large breast is “Why am I having large breast?.” Large breast is influenced by obesity, genetic reason, height and weight. Large breast can be reduced in size by conservative treatment or surgery. Recently most large breast are surgically treated. Surgical reduction of breast is safe but in few cases may cause complication.5

Large breasts can be reduced in size by following conservative treatment. In many instances one has to try more than one conservative method to reduce the size of breast.

The Choices of Treatment To Make Breast Smaller-

  1. Conservative Therapy For Reducing the Size of Large Breast-

    Following conservative treatment may help to reduce large breast size:

    1. Exercise to make breast smaller
    2. Stopping breast feeding
    3. Wear the right bra
    4. Eating the right food
    1. Ginger Tea

    2. Flaxseed

    3. Oily Fish

    4. Green Tea

  2. Treat Obesity To Treat Large Breast

  3. Breast Reduction Surgery To Reduce Size Of Large Breast.

  4. Treatment for Breast Tumor- Removal of breast mas that also reduced breast size.

Conservative Treatment For Breast Reduction-

Conservative treatment includes several choices. One choice alone may not work, so in most cases more than one choice is preferred for better results. Conservative treatment works better when combined with non-surgical treatment of obesity. Diet control and conservative treatment does help to reduce breast size.

Choices of Conservative Therapy To Reduce Large Breast-

  1. Exercise to Make Your Breasts Smaller

    The breasts are mostly fat cells and fat tissues. So, if you lose some weight, it is quite likely that your breast size will also reduce. Exercise for 30 to 60 minutes daily, at least for 5 days a week. Reduce carbohydrate and fat content of your daily diet. As you lose the weight, the body fat will reduce. Once you achieve the desired weight, you will see some reduction in size of breast.

    There are different types of exercises that you can try. The most useful ones are –

    1. Aerobic Exercise: Aerobic exercises are performed in a group or alone. The fast or slow music determines the burning of fat.
    2. Fat Burning Exercises- Free hand exercises, swimming, cycling, brisk walks and lifting weight exercises can be useful to reduce weight and body fat. Results are seen after 2 to 3 months of regular exercise.
    3. Low Impact Cardio Exercise: Since you have large breasts, high impact cardio exercises are difficult and fast running is not a question. Low impact cardio exercises help to burn the calories. The body fat deposits are converted to build muscles and convert into glucose that helps to eliminate some of the fat deposits from breast. But one must also restrict quantity of carbohydrate and fat content in food while performing low cardio exercises. Low impact cardio exercise includes slow walking on treadmill for 20 mins, riding stationary bike for 20 minutes and working out on elliptical for 20 minutes at slow tolerable speed.
  2. Breastfeeding- Prolonged Breast Feeding

    Breast become larger in size during breast feeding. In most cases breast size continued to stay larger even after stoppage of breast feeding. If you already have a larger sized breast, then you can discontinue breast feeding sooner than later and that may prevent further enlargement of your breast. If your breasts stop producing milk, then milk gland shrinks and that results in reduction in breast size

  3. Bra- Wear Right Bra

    Breast when left without support often grows in size though the increase in size is not significant. Wearing tight fitted bras or sports bras prevents breast dragging on to muscles and rib cage. The proper fitting bra also maintains breast support and keeps skin tightly adhered to underlying breast tissue. Sports bras are usually designed in such a manner that they will flatten your chest and make the breasts look tighter and smaller. This is actually very helpful for many women as they will find the confidence to start doing exercise. A wrongly fitted bra is often a reason why women feel ashamed of doing exercises. Wearing tight bra is important as loose bras are a huge reason behind sagging breasts.

  4. Food- Eating Right Food to Make Your Breasts Smaller

    Not only does eating right help you to prevent gaining weight, but it can also help you to lose some weight. In fact, there are some foods that are considered to be useful in making the breasts smaller. These are –

    1. Ginger Tea: Boil a teaspoon of grated ginger in water and mix a few drops of honey and drink the tea. Ginger increases metabolism and will help to burn the fat of your breasts.
    2. Flaxseed: This helps in reducing the estrogen level in your body and thereby, prevents the breasts from growing larger.
    3. Fish: Fish provides protein and less of fat as well as carbohydrate. Fish that are fatty and oily contains large quantity of high omega 3 and consumption of such fish helps to reduce size of breast. It also helps to lower estrogen levels. Estrogen enlarges the breasts, thus eating fatty fish will help in making the breasts smaller.
    4. Green Tea: Yet another effective ingredient that you can include in your diet to reduce body fat and thereby reduce the size of your breasts is green tea. It contains catechins, which is great for weight loss as well as for breast cancer prevention. Have at least a cup of green tea every day, in addition to a low fat and lean protein diet, to get maximum results.
  5. Prevent and Treat Obesity- Tall female in later stage of life could put on weight because of extra fat deposit resulting in obesity. Obesity causes increased fat deposits in breast tissue that results in large breast. The prevention of obesity helps to prevent further increase in size of breast. Obesity can be treated with diet and exercise.

  6. Breast Reduction Surgery To Reduce Size Of Large Breast.

    Breasts that are very large is frequently a cause of serious physical discomfort. Chest, upper back and rib cage pain is triggered by heavy large breast. If the size of breast is relatively big then breast is considered huge breasts. Such breast need to be reduced in size to eliminate symptoms of pain. In such cases cosmetic surgery may be the only option. For that you need to consult a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Insurance will pay for surgery only but If you can demonstrate medical necessities, chances are that your surgery will be covered by your medical insurance.

  7. Treatment for Breast Tumor

    Treat Other Medical Conditions Associated with Large Breast. Sometimes, the cause of large breasts is an underlying medical condition, such as a breast tumor or large breast lump. You should consult primary care physician or specialist if you feel a firm to hard breast mass under your breast when you roll finger over the larger size breast. Removal of breast mass and lump reduces the size of breast.

    You should watch your diet and avoid carbohydrate as well as fatty food, once you succeed in reducing size of breast. Make sure you eat right. Gaining weight will also increase size of your breast. It is lot harder for some people who are skinny and have large breasts to reduce further weight.

When To See Physician

  • If your weight loss is rapid and you feel fatigued as well as weak, then you should see your Primary care physician.
  • If you are adding more weight and intensity of pain symptom is increasing, then you must see your physician.
  • If you feel shortness of breath, then you must visit ER or see your primary care physician.


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