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While small breasts are a huge problem for many women who desire to have big, voluptuous and curvy breasts, having large breasts is no less a problem for many. There are many women, who want to get rid of their large breast size, while other women envy them. Though big breasts are visually appealing for many, for some, it is a problem as big breasts can cause back, chest and shoulder pain. Also, finding the right dress is a problem for many, as they have to compromise with the cut and fit that they want to wear.

Though it might seem that you are stuck with your breasts forever, the truth is, there are some ways in which you can make your breasts smaller.

How Can I Make My Breasts Smaller?

How Can I Make My Breasts Smaller?

Every woman is different and has a different body. Amongst the various ways of making your breast smaller, which measure of breast size reduction would be suitable for you depends on trial. So, it is advisable that you try more than one ways in order to check which one works best for you. The ways are as follows:

Exercise to Make your Breasts Smaller

The breasts are mostly fat cells and fat tissues. So, if you lose some weight, it is quite likely that your breast size will also reduce. Exercise for 30 minutes daily, at least for 5 days a week, until you achieve the desired weight. As you lose the weight, the fat will reduce and be replaced with muscles. Once you achieve the desired weight, check if you are happy with the size of the breasts.

There are different types of exercises that you can try. The most useful ones are –

  • Aerobic Exercise: Free hand exercises, swimming, cycling, brisk walks and many such simple and natural exercises can be useful for you to reduce weight and fat and thereby, reduce the size of your breasts.
  • Low Impact Cardio: Since you have large breasts, high impact cardio exercises like fast running is not a question. Low impact cardio exercises on the other hand can help you to utilize your calories into making more muscles; rather than forming fat.

It depends on you, which type of exercise suits you more. If you are comfortable, you can try a treadmill walking as well, once you feel you have started to lose weight.

Stopping Breastfeeding Can Make Your Breast Smaller

When you breastfeed your baby, your breasts become the devices to produce milk and that is how they become extremely engorged and enlarged. So, when the baby is accustomed to other feeding measure and is above 1.5 years, you can slowly discontinue breastfeeding. If your breasts stop producing milk, they will also not enlarge anymore.

Wear the Right Bra

Wearing tight fitted bars or sports bras will not reduce the size of your breasts; but, they can significantly change the appearance of your breasts, making them look smaller. Sports bras are usually designed in such a manner that they will flatten your chest and make the breasts look tighter and smaller.

This is actually very helpful for many women as they will find the confidence to start doing exercise. A wrongly fitted bra is often a reason why women feel ashamed of doing exercises.

Here it must also be mentioned that you must visit a good store with a wide range of bra sizes, so that you can choose the right one for you from amongst the range. Often women wear the wrong size of bra. This means, you may think that you are 36D, while your right size is 34EE. Besides, different brands have different size. So, you should always try and find the right size. Wearing tight bra is important as loose bras are a huge reason behind sagging breasts.

Plastic Surgery to Make your Breasts Smaller

Breasts that are very large can be a cause of serious physical discomfort and need to be reduced to a smaller size. For such huge breasts, cosmetic surgery may be the only option. For that you need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon and know about the breast reduction surgeries. If you can demonstrate medical necessities, chances are that your surgery will be covered by your medical insurance.

Treat Other Medical Conditions Associated with Large Breasts

Sometimes, the cause of large breasts is an underlying medical condition, such as a tumour or lump. If you are a man, this can be a reason why you have bigger breasts. Regardless of your gender, see a doctor to know if there is a medical condition that is the cause of your bigger breasts. If yes, remove it or treat it and your breasts will be automatically reduced to a smaller size.

Eating Right to Make your Breasts Smaller

Not only does eating right help you to prevent gaining weight, but it can also help you to lose some weight. In fact, there are some foods that are considered to be useful in making the breasts smaller. These are –

  • Ginger Tea: Boil a teaspoon of grated ginger in water and mix a few drops of honey and drink the tea. Ginger increases metabolism and will help to burn the fat of your breasts.
  • Flaxseed: This helps in reducing the oestrogen level in your body and thereby, prevents the breasts from growing larger.
  • Oily Fish: Fatty or oily fish with high omega 3 is also good for reducing breast size. It also helps in lowering oestrogen levels. Since oestrogen enlarges the breasts, eating fatty fish will help in making the breasts smaller.
  • Green Tea: Yet another effective ingredient that you can include in your diet to reduce body fat and thereby reduce the size of your breasts is green tea. It contains catechins, which is great for weight loss as well as for breast cancer prevention. Have at least a cup of green tea every day, in addition to a low fat and lean protein diet to get maximum results.

Make sure you eat right. Gaining weight is the major reason behind larger breasts. Of course, some people despite being skinny have large breasts. However, losing weight will certainly reduce the size of your breasts and make them smaller.

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