10 Ways In Which You Can Get Your Sex Drive Back After A Baby

Women can suffer from severe physical and emotional problems after childbirth. It is crucial for them to address these conditions for recovering their pre-childbirth levels of sexual desire and activity. Wondering how to get your sex drive back after a baby? Listed below are the top 10 ways using which women can recover their libido after childbirth and maintain the sexual intimacy of their relationship during this tough time.

10 Ways In Which You Can Get Your Sex Drive Back After A Baby

10 Ways In Which You Can Get Your Sex Drive Back After A Baby

#1. Avoid Worrying About Bodily Changes

Body comparisons are a big and frustrating part of a woman’s life. The whole process of comparing themselves with others, or even their earlier self, is pointless and stress-inducing. Most women spend hours fretting over the way their body has changed after having a baby. They get worked up about the extra weight they have added on or the few stretch marks they have gained. But women have to accept that this is all part of the sacrifice, which they have to make to have a child. They should stop worrying and start feeling happy about it. Taking pride in the way one looks is the initial step on the road to a healthy sex life after a baby. Women should keep calm and remember that after a while they will start recovering. The stretch marks will fade away and the extra weight will disappear as they start exercising, and eating healthy.

#2. Do Not Expect Too Much, Too Soon

Childbirth is associated with a lot of stresses and problems, and it is normal for these things to affect sexual experiences, as well. Since most women are unable to achieve orgasms through regular penetration, sex is already difficult for them. And with all the fatigue and worries they experience during childbirth, sex becomes even more problematic for them. So, the best thing to do in this case is to accept the situation, be prepared and avoid going into a sexual encounter expecting perfection. They should make their partner aware of this, and the couple should do their best together to have a great time and slowly in this manner, a woman can get her sex drive back after a baby.

#3. Have Open Communication with your Partner

Clear communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. One should not keep their feelings and thoughts hidden, but rather share these and be open with their partner. This helps to build trust in the relationship and also get your sex drive back after a baby. Women should not find it hard to tell their partner how they feel. Because without communication, women can feel lonely and hurt while men can feel rejected and confused, in this difficult phase after having a baby. With proper communication, both of them can easily understand how either one feels, and so they can work through their problems together.

#4. Focus on Foreplay

Foreplay is not just a lot of fun, but is also the ideal thing to do for people struggling with the lack of arousal and reduction in sex, especially after having a baby. Most women find it unexciting to dive straight into the main act since this can often end up making sex feel more like a chore than an exciting expression of love. So, post childbirth, women should spend some time on foreplay, with lots of talking and touching. This can prove to be the most effective remedy to cure their sexual problems and get the sex drive back after having a baby.

#5. Avoid Over-Thinking

Women are advised to only have sex if they want to. However, just after childbirth, many women start over-thinking things which leads to problems. The hormonal imbalance in their body disturbs their mind and makes them feel unreasonably concerned and stressed. But women should not forget that they already have too many stresses and worries in their life to deal with, and by adding on sex problems, they would further complicate the matter. So, women should avoid spending too much time analyzing the pros and cons of having sex with their partner. They should rather practice yoga or deep breathing exercises and relax themselves. Women should remember that sex with their lover is a perfectly normal thing, and as they do it more often, it would feel more normal, and the problems would fade away on their own and the sex drive will come back after having a baby.

#6. Use Vaginal Moisturizers

One of the common side effects of breast feeding is that it dries out the rest of the body, including the vagina. Vaginal dryness can cause pain and even result in tearing during sex in certain cases. This makes it even harder to get aroused and enjoy any sexual activity. So, it is very important to take care of the delicate area and keep it well moisturized. Gentle lotions should be used to keep the vagina moist and healthy. Even lubricating gels or creams can be applied before having sex. By doing this, women can enjoy the act with their partner without worrying about dryness or pain.

#7. Practicing Kegel Exercises

It is recommended that women practice Kegel exercises before and after childbirth. Kegel exercises help to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, which are used to hold in urine. By strengthening the pelvic muscles, women can reduce labour pains and have babies more easily. Kegel exercises also prove helpful with post-childbirth recovery and healing and also aid in greatly boosting a women’s sex drive since they make orgasms more powerful and sex more enjoyable.

#8. Wear Appealing Lingerie

Many women keep on using their old underwear and do not buy any new pairs. But putting on some new lingerie will make the women fell sexier, more confident in the bedroom and help them get more easily aroused. This is also a way of letting their partner know that they are ready to make the effort to recover their sex life after a baby.

#9. Work Out Regularly

Exercise is one of the best things to do when facing troubles in the bedroom. Exercise not only help to improve the overall health, but also boosts the sex life; especially after a baby. Working out helps to burn off calories, build muscles, and make a woman feel better about herself. Working out regularly makes a woman sexier, feel more self-assured and seem more attractive to their partner. Working out also helps to improve circulation, endurance and stamina. By working out, women forget about their worries, and feel much more capable and empowered. All of these naturally positively affect their sexual life and increases the sex drive after a baby.

#10. Avoid Saying That You Are Tired

The process of childbirth, the sleepless nights, all surely make the new moms over-exhausted and tired in the period after having a baby. However, women should not use this as an excuse for abandoning their sex life. Simply telling their partner that they are very tired and leaving it at that does nothing to help the problem. Even when women are genuinely exhausted, it is always better that they at least talk about it and explain the situation to their partner, so that they do not feel rejected. When too tired for sex, women should at least engage in hugging, cuddling, and kissing to maintain the bond between them and their partner. This will also help in getting the sex drive back after a baby.

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