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What Is Polarity Balancing, How Does It Work, and How Does It Benefit Health?

What is Polarity Balancing?

Polarity balancing, also known as polarity therapy is a form of energy therapy that is known to change the body’s electromagnetic field to treat various body issues.

It was found by an osteopath, chiropractor, and a naturopath, Dr. Randolph Stone, in 1947(1).

What is Polarity Balancing?

The concept of polarity relied on assumptions that say:

  • Illness results from blocked energy flow
  • Mind and the body have the power to heal themselves
  • Manipulation of the body’s internal energy can lead to healing

In polarity balancing, it is assumed that body’s flow of energy is controlled by positive and negative charges in the body’s electromagnetic field. During a session, the practitioner searches for the sources of energy blockage by checking the symptoms like pain and muscle tension. As the source is identified, the energy is freed by using various techniques that include specialized massage.

Just like reiki and biofield therapy, there is not much evidence to prove the health benefits of polarity balancing on health.

How Does Polarity Balancing Work?

According to polarity balancing therapy, any type of illness is caused due to disruption in the body’s energy flow that results in stress and trauma.

According to this therapy, there are three types of the energy field in the body:

  • Long-line currents that run from north to south in the body
  • East to west running transverse current
  • Spiral currents that run from navel to outward

To find the source of energy blockage, the therapist scans the body for pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and muscle tension. Once the blockage is identified, various techniques are used to clear the paths of energy that include spinal realignment and movement exercises.

Sometimes deep breathing, yoga, and hydrotherapy are also incorporated in polarity therapy.

How Does Polarity Balancing Benefit Health?

Polarity balancing does not specifically treat any disease or illness but can encourage overall wellness by encouraging a healthy diet, exercise, and including other beneficial activities like yoga and meditation.

It is believed that when energy flow is disrupted by stress there is the development of:

Polarity Balancing Can Be Used To Treat Illnesses Such As:

Polarity therapy can be used for cancer-related fatigue. A study done on 45 women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer found improvement in the polarity therapy group compared to the standard treatment group(1).

Another study done on caregivers looking after people with dementia found a reduction in stress level and depression compared with other participants(2).

It is important for people with cancer or other chronic condition to consult their physician before undergoing polarity therapy. Also, this therapy cannot be used in place of the standard of care for a chronic condition.

Can Exercises Help Balance Polarity?

Exercise and yoga can also be incorporated in polarity balancing therapy. A qualified practitioner can help explain the best way to add these exercises to the daily routine.


  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and turned slightly outside.
  2. Squat down as far as possible with arms at front and knees in line with feet.
  3. Relax the body in pose and sink in further as you loosen muscle
  4. Hold for one minute


  1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Inhale and raise both hands in a position as if you are raising an axe to cut the wood.
  3. Bring down the hand quickly between the legs and exhale.
  4. Repeat it 10 times

Polarity balancing is a technique that helps release blocked energy channels in the body. This therapy lacks evidence in the treatment of any illness but people find it relaxing and it’s unlikely to have any side effects too.

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