Cajeput Oil: Health Benefits, Side Effects and Uses

Cajeput oil is an essential oil made from distilled leaves and branches of Cajeput trees. This oil is known for its significant health benefits to mankind. Let us read below and explore some of the health benefits of Cajeput oil

Know-About Cajeput Oil:

Cajeput oil is primarily known for its analgesic and antiseptic qualities. This is also an anti-inflammatory, which is used for treating minor skin wounds, and inflammatory skin diseases. Cajeput oil is prepared from distilled leaves and branches of cajeput trees. Cajeput is indigenous to tropical regions in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Cajeput oil could be as strong as traditional medication. Like other essential oils, it must be diluted in a carrier oil before using it on the skin. This might be also dangerous for certain people. But there are many health benefits of cajeput oil. Let us read below.

Health Benefits of Cajeput Oil

Health Benefits of Cajeput Oil:

Cajeput oil has some essential properties like antiseptic, bactericidal, cosmetic, decongestant, insecticide, expectorant, analgesic, vermifuge, febrifuge, anti-neuralgic, anti-spasmodic, stimulant, carminative, sudorific, tonic, and emmenagogue substances. All these properties make cajeput oil quite beneficial for health.

Cajeput Oil Helps In Fighting Off Infections:

Cajeput oil helps in fighting off infections. The oil is quite effective in eliminating infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi, such as influenza (virus), tetanus( bacteria), and infectious diseases like typhoid and cholera. Cajeput oil is used externally on wounds and cuts from rusty iron to prevent tetanus, till an appropriate vaccine is taken.

Cajeput Oil Treats Acidity:

The carminative properties of the cajeput oil help in reducing gas and also acidity through the stomach. This aids in preventing the development of excessive gas, and if formed, aids with its easy expulsion. In addition to this, cajeput oil is also beneficial in reducing cramps and spasms connected with an upset stomach.

Cajeput Oil Eliminates Gas:

Gas is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and also embarrassing at times. Cajeput oil is a great remedy for gas problems. This essential oil functions as a carminative, which means that it not only offers instant relief, but also prevents the development of gas and also eliminates the gas lurking within the intestine.

Cajeput oil is a great digestive aid and promotes the secretion of various digestive juices, enzymes to assist in the breakdown of food and absorption of their nutrients. This special calming essential oil helps to prevent various digestive complaints like indigestion, colic, dysentery, cramps, enteritis, and dysentery.

It Helps In Relieving Toothache:

Cajeput oil is known to have a similar kind of effect as clove oil in reducing a toothache. To use this as a remedy for your toothache, take a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and place it among the painful teeth. This would give you quick relief from the toothache and would last for several hours. Moreover, cajeput oil also disinfects the tooth and also kills several germs within the mouth.

Cajeput Oil Helps In Treating Sinusitis:

One of the most essential health benefits of cajeput oil is that it is effective in treating sinusitis and also general sinus congestion. The easiest way to use the oil for sinusitis is to make steam. Add 20 drops of the essential oil to boiling water and breathe in the steam from it. This would remove any sort of sinus congestion and also headache or heaviness related to it.

Cajeput Oil helps In Treating Respiratory Distress:

You can use cajeput oil for treating respiratory distress. People with respiratory distress might be having a cough, cold, flu, or any infection like bronchitis, pneumonia, or even long-term conditions likes COPD or sleep apnea. In such conditions, one can use cajeput oil to get relief from nasal and chest congestion. This oil might also help in getting you rid of the mucus and offer more relief. You can use cajeput oil easily by putting a few drops of it in the vaporizer. This exerts a calming and soothing effect on your nasal passage. The air feels cooler and also helps in unblocking your stuffy nose. This can also be beneficial in treating asthma since the oil is antispasmodic. But, it might not be helpful for everyone, and again, as cajeput oil is an irritant, it might even intensify asthma in some patients and can worsen their condition and also trigger an asthma attack. So, you should use it only under the supervision of a trained professional.

It Treats Muscle Cramps:

Muscle cramps can also be treated using cajeput oil.Cajeput oil (20 drops) along with lavender oil can be added to your warm water bath along with 1 cup of salt or Epsom salt. Gently massage the aching muscles while sitting in the warm water bathtub. This would offer you a wonderful relief from muscle cramps.

Cajeput Oil Treats Scabies:

Cajeput oil can also be applied to your skin to eliminate scabies mites. The best base oil for this would be Neem oil since it is an excellent insecticide and is also a potential herbal cure for scabies.

It Treats Menstrual Obstruction:

Women who feel the problem of their obstruction menstrual period could be benefited from taking cajeput oil. This is because the oil boosts blood circulation and also helps in clearing the obstruction within the uterus.

It Helps Get Relief From Arthritis:

Cajeput oil is also essential for providing you relief from arthritis or even joint aches. You can massage the oil on your painful joints to get relief from the pain. In addition to this, it also reduces inflammation. You can also include a few drops of the oil into your bath to soak and get an additional advantage.

Benefits of Cajeput Oil in Calming Down Fever:

If you have a fever then you can use cajeput oil to get some relief. You can take a bucket of water and add about 20 drops of the oil. Now, soak a clean cotton cloth in this water and apply it over the skin if you have a fever. This would exert a cooling effect that would help you get relief from the fever. But, makes sure not to use this if you are struggling with chills in fever.

Cajeput Oil Helps In Blood Circulation:

One of the finest health benefits of cajeput oil is that it helps in blood circulation. The warming effect of this essential oil helps in encouraging blood circulation and also enhancing the proper functioning of the organs and activating vital secretions. Moreover, being a stimulant, cajeput oil also encourages the secretion of our endocrine glands and encourages the sweat glands. You would effectively eliminate the toxins from the body, by encouraging healthy sweating.

It Treats Neuralgia:

Neuralgia is a severely unpleasant condition when you have problems with severe pain in the complete oral zone, including ears, throat, the base of the nose, tonsils, larynx, pharynx, and also the surrounding areas. This is the pain that appears because of compression of the Glossopharyngeal or the 9th cranial nerve by the surrounding blood vessels, which swells from eating, chewing, shouting, laughing, or other excitement or movement in that region.

Cajeput oil offers great relief from this pain. Being an analgesic, cajeput oil lowers the feeling of pain on one hand and, on the other hand, it cools down and relaxes our bloodstream, thus reducing the swelling and also relieving the pressure on the 9th cranial nerve, and offering an immediate rest from the pain.

Mental Health Benefits Of Cajeput Oil:

Cajeput oil is also prominently known for its excellent mental health benefits. This oil is used in aromatherapy. It is used for decreasing brain fog and also improving concentration. You can also use cajeput oil for staying alert. It might help in reducing symptoms of anxiety and also helps you increase a feeling of confidence in yourself.

When the oil is diffused in the air, it might also provide rest from nausea and also curb vomiting.

Skin Health Benefits Of Cajeput Oil:

Cajeput oil is primarily known for its antiseptic property. It has been suggested by older research that cajeput oil has antibacterial qualities, which makes the oil quite beneficial for treating minor scratches and cuts and help in preventing infection. (1) The oil might also have antiviral and antifungal effects on your skin.

Acne is one of the most typical skin conditions and one of its major reasons is excessive secretion of oil on the face. The astringent properties of cajeput oil might help you to solve this problem. This is related to the presence of terpinene-4-ol, 1, 8 cineol, linalool, and alpha-terpineol in the oil.

To usecajeput oil for treating acne, you should include a few drops of the oil in water, and also use the oil in the face using cotton balls. This in turn regulates the creation of sebum by creating the sebaceous glands. With every stroke of the cotton, this would eliminate any excess oil and dirt from your face. When you use it continuously on your face, the acne problems would gradually disappear.

The Cajeput oil is also known for its antioxidant properties, which also help in reducing blemishes on the skin and also protect your skin from the harmful damage caused by free-radicals.

In addition to this, it is also a great moisturizer, and thus when you use the oil consistently on your skin can make it smoother and also makes it glow and even-toned.

Apart from all these, cajeput oil might also heal various skin problems like eczema, scabies mites, carbuncles, and boils. Moreover, it has also the ability to heal damaged tissues, which had become red due to abscesses.

Cajeput oil is an essential component in various cosmetic products, soaps, body lotions, and also germ-killing creams. The oil is used for dealing with yeast infections like Candida. It is recommended by experts to use the cajeput oil by diluting it. The germ-killing properties of the oil combat the bacteria that might cause infection.

Hair Health Benefits Of Cajeput Oil:

The medicinal qualities of this oil are beneficial for your hair health. Hair growth and scalp care might be two of the major hair health benefits of Cajeput oil. But, there is a lack of evidence that proves that it can treat any scalp condition or hair loss.

Cajeput Oil and Covid-19 Research:

Some people are looking at the possible measures for various preventing infecting infection with the COVID-19

A study of 2010 had looked at the possibility of using this oil for preventing COVID-19.(2) Researchers have cited the cajeput oil’s established anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as the source of their interest in studying the cajeput for this specific virus.

The researchers then took the cajeput oil extracts to see how this would react in human proteins that are attacked commonly by coronavirus. The study’s results revealed “strong” inhibitory activity. But, cajeput oil was not shown conclusively to prevent the new coronavirus from entering our body.

More studies are required to help determine how we can take cajeput oil and how the potential effects could vary across different age groups.

Potential Side Effects Of Cajeput Oil:

Though Cajeput oil is natural, it can however, cause some side effects like other types of essential oils. Some of the potential side effects include skin rash, irritation, redness, hives, and burning.

You should dilute the cajeput oil with a carrier oil first, if you are using it topically on your hair or skin. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy recommends the following things for using cajeput oil topically.(3)

Begin with 3-6 drops per ounce of carrier oil. You can gradually increase this amount up to 15 drops, if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Make sure to conduct a patch test before using the oil on your entire hair, scalp, or skin. For doing this, test a diluted portion of the cajeput oil on the inside of the elbow and wait to see for any reactions with in 48 hours. Discontinue the use if you develop any allergic reaction.

Avoid direct inhalation of the cajeput oil. This is because the oil is extremely strong and can possibly cause or worsen your breathing problems.

Some essential oils are hazardous for pregnant and lactating women, and children. So, do not use cajeput oil if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you are a child.

Cajeput oil might cause drug interaction. So, if you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor before using the oil.

How To Use Cajeput Oil?

We know that cajeput oil must be properly diluted and tested for any allergic reaction before using it safely on the skin or hair. One must remember, never to take the oil orally.

For Skin Care:

Once you have done a patch test and find no allergic reactions, you might apply the diluted cajeput oil on a larger skin area. You can apply the okl directly to wounds, scratches, and skin rashes. One more option for using the oil is to add a few drops of it to an ounce of body lotion and apply the lotion on your skin.

For Hair:

You should also dilute cajeput oil while using it on your hair. One more option you can choose is to add several drops of the oil to your shampoo before massaging the oil onto your scalp and applying on hair.

In Aromatherapy:

Directly inhaling cajeput oil from the bottle is definitely not advised. You should consider diffusing the essential oil for aromatherapy. You might find temporary relief from headaches and congestion. However, it is unclear if aromatherapy can have any significant effect on the pain and inflammation this way.

Buying And Storage Of Cajeput Oil:

You should watch out for adulteration while buying cajeput oil. The oil is usually adulterated along with camphor oil, eucalyptus, and lots of other camphor-like ingredients. This is the reason why you should ensure that the product is 100% from the Cajeput tree.

You should store cajeput oil in a cold environment, away from sunlight and also cover it properly.


Cajeput oil is extensively used in alternative medicines for treating various wounds, colds, and inflammation. Though there might not be serious side effects of Cajeput oil when used as aromatherapy, it might cause various adverse reactions when inhaled directly or when topically used on the scalp or skin. You should always talk to your doctor before using the oil.