Natural Remedies & Medicines To Get Over A Hangover and Tips to Prevent a Hangover

Are you a party animal? Do you love to drink lot of alcohol while partying late night? It is natural as many people love to do. Especially during weekends and occasional purposes the chances of drinking are higher. But heavy consumption of alcohol causes a hangover the very next day. Regular drinker may not get affected as they are used to it but occasional drinkers may experience hangover. However, in this article, we look at some of the natural remedies to get over a hangover.

Natural Remedies to Get Over a Hangover

Natural Remedies to Get Over a Hangover

Hangover generally occurs to normal people who are not a regular drinkers. Over-drinking is the main cause of next day’s hangover and people look for the remedies like how to get over a hangover soon.

Here is a list of most effective natural remedies to get over a hangover.

Sleep Well

A good sound sleep helps to cure many different problems, including a hangover headache. Generally, people get to sleep quickly as they go the bed after drinking. Initially, there is no issue but after few hours, you may feel disturbed or have inadequate sleep due to the withdrawal which jerks you awake. If there is a chance to sleep longer for the next day then sleep well for a long duration. This is one of the best natural remedies to get over a hangover, which can also control headache and body ache.

Have Tea or Coffee

When you are looking for some instant natural remedies to get over hangover, a cup of coffee or green tea is the best idea. Due to the effects of alcohol the blood pressure gets low which makes you weak and causes multiple symptoms of a hangover. Coffee narrows your blood vessel and enhances the blood pressure. Green tea helps to reduce the toxic substances of your body as it has high power detoxification. Thus, a cup of coffee or tea can be taken as natural remedies to getting over a hangover.

Do Exercises

Do gentle exercises to get out of a hangover, they can prove to be effective natural remedies to getting over a hangover. Proper exercises help to keep the body healthy and mind fresh. After taking a sound sleep try to do some easy to do exercises such as free-hands, aerobics or simply walking. Yoga provides calmness both in your body and mind which helps you to get over from the hangover. Due to consuming hard drinks your body’s metabolic rate goes down and the nutritious level is also affected. Proper exercises help you to cope up with the problems.

Follow the Detox Diet

When it comes to the natural remedies to get over hangover eat the foods that have high power to detox your body. As you indulge yourself by consuming lots of alcohol previous day or night it’s the time to switch to healthy detoxification diet to get rid of the hangover. Eat fresh green vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, wheatgrass and cabbage. Some fruits like avocado, olive, lemon, and grapefruit are also some of the detoxification nutrients.

Drink Healthy Fluids

It is the time to take some healthy drinks like water, fruit juice or fruit infusion drinks. You can add some drops of freshly squeezed lemon to water and have it. This too is one of the natural remedies to get over a hangover. Heavy drinking of alcohol causes dehydration. Apart from this, other drinks especially water helps to maintain the balance of sugar in your bloodstream as a vast amount of alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream and causes a hangover. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body. Congeners provide the toxic substances to your body. To eject the toxic substances drink fruit juices those have the power of detoxification.

Take a Sauna

Sauna helps you to remove the sweat from your body as major amount of heat provides during the sauna bathing. The sweat helps to wash out the toxic substances from your body which you consume by drinking alcohol. You will immediately felt fresh and relax as the toxic substances get out of your body. So, if you are looking at natural remedies to get over a hangover then sauna is the ultimate idea.

Eat Ginger

The effectiveness of ginger is known to each and everyone. Ginger works stunningly to reduce vomiting and nausea. To feel fresh and get over a hangover in the morning chew a piece of ginger.

Medicines That Help Treat Hangover

While natural remedies to get over a hangover are effective in most cases, some may need to take medications. Consumption medicine is not a good idea though for the people who drink very often, as the medicines also have multiple side-effects. But medicines can help you to get over hangover quickly, hence these are best taken with a doctor’s advice.


Alka-Seltzer is highly popular medicines to get over hangover as it has been working amazingly for almost eighty-five years. The morning relief formation serves to get rid of multiple hangover symptoms. All the types of this medicine provide an amazing effect in squeezing belly which causes due to stomach acid.

Pain Relievers

Some pain relievers help to get out from multiple hangover symptoms cause for over drinking of alcohol especially to the women. Take pain relievers when it comes to getting over a hangover headache. Multiple Backaches, breast tenderness or cramping can be cured properly by taking some pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen.

Hangover Pills

Multiple types of hangover pills are available in the markets. When the question, how to get over a hangover instantly comes in your mind you would take these pills as soon as possible. Studies say the effectiveness of these medicines though not so high.

Anti-inflammatory Medicines

The vast amount of alcohol can weaken your nerves and you can easily get out of control which causes hangover for the next day. Fatigue, headache, and weakness can be cured by taking supplement medicines. Many hangover symptoms are caused due to low-grade inflammation. Take anti-inflammatory medicines, if medically advised.

Tips to Prevent a Hangover

Drinking ultimately depends on a person’s own desire. Controlling the consumption of alcohol by yourself is the best idea to get rid of a hangover. As we discuss natural remedies to get over a hangover, here are some tips to prevent a hangover.

Choose Light-Colored Drinks – Light alcoholic drinks are always preferable to stay away from a hangover. The drinks like gin, vodka and white wine contain very low amount of congeners whereas red wine, whisky, and rum contain a high amount of congeners. Many congeners a drink has, much more chances of a hangover are there.

Drink Slowly – Take a single drink in an hour. If you are having a drink with your friends or colleagues then try to sip as less as you can. By this trick, you can spend an entire hour with a single drink. As the time moves on, the amount of your alcohol consuming gets lower as you spend an hour with a glass of drink instead of multiple glasses of alcohol. This is the best way to prevent a hangover.

Change the drinks – One of the effective ways to prevent a hangover is to change drinks. Do not drink alcohol repeatedly and very often within a specific time span. Alternate your drinks with water or fruits juices, which help to consume minimum alcohol. Drinking water is a good idea as it prevents dehydration and also control headache, thirst, dry mouth and fatigue which all cause hangover.

Know your limits – No one knows your drinking capacity apart from you. It is one of the vital and very easily applicable tips to avoid a hangover. Never drink beyond your limit of alcohol consumption. Keep your sense alert, listen to your body signals and do not get provoked by the others.

Eat healthy – Take a healthy meal before consuming alcohol. A headache and weakness generally cause during hangover due to the low level of blood sugar, vitamins, and minerals. So, maintain a healthy diet before drinking where vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates are available in a sufficient amount. This will help keep hangover at bay.

Hangover needs some time to cure as you give both the physical and mental stress to your body. Follow any of the above natural remedies to get over a hangover. Drinking is the sign of pleasure but it brings vast problems alongside. So, follow the tips to prevent hangover and enjoy your drinks without any issues.

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