10 Health Benefits Of Eating Coconut

Over the years, coconuts have become a sought-after food commodity, being used in our daily cuisine to beauty regimens, to having a host of benefits, coconuts are sought after around the world today. Coconuts are not just delicious, but they are highly nutritious and everyone should make them a part of their diet to stay healthy.

Coconuts are known for being a pivotal food source and are highly beneficial for boosting one’s immunity. Today we look at the many benefits of eating coconut and why we should all be making this super fruit a part of our daily diet.

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Coconut

10 Health Benefits of Eating Coconut

Coconuts are known to be a powerhouse of health benefits. They are known to boost one’s immunity and contain antifungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties as well. You can consume coconut in any of its various forms, such as raw coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut butter, coconut water etc. Coconut is known to help treat many diseases such as throat infections, tapeworms, gonorrhea, digestive problems, influenza, lice, giardia, bronchitis, and many other ailments. Let us look at some of the amazing health benefits that coconut offers for your health.

  1. Coconut Helps Control Diabetes

    Coconut is known to improve insulin secretion in your body and also boosts the utilization of blood glucose, thus helping in controlling diabetes. In fact, eating coconut also helps control diabetes by having a positive impact on the hormones that control blood sugar in the body. Due to this, the rise in blood sugar levels slow down, and this also helps to lower glycemic cravings of a person. Coconut is also known to cause quick digestion and has a positive impact on other symptoms that are associated with bowel and digestive disorders. Coconut is also known to help with the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the body, while also providing the number of dietary fibers that your body needs.

  2. Coconut is Rich in Fiber Content

    Coconut is rich in dietary fiber and can provide over 60% of fiber that your body needs on a daily basis. The fiber from coconut also slows down glucose release, while at the same time, transporting the glucose to the cells where it is easily converted into energy. Eating Coconut, thus, relieves the stress on the pancreas, again reducing the risk of getting diabetes.

  3. Eating Coconut Can Help Boosts Your Immunity

    Coconut is an excellent source for boosting your immune system. Coconut contains antifungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. This is why consuming coconut can help the body build up its resistance to several types of bacteria and viruses. Eating coconut in any form is known to treat many diseases such as bronchitis, throat infections, urinary tract infections, infections by tapeworms and many other diseases that are caused by microbes.

  4. Coconut Helps Fight the Aging Process

    The anti-aging action of the coconut is a great health benefit for many. If you want to battle the side effects of aging, then coconut is an excellent choice to add to your diet. Coconut is rich in cytokinins, trans-zeatin, and kinetin, which have anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic properties, thus helping the body in many different ways.

  5. Coconut Helps Cut Down Fat

    Coconut is also known for being beneficial in treating dangerous fats that develop in the abdominal cavity. Abdominal fats can be dangerous as they are associated with several types of diseases. Research has shown that if you consume 200 grams of coconut every day, it can cause a significant reduction in not just your BMI, but also reduce your waist circumference within just 12-15 weeks. This is an excellent health benefit of coconut.

  6. Coconut Increases Energy Levels

    Coconut helps in boosting your energy levels, as it helps burn fat in the body. Coconut oil is rich in triglycerides, which is known to increase energy expenditure by nearly 5%, thus helping you lose weight in the long run. Coconut is also very filling and helps lower the hunger pangs, again helping you lose weight. Coconut works on the manner in which fatty acids get metabolized as a ketone, thus reducing hunger. In fact, studies have found that people who consume coconut in any of its forms regularly can go without eating for many hours, with no effects of hypoglycemia. Coconut also helps in reducing chronic fatigue.

  7. Coconut May Treat Epilepsy

    Coconut is part of a ketogenic diet, basically a diet low in carbohydrates, which is known to treat several types of diseases and conditions. In fact, due to this, coconut has been found to be effective in treating epilepsy in small children. Consuming coconut increases the concentration of ketone bodies in the bloodstream, thus reducing the rate of seizures in children who suffer from epilepsy. However, more research is still required to firmly confirm this health benefit of coconuts.

  8. Coconut Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

    Another health benefit of coconut and drinking coconut water is preventing urinary tract infections. Coconut is known to be a natural diuretic, which helps treat urinary tract infections. In fact, dinking coconut water improves the urine flow, thus flushing out any infection naturally from the body. Many doctors recommend consuming coconut water when suffering from urinary tract infections.

  9. Eating Coconut Helps Improve the Levels of Good Blood Cholesterol

    Coconut is known to improve the levels of good blood cholesterol in the body. This helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also improves your heart health. Coconut is effective in this because of the high levels of the saturated fat present in the fruit, which raises the levels of good cholesterol naturally in the body. Coconut also controls the levels of LDL, by turning it into a benign subtype. This transformation of the bad cholesterol in the body also helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  10. Coconut is Good for Healthy Bones and Teeth

    By eating coconut regularly, you improve the health of your bones and teeth. This is because coconut boosts the body’s ability to absorb manganese and calcium. Both these minerals are required by the body to build healthy bones and teeth. This is why coconut also prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis, a condition in which your bones become fragile and brittle, and also lose its density. This makes coconut a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk.


Coconut contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and calories, making it a highly beneficial food for everyone. In fact, around 400 grams of coconut can provide all the vitamins and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis. Coconut is also a very good source of copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, apart from containing high levels of folates, pyridoxine, thiamine, and niacin. Not only is eating coconut very beneficial, but having coconut water is also equally beneficial. Being touted as a miracle food, coconuts are beneficial in any form.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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