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Role of Tomatoes In Restoring Lung Damage Caused By Cigarette Smoking

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There have been various studies conducted on the benefits of tomatoes on the body and the latest among them is the reversal of lung health, especially in people who have been smokers for a long period of time and had abstained from it recently. This study was done by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who conducted a study and came to the conclusion that the decline of the lung function became much slower in people who were smokers but had a diet that was rich on tomatoes. This was seen across a period of almost 10 years.[1]

The study estimated that people consumed on an average two tomatoes a day and ate lot of fresh fruits had a significantly low rate of decline of lung function when compared to people who consumed less than a tomato a day. It is estimated that there are about 37 million smokers in the United States. This data is according to the Center for Disease Control and is responsible for around 400,000 fatalities every year. It is also estimated that around 50% of these smokers attempt to quit smoking with varied success.[1]

However, people who are successful in quitting smoking have a significantly less chances of getting a lung disorder like COPD or lung cancer. Quitting smoking coupled with good consumption of tomatoes and fresh fruits pave the way of stopping the lung damage and even restoring the lung function is what has been explained in the article below.[1]

Role of Tomatoes In Restoring Lung Damage Caused By Cigarette Smoking

Role of Tomatoes In Restoring Lung Damage Caused By Cigarette Smoking

Tomatoes have plenty of health benefits. They not only decrease the risk of skin cancer by a whopping 50% but also boost the overall immunity of the body. Scientists have now come up with yet another benefit of tomatoes and that is improving the lung function in ex-smokers. The study was done by a group of physicians from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health in Baltimore. It is known that the lungs fully develop by the time an individual is 25 years of age. By the time, an individual reaches the latter half of the third decade of life the lung function starts to decline and the individual finds it much difficult to breathe.[2]

The diaphragm becomes weak and the muscles that keep the airways open become less elastic. Additionally, the area of the brain that controls breathing starts to send weak signals. This makes the individual vulnerable to various disorders of the lungs including COPD and cancer. The latest research however has revealed that tomatoes and fresh fruits and vegetables play a pivotal role in restoring the lung function. They further play a part in reducing the risk of these lung disorders.[2]

This is especially true for people who used to smoke in the past but currently have quit. This decrease is in the tune of up to 8% which is significantly high. The study reveals that tomatoes in particular slow down the decline in lung function for at least a period of 10 years. This was compared to people who ate less tomato in their daily diet.[2]

For the study, the team of scientists from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed data of about 600 participants from Germany, United Kingdom, and Norway. A detailed dietary analysis and lung function tests were performed including a detailed spirometry evaluation. This was first done in 2002 and then again in 2012 ten years apart. The study showed that participants with diet that consisted of tomatoes and who were ex-smokers had significant improvement in their lung function compared to participants who were ex-smokers bud did not have a diet rich in tomatoes.[2]

The measurement of the amount of air that the participants were able to breathe was much more in people who consumed tomato rich diet compared to those who did not over a period of 10 years. This clearly proved that dietary habits played a crucial role in improving the damage caused to the lungs due to smoking.[2]

The scientists also stated that the study showed that age-related decline of lung function was much slower in people who consumed tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables and significantly decreased the chances of them getting COPD or other serious lung disorders. The study also took into the account the external factors like age, sex, physical activity, and overall health of the participants to come up with the results as described above.[2]

The scientists further explored whether the result was the same with processed food and tomato sauce. The result was that while processed foods and tomato sauce had little bearing on the lung function, it was the fresh form of tomato that really improved the lung function. The scientists believe that the ingredients present in tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables help in repairing the damage caused by smoking to the lungs.[2]

Additionally, this benefit of tomatoes was also seen in people who were not smokers and consumed a diet rich in this vegetable. This study proved that diet plays an important role in restoring lung function in people who had a smoking history and thus every physician must recommend dietary modifications in people who are smokers and at risk for disorders like COPD and lung cancer as a result of smoking.[2]

The study also confirms that the aging process of the lungs can also be slowed down by eating a diet rich in tomatoes even in people with no prior or current history of smoking. Thus, it has been clearly proven beyond doubt that people who consume tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables are at decreased risk for lung disorders that occur either due to smoking or due to age. This is because these vegetables contain ingredients that slow down the decline of lung function as a result of smoking and other factors.[2]


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