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How Does Blood Clot Take Place In Eye & How To Fix It?

Blood clot or subconjunctival hemorrhage is a problem in the eye. White part of the eye (sclera) is protected with a layer called conjunctiva. Just beneath there would be small and delicate blood vessels. Sometimes due to many reasons, these blood vessels break causing redness in the eye. This condition is called subconjunctival hemorrhage or commonly known as blood clot in the eye. This article discusses about how does blood clot take place in eye, how to fix it and how to prevent it.

This condition may or may not affect vision. The presence of blood clot can cause discomfort to the eye. Sometimes, such cases may require immediate medical attention. Particularly, if it is accompanied by any discharge, as a possibility of bacterial, viral or any microbial infection. It may also require medical help if the condition is severe or if it affects vision suddenly which may be because of another serious disease called glaucoma.

How Does Blood Clot Take Place In Eye?

How Does Blood Clot Take Place In Eye?

There are many causes of blood clot in the eye. Sometimes, if the blood clot is too small it would disappear within short duration, say about two or three days or within a week. It is very important to learn and diagnose the most possible causes of this problem.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is surely a concern that needs attention. Several medical reports have concluded the main risk factors and discussed about how does blood clot take place in eye. The major risk factors include eye trauma and use of contact lens more often in younger patients, while hypertension, diabetes and arteriosclerosis like problems more common in the elderly.1

There are many causes and factors due to which blood clot takes place in eye. Some of these are-

  • Trauma in the Eye- The delicate blood vessels can break which is a very common cause. It can be the result of rubbing the eyes (for dust or itching) or else may be hurting the eyes accidentally.
  • Usage of Blood Thinners- In some medical conditions, if the individual is using aspirin or warfarin to prevent blood clots it may cause over bleeding or bruising.
  • Blood Pressure– Rise in blood pressure suddenly because of the activities like weight lifting and constipation causes blood vessels to rupture and clot takes place.
  • Sometimes sneezing, coughing, laughing also may be the reason for this condition.
  • Eye Surgery- Some procedures in the eye may cause blood clot which is considered as the complications of the surgery.
  • Other Causes- It includes over strain to the eyes, stress, diabetes mellitus, deficiency of Vitamin K, severe infections of the eye, etc.

Signs and Symptoms of Blood Clot in the Eyes

Just by observing the eye, one can detect the blood clot. So usually there may not be many symptoms or the person may even be unaware of the redness of the eye. However some of the common symptoms often experienced by people include

  • Redness (usually of the white portion) of the eye
  • Irritation due to itchiness in the eye
  • Feeling of fullness beneath the eyelid
  • Pain in the eye
  • Rarely blurriness of the vision
  • Watery eyes with redness
  • Diplopia (double vision)

Diagnosis of the Blood Clot in the Eye

Appearance of redness should be diagnosed well in time which may otherwise also lead to complications. Diagnosis of blood clot in eye can be done by examination and appropriate investigations, which include

How to Fix the Blood Clot in Eye?

If you are wondering how to fix the blood clot in eye, here are some important things to know. Many times, the subconjunctival hemorrhage does not need any treatment and vanishes in a short period. Treatment is essential if blurred vision or loss of vision is there along with redness. Some of the home remedies which could be followed to avoid the further complications are-

  • Keeping ice cubes wrapped in a cloth or cucumber slices on the eyes
  • Keeping cotton dipped in rose water over the eyes
  • Keeping a soft piece of cloth soaked in warm water
  • Doing eye exercises

In case if the individual has any serious symptom the doctor may give some medical treatment which includes soothing the eyes with artificial tears to lubricate.

How to Prevent Blood Clot in Eye?

While there are certain risk factors, special care can be taken if you have blood pressure You need not worry about how to prevent blood clot in eye.

Here are some tips to prevent the blood clot in the eyes.

  • Avoiding viewing of computer screen or television for longer duration
  • Minimizing the activities which gives more stress on the eyes
  • Usage of garlic everyday
  • Performing eye exercises
  • Cleansing eyes with clean water
  • Avoiding rubbing the eyes
  • Giving rest at least 10 minutes to the eyes after a strenuous activity of 30 minutes
  • Treating conditions like hypertension and constipation well in time
  • Taking care against possible trauma
  • Carefully inserting contact lenses
  • Monitoring diabetes mellitus regularly and regulating the blood glucose level
  • Following doctor’s advice in post-operative cases


Most of the times blood clot is a minor problem which disappears with time even without any treatment or else sometimes may require some home remedies to get rid of them. The complications of the condition are very rare. Avoiding the possible causes is the best way to prevent blood in eye. Normally you can prevent the condition by keeping your eyes clean and using rose water treatment or cucumber treatment to fix minor causes of blood clot in eye. It is very essential to maintain the health of eyes as all most all the activities of humans depend upon vision, visual communications and responses. People with diabetes and high blood pressure must go for a regular health check and also get an eye check done to prevent blood clot in eye.


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