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What is Vaping Headache?

What is Vaping Headache?

Having headaches is the most common side effect of vaping.(1) The pain in the head range from mild to moderate and may last for several hours. The vaping headaches are very common, still, not all people are seen being prone to it.

What is Vaping Headache?

What Happens During Vaping Headache?

Vaping headaches may feel like dull pain but may vary in different individuals. An increase in severity of migraine is reported by a few while vaping and more research is needed on the same.

Headache is a common side effect a person experiences after vaping. There are a few other symptoms that may also be noticed, which include:

These effects may make it more difficult to treat the vaping headache and may also increase the intensity of the pain.

Why Do People Experience Vaping Headache?

There are numerous reasons behind the occurrence of headaches due to vaping the nicotine content of it the most common cause. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow to the brain. This can cause headaches.

Being a stimulant, nicotine can also make the nerves of a few people sensitive.

Vaping products contain lesser nicotine than other tobacco products, still, it may be enough to give headaches to a few people. Also, nicotine content may vary in different vaping products

Nicotine is not the only vaping product content that is the reason behind the occurrence of headaches. The other causes are:

  • Dehydration: Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are the two main ingredients of vaping liquid that cause dehydration. This can lead to dry mouth and headaches in a few people.
  • Propylene Glycol: It is a preservative that is found in the products like coffee creamer and ice cream. Propylene glycol is known for its dehydrating effects and also for causing headaches in some people.
  • E-Liquid ingredients: There are many ingredients in the vaping cartridges which include nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavoring, and others. The ingredients may vary in brand and some might not be tolerated by all. There are a few scents and spices that give people headaches, as they are not able to bear their fragrances. Similarly, certain vaping liquids may be a reason for headaches in a few people as their scents may be intolerable for them.

How to Prevent Vaping Headache?

The best way to prevent headaches is to quit vaping completely. There are a few other steps that can lessen their occurrences.

Vape in Moderation

The more a person uses nicotine, the more will he observe the related side effects, which include headaches. Reducing the frequency of vaping or lowering the quantity of nicotine used can lessen the effects of nicotine in the body and in turn will lessen the occurrence of headaches.

Drink Plenty of Water

As dehydration is one of the side effects of vaping and a cause of headaches, drinking plenty of water can be a solution to the vaping headaches. Make sure you drink more than you usually do to combat the vaping dehydrating effects.

Read the Labels on E-Liquids

While buying vaping liquid make sure to read the labels on them as different brands have different amounts of both nicotine and propylene glycol. Using the e-liquid with lower nicotine and propylene glycol quantity can reduce the chances of occurrence of headaches.

Check the Flavors

Flavoring can make vaping appealing but can also cause headaches. If by using a certain flavor you get a headache, try switching over to some other and look if it makes any difference.

When to See a Doctor?

Most of the time, headaches can be treated at home. But if they become frequent or severe, seeing a doctor is important. Also, a doctor should be consulted if there is:

If you are experiencing a vaping headache there are a few things that can be done:

  1. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine or any other dehydrating drink
  2. Take a rest or a quick nap. This can alleviate the headache
  3. Take over-the-counter medication that can relieve pain
  4. Try an ice pack or a cold compress

If you experience vaping headache, lowering the nicotine content of the product or drinking plenty of water can help in subsiding it. Also, if the headache persists do not resist consulting a doctor.

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