Are There Any Home Remedies For Lip Cancer?

Are you or someone you know suffering from lip cancer? Have you ever worried whether there are any home remedies for lip cancer? Well, I am sure you did; because that is why you are reading this article here.

Lip cancer is a form of oral cancer and it comes into the category of head and neck cancers. Lip cancer usually starts at the lower lip or lower palate and then can gradually progress to the remaining part of the oral cavity. If left untreated at this stage also, it can eventually spread to the neck and beyond. Most of the times, it is the lower lip that gets affected, but upper lip can get affected too. It usually starts as a mouth sore, or an ulcer that wouldn’t heal. And even if it heals, it may reappear again and again, annoyingly at the same spot. There can be a patch at times. Whatever it is, the common symptom is that it refuses to heal. It may even bleed at times.

Though the treatment of lip cancer varies from person to person, if the treatment is started in early stages, lip cancer is highly curable.

Are There Any Home Remedies For Lip Cancer?

Are There Any Home Remedies For Lip Cancer?

We all are aware of the treatment protocol that is associated with any type of cancer. It usually consists of any one of these three factors, or a combination of any of these-surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. But one wonders, are these the only remedies available out there? While many of us are unwilling to go through any of these treatments, this is a standard protocol, and it is effective too. But there are certain other remedies which are worth giving a try.

A person suffering from lip cancer should include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Especially cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage possess anti-cancer properties. Eat at least one portion of these vegetables daily.

Turmeric is another important ingredient when it comes to anti-cancer properties and is a good home remedy for lip cancer. Many surgeons these days prescribe capsules of curcumin (an active ingredient in turmeric) as a supportive treatment to their cancer patients. Raw, fresh turmeric can be ground to a fine paste and mixed with a little jaggery and can be had on an empty stomach each morning as a home remedy for cancer.

Mint is yet another ingredient having anti-cancer properties. It kills the cancerous cells before stopping the blood circulation to the site of cancer. A handful of mint leaves can be infused in some hot water n this water can be consumed twice a day.

Green tea is yet another remedy which is rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are responsible for destroying the free radicals, which are in abundance in cancer.

Chewing 3 to 4 leaves of basil can help in keeping the pain related to lip or oral cancer at bay.

Drumstick is also known to have anti-cancer properties

Basically, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and consisting of vital anti-oxidants and phytochemicals is a must have during the treatment of cancer.

Ayurveda (Science of Life) of ancient India has some marvellous remedies, when it comes to cancer treatment. Some drugs like manjishtha, kanchnar, amalaka, daruharidra, hareetaki, baheeda, haridra are excellent medicines when it comes to the treatment of cancer. They can be used in single or in combination to help get the maximum out of the. Some of these above said ayurvedic drugs are concocted and made into a mouthwash, which can be used effectively in reducing the immense pain related to oral cancer.

There are certain mineral and metallic compounds too, which are exclusively used in the treatment of cancer. But, an Ayurveda consultant can be the best person to guide you on this.

Lip cancer when diagnosed and treated at an early stage has an excellent survival rate. However, one can also support its treatment with some of these home remedies and benefit from their properties without any side effects.

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