7 Herbs That Help Cleanse The Kidneys

Located at the back of the abdomen are the two bean-shaped small organs known as kidneys. The primary function of the pair of kidneys is to remove any kind of waste from the blood along with toxins. Other than this, kidneys also help to maintain and regulate the blood pressure, increase the production and count of red blood cells and synthesize vitamin D.

How Does The Cleansing Of The Kidneys Occur?

Kidneys are organs which self-clean themselves. In order to allow the kidney flush out any toxins, they must be helped with adequate amount of fluids. Consumption of any kind of fluid including fruits and vegetables like asparagus, grapes and celery and other natural diuretics help the kidneys to get detoxified. The periodic cleansing and detoxification of the kidneys further allow the blood pressure to be maintained and the functioning of the urinary tract and bladder is proper. You can understand that your kidneys are not functioning well if you are undergoing symptoms like:

7 Herbs That Help Cleanse The Kidneys?

7 Herbs That Help Cleanse The Kidneys?

Here is a list of few herbs best suitable for the function of cleansing, flushing and detoxifying the kidneys:

Parsley: Being a natural and potent diuretic herb, parsley is famously known to be one of the best of the cleansing herbs for the kidneys, Parsley helps in increasing the urine output which further helps in flushing out all bacteria and germs from the kidneys. If you are looking for a home remedy to treat your kidneys and the urinary tract, you should drink a glass of parsley juice with prominent amount of squeezed lemon.

Punarnava or Boerhavia Diffusa: Punarnava is great for treating failed kidneys since it has anti-inflammatory properties. The herb can even revitalize the entire human body if consumed daily.

Celery: Due to the natural diuretic properties celery helps in removing toxins and other harmful materials from the body in order to increase urination. Celery is also highly recommended for stimulating the kidneys. If consumed daily, celery can prevent kidney infections and kidney stones.

Kaasni or Cichorium Intybus: Chicory or kaasni is a household herb used to deal with kidney issues. Kaasni is known to contain inflammatory properties. It helps in treating all kinds of kidney problems which are in relation to the respiratory system.

Ginger: Another very common and potent herb for cleansing the kidneys is ginger. From flushing out the entire toxin from the kidneys to improving the whole digestive system, ginger works wonders for detoxification of kidneys and liver.

Varuna or Crataeva Nurvala: issues related to kidney failures can be removed from the roots with Varuna. It helps in improving the functions of the prostate gland and the urinary tract. These are powerful ways for treating kidney stones, intestinal issues and chronic migraine. The formation of oxalate in the kidneys which mix with calcium resulting in kidney stones can be reduced with lupeol, a compound present in this herb.

Turmeric: Being a holder of strong cleansing properties, turmeric is used to purify blood and kidneys. Any kind of kidney infection (also resulting in inflammation within the walls of kidneys) can be prevented with this herb as it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Palaash or Butea Monosperma: The best of the ayurvedic herbs which helps in improving the function of the kidneys is palaash. Liver dysfunction which is sometime the cause of kidney failure can be handled with this herb since palaash strengthens low liver function. This herb can also eradicate symptoms of kidney failure like pain and burning sensation during urination.

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